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1009 Way to Become Famous

Ye Mo didn't want to wait for two and a half years, but what could he do to let Luo Ying know that he was here? South Peace State was so big that if she only stayed at black ice mountain, how could she know about him?

Ye Mo looked at the map and decided to go to South Peace city first. That was the biggest cultivation city in South Peace State and was also the place with the most up to date information. No matter what happened, the news would always reach there first.

If he wanted to go to black ice sect, he would have to go to South Peace city first.

Ye Mo walked around Mo Hai city and wasn't as clueless as he was when he first came. At least he knew that there was no way to fly directly from Mo Hai city to South Peace city, it wasn't allowed.

As for the reason, Ye Mo didn't need to ask to know. It was for money. There was a mutual agreement that to travel from South Peace city to Mo Hai city, one had to take the teleportation formation or the big commercial ship. The travel fare for both was very high.

Even so, countless cultivators were going between South Peace city and Mo Hai city because this place was a bit like Pei Hai city and was close to the Heartless Sea. People came here to try to strike it rich or find cultivation resources.

There were a lot of sects in the South Peace State and there were countless sects below 6 star. It wasn't easy to join a 7-star sect. One needed to be very talented.

This created a lot of solo cultivators who also need resources for cultivation. The place with the most cultivation resource was the Heartless Sea, so Mo hai city became a place they had to visit.

Ye Mo walked around the city and knew that although the spirit chi here was very abundant, the cultivators here weren't wealthy. This was because pills and magic artifacts here were scarily expensive. Most of the cultivators used their spirit stones to earn cultivation resources.

"Friend…" a voice stopped him when he wanted to go take the teleportation formation to South Peace city.

"What is it?" Ye Mo looked at this cultivator with vigilance. This cultivator was also golden core state peak stage, but he was vigilant because this cultivator was also in the shop when he was asking that attendant questions.

The golden core state cultivator saluted with his fists and said, "Friend, you've probably seen me just then at that pill shop."

Ye Mo nodded but didn't say anything.

The cultivator said with fervor, "I heard you wanted to go to the black ice sect. Although it's a 9-star sect, it's not impossible to go there…."

"Do you have a way?" Ye Mo asked.

The cultivator smiled upon seeing Ye Mo's reaction. "That's right, I have a way but I want to ask what power level your friend is?"

Ye Mo hesitated and thought that with Luo Ying's talent, she should be in golden core state now. With this in mind, he said, "Probably golden core state level."

"Then it's easy. If you're sure your friend is in golden core state, I have a way. If you don't mind, we can find a quiet place to talk," Fu Rong clapped his hand and said.

Ye Mo looked at his cultivator with confusion. This was the first time he was here so this guy didn't know who he was, he didn't need to lie. Plus, even if this guy was lying, he wasn't afraid of a mere golden core state peak stage.

"Okay," Ye Mo agreed.

The cultivator showed a satisfied smile and said, "Friend, please follow me."

The cultivator took Ye Mo twisting and turning before arriving at a small yard. This place only had a simple defense formation but no spirit gathering formation. It was just a temporary residence.

Ye Mo didn't go in and scanned the area, discovering that there were two golden core state level nine cultivators.

Before Ye Mo said anything, the golden core state peak stage said, "There're already two friends inside, let's go talk together."

Ye Mo nodded and entered. That golden core state peak stage looked at Ye Mo with a little surprise. He thought Ye Mo would have some concerns but he came in without saying anything.

The two golden core state cultivators inside both got up upon seeing Ye Mo.

The golden core state peak stage smiled and said, "Let me introduce you, I'm Fu Rong and these are Chen Yuli and Zheng Yidao."

Ye Mo noticed that the shorter cultivator was called Cheng Yuli and Zheng Yidao was a white-skinned, feminine man.

"I'm Ye Mo, a solo cultivator." Ye Mo saluted with his fists

Then, Ye Mo looked at Fu Rong. He wasn't here to meet other golden core states, he was here to go to black ice sect.

Fu Rong knew Ye Mo's intention and let them sit down first. Then he said to Ye Mo, "Brother Ye probably came from the seas right? I chased after you for a while after seeing you ask for information."

Ye Mo had some extra vigilance, it seemed this Fu Rong had been following him for a while and pulled him over afterward. He was in such a rush asking people questions that he hadn't noticed Fu Rong following him.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo nodded. "Yes, I've been in cultivation so I'm not familiar with a lot of things. I have a friend at black ice sect, I've also just heard about this from other people…"

Fu Rong paused and looked at Ye Mo before saying, "You probably know about the South Peace State trial tablets right?"

Ye Mo nodded. "Yes I know."

Ye Mo knew this from his experience at desert plain herb valley. Luckily he knew about this, otherwise, people might think he wasn't even from South Peace State.

Fu Rong expected this answer.

Fu Rong smiled and said, "Any South Peace State cultivator would know about the South Peace State trial tablets. Almost all South Peace State golden core state cultivators have memorized the names on the golden core state trial tablets. They are constantly thinking about when their names will be inscribed on them too. Think about it, if your friend is golden core state level and you left your name on the trial tablets…"

Ye Mo understood what Fu Rong meant. If he left his name on the trial tablet and Luo Ying saw, she would come to look for him for sure. If it was someone else, Ye Mo would think this idea wasn't bad, but when it came to Luo Ying, Ye Mo didn't have any confidence at all. Luo Ying wouldn't be as interested in the trial tablets as Fu Rong thought. But, he could still try this method.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo felt a little embarrassed about his previous suspicions and saluted with his fists. "Thank you brother Fu, I'll go to South Peace City and leave my name on there now."

The three looked at Ye Mo in shock and asked uncertainly, "Did you think you can go leave your name there just by going there?"

"Is it not like that?" Ye Mo asked.

The short cultivator who hadn't spoken now said, "Brother Ye, you probably don't know much about the trial tablets. They're in the trial tablet square but there aren't a lot of people going there to try each year. The main reason is that each tablet can only fit 300 names. Many people who tried saw that their names wouldn't show at all. That's because they're not strong enough. So if you can't be among the top 300 cultivators in your level, then you can't…."