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1014 Ruin“s Loo

Zheng Yidao saw that Fu Rong was injured too, so he didn't pursue the matter.
As the formation broke, a cave door was revealed. One could tell just from the entrance that it was indeed a cultivator ruin.
Zheng Yidao was immediately captivated by the cave door and even Cheng Yugeng looked joyful.
Fu Rong seemed to know that he was under suspicion so he said, "I'll go in first, follow behind me."
Then, he just walked in without waiting for the others' response. Zheng Yidao also followed in.
Cheng Yugeng got up too. He was heavily injured but he didn't want to give up on this treasure cove.
Ye Mo was the most vigilant of Fu Rong so he stayed behind to be last.
The four came into a rather small stone room. Fu Rong stopped first. They stared at a body in the stone room. It had no life force, but the body was still there.
"Low-grade dao artifact armor?" Cheng Yugeng yelled in shock.
The clothes were starting to rot but the armor was perfectly fine.
"It's indeed Yu Baisheng qian bei's ruin…" Zheng Yidao exclaimed.
"I just need this armor and this trip would be worth it for me..." Cheng Yugeng murmured.
Who didn't know the value of low-grade dao artifact armor? It was even valuable to Yu Baisheng.
First of all, the materials to make it weren't cheap. Second, even forgery grandmasters had a chance of failing to forge it, and if they failed, the materials would be destroyed. Thus, a low-grade dao artifact was very precious.
"Okay. Brother Cheng was injured the most, so this dao artifact armor is his. Do you three have any objections?" Fu Rong suddenly asked.
Ye Mo shook his head, he didn't mind. A low-grade dao artifact wasn't bad, but it had been worn by someone before. He didn't like it, especially how it was taken off a corpse. He had bought the rainbow plumage robe because it was newly made and no one had worn it before.
Cheng Yugeng saluted with his fists to the others and said, "Thank you guys, I'm very grateful."
Then, Cheng Yugeng took the armor off that corpse, but he was rather nice and dressed the corpse with another set of clothes. Then, he took off the storage ring and gave it to Fu Rong.
Fu Rong said, "The spirit sense mark from the storage ring had disappeared. I'll take out the contents and put them on the ground, everyone can have a look at them together. Do you have any objections?"
Ye Mo didn't say anything and Zheng Yidao shook his head. "I don't mind."
Cheng Yugeng didn't say anything either. Fu Rong took out the storage ring items.
Ye Mo noticed the pill cauldron that fell to the ground. There were a lot of herb remnants inside, meaning that when the owner died, he had still been concocting pills.
Ye Mo thought that if this person was Yu Baisheng, he was too much of a genius. He not only excelled in formations but was also a level three forgery master and even knew pill concoction. This guy was even better than him and had learned more complicated things than him.

Whether it was pill concoction, forgery or formation, one needed to spend an entire lifetime to study the field. The reason Ye Mo was able to know both formations and pill concoction was not because he was much smarter than others but because he cultivated the Three Birth Chant.
Ye Mo was sure that Yu Baisheng wasn't cultivating the Three Birth Chant, yet he still was experienced in three areas. This was a true genius.
The pill cauldron was full of dust but was only a low-grade spirit artifact. With a low-grade dao artifact here, no one cared about it.
At this moment, Fu Rong had taken out everything from the storage ring and put them on the ground. There were quite a lot of things, but most of them were forgery materials. There were two low-grade dao artifacts and around 3 million top grade spirit stones.
After seeing the materials, Ye Mo realized that the owner of the ring might really be Yu Baisheng. He only had so few spirit stones, meaning that he must've used most of them to buy all sorts of materials.
There were no pills here, probably because Yu Baisheng used them all, but there were large amounts of formation flags. These had been spread loosely on the ground by Fu Rong in a messy way.
But when Ye Mo saw the positions they were placed in, he sneered.
This Fu Rong was really a schemer. He had seemingly thrown them around casually, but the positions were actually very important. Zheng Yidao and Cheng Yugeng couldn't tell, but that didn't mean Ye Mo couldn't. He could tell that these formation flags could form a simple level three formation at any time.
This wasn't because Fu Rong's formation skills were great, but because these formation flags were not ordinary level three formation flags.
If this was a level four formation, Ye Mo would try to change the positions of a few flags now, but Ye Mo had no interest in changing up a level three formation. It was like paper to him, he could break it any time he wanted.
"There're two low-grade dao attack artifacts. Brother Zheng and I will take one each. Brother Ye can look around to see if there's Huang Star Rock, how about it?" Fu Rong asked.
The other three all looked at Ye Mo. They had agreed before they came in, if Ye Mo didn't agree then he would be taking on all three of them.
Ye Mo smiled. "I don't mind, I'll have a look around for the Huang Star rock. If it's not here, then I'll take something random, is that fine?"
Hearing this, Zheng Yidao and Cheng Yugeng breathed easy. This was the best outcome, everyone was happy.
Zheng Yidao quickly said, "That's fine, if you find the box containing the Huang Star rock, then whatever else is inside is also yours. If you don't find it, then you can take any jade box."
They had taken the best things here, most of the jade boxes on the ground were full of materials. Yu Baisheng was a forgery grandmaster, he must've used all the good materials already. The remaining materials were not comparable to a dao artifact at all. So it was with these thoughts in mind that the three agreed to Ye Mo's request.
Ye Mo walked amongst the materials and picked out a jade box. His purple eye soul sever could break through the spirit sense restrictions on the jade boxes and see what was inside. This one indeed had the Huang Star Rock, but there was also something else inside.
Ye Mo resisted his excitement and put the jade box in his storage ring. He came here to test his luck but he really found the Huang Star Rock. Ye Mo didn't see what the other item was, but he could check it out later. The only pity was that the Huang Star rock was too small.
Although it was agreed that Ye Mo would get the Huang Star rock, who knew if the others would change their mind if it really appeared.
The three were surprised seeing that Ye Mo took a jade box without even looking at its contents, but they had already agreed. No one could tell him to show them what he got.
Ye Mo only took 10% of the remaining spirit stones and ores.
After splitting the items, Ye Mo walked over and picked up that low-grade spirit artifact cauldron. He smelled the herb remnants and put it away. No one wanted the low-grade spirit artifact pill cauldron, so no one said anything.
Ye Mo got what he wanted and saluted with his fists. "I'm very happy with this cooperation, I'll be leaving now."
Seeing this, Fu Rong's face looked dark. He suddenly asked, "Brother Ye, what did you get in that jade box?"