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1012 Truth and Lies

"Brother Ye, this top grade flying spirit artefact costs at least 200k top grade spirit stones right? It's pretty, but the defense capabilities are a bit weak," Cheng Yugeng smiled and said.

200k top grade spirit stones? Ye Mo looked at Chen Yugeng in shock, thinking that would only suffice enough to let him touch it. He had used a spirit crystal and a crisp green vine to trade for this. That was at least 1 million spirit stones.

But Ye Mo knew that he bought this ship overpriced.

Fu Rong looked at the ship and nodded, "Brother Ye's flying ship should be 200k spirit stones but it had a simple defense formation added."

Ye Mo nodded his head speechlessly. "You're right, this flying ship was indeed 200k spirit stones. How much did you buy yours for?"

Fu Rong replied happily, "This flying ship was worth 120k top grade spirit stones but I got it for 100k spirit stones."

Cheng Yugeng sighed, "Forgery masters are really big earners. Any single spirit artifact is worth 100k spirit stones. I have to work for my whole life to earn that amount. I'd be able to prepare for nascent soul state if I can get 500k spirit stones from Yu Baisheng qian bei's ruins. If I can find a low grade dao artifact, then I would be too happy."

Ye Mo was dubious but he didn't ask more. He realized that the top grade spirit artifacts here seemed much cheaper than in North Far State, but earning spirit stones was still as difficult. The only thing was that the spirit chi here was much denser. No wonder they only seemed a little surprised when they saw his top grade flying spirit artifact. He thought they were wealthy when he had seen their middle grade flying spirit artifact, but that didn't seem to be the case now.

Fu Rong and them didn't seem to be very wealthy amongst golden core state cultivators, but they were still much better off than the North Far State cultivators.

To be honest, Ye Mo really didn't care about 500k spirit stones. He had nearly 100 million spirit stones in his small world.


Fu Rong had said their location was in the deep sea, but it wasn't just ordinarily deep. They flew for a week after leaving the city before finally coming to a coral island with a circumference of 1000 kilometers. The island was filled with strangely shaped corals and one could occasionally see a few low level spirit herbs.

The spirit chi here wasn't abundant. Why would a hollow spirit state forgery grand master choose to build a cultivation home here? Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out and didn't find any stealth formation here.

Ye Mo's spirit sense was already stronger than ordinary cultivators, plus he had cultivated his spirit sense cultivation methods, so his spirit sense could cover the entire island now.

He didn't find the stealth or defence formations Fu Rong said were here, but he didn't say anything. He just followed Fu Rong.

Cheng Yugeng and Zheng Yidao didn't seem to be suspicious and just followed Fu Rong closely. Ye Mo was the last in the line.

Fu Rong took them and stopped by the island beach.

"Is it here?" Cheng Yugeng asked.

Fu Rong nodded, "That's right, it's here."

Ye Mo felt strange, he was a level five formation master but didn't see any stealth formations here.

Fu Rong suddenly took out a formation flag and after it landed on the beach, spirit chi waves started appearing.

"It's here, I feel the formation," Cheng Yugeng said in joy.

Ye Mo was shaken, there were clearly no formations here before, but after Fu Rong threw out a flag, a formation appeared. His means were better than his. The formation flag Fu Rong threw down was probably the activation formation flag for the stealth formation.

Wait, Ye Mo suddenly remembered that Fu Rong said he was experienced in some formations.

Fu Rong was obviously just a formation master, he wasn't yet a formation great master, how could he easily find a level five stealth formation that even he couldn't find?

There might be people better than him but Ye Mo didn't think lowly of himself. He didn't believe that this Fu Rong was better than him. How come Fu Rong could find something he couldn't?

Ye Mo wasn't afraid of the three ganging up on him before, but now Fu Rong's extra means made him a little more careful. He asked cautiously, "Brother Fu, I also know a little about formations. This stealth formation didn't have any marks, I believe even a level four formation master wouldn't be able to find it, so how did brother Fu find it?"

Clearly, Ye Mo was suspicious of Fu Rong. After Ye Mo asked this, Cheng Yugeng and Zheng Yidao didn't speak, but clearly also wanted to know how Fu Rong found it.

Fu Rong could see that he had to answer this question. He thought for a while and said, "A year ago, I came here and found two people fighting. There was one woman who was golden core state level eight and another man who was golden core state level nine. I wasn't yet a golden core state peak stage at that time, so I hid in the corner.

I found that the woman was about to lose. She seemed familiar so I planned to help, but that woman was very tough and decided to self destruct her golden core to take the man down with her. I was too late and when I searched the two's remains, I realized that the woman was Yu Baisheng qian bei's daughter. No wonder she was familiar, she looked like Yu Baishenng qian bei."

"Brother Fu, you know about this formation because of her?" Cheng Yugeng asked.

Fu Rong nodded, "That's right, the formation flag I threw out was left behind by Yu Baisheng qian bei. Only his formation flag could reveal the stealth formation. That formation flag itself is a magic artifact. When I first found this stealth formation, I wasn't able to break it. I've been studying formations ever since then until I finally thought of the way to break it with four golden core state cultivators a year ago."

Ye Mo sneered. He wasn't old but he had seen a lot of these schemes. Fu Rong's explanation seemed flawless but he could hear the problem.

Ye Mo wouldn't believe at all that he only found a way after studying formations for a year. Even with his Three Birth Chant, he had to study a few years of formation in the small world to become an ordinary formation master.

What Ye Mo suspected was that the cultivator who fought Yu Baisheng's daughter was Fu Rong who had found that daughter searching for Yu Baisheng's ruins. He wanted to kill the daughter and take the ruin for himself. The daughter wasn't going to let him have it and self destructed her golden core.

Fu Rong was also greatly injured so he used this year to recover. This was just his guess of course, and Ye Mo didn't know exactly what went on.

"No wonder I haven't got any news from brother Fu for a year," Cheng Yugengn nodded.

"Although the stealth formation is revealed, it's still not deciphered yet. Only once we solve it can we expose the defense formation. Brother Fu, tell us how to solve it," Zheng Yidao said.

Fu Rong nodded. "I can solve the stealth formation. When I attack it, attack it with me using full power. We will be able to unlock it in half a day. The hard part is the defense formation. But I believe I have a way."

Fu Rong's words reminded Ye Mo of old man Luo in that six star hall who used other's essence blood and cultivation essence to solve the formation. If Fu Rong dared to use this, he would kill him immediately.