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1008 Arrive at South Peace State but Hard to Get into Black Ice

"Golden core state level? You were recommended?" Ye Mo had just left the teleportation formation and was feeling a little dizzy when a voice asked these questions.

Ye Mo noticed that there were 5 cultivators in front of him and each one seemed very powerful.

Even the weakest of them was stronger than hollow spirit state. Ye Mo could only tell that one was body condensation state peak, the rest were beyond body condensation state.

Ye Mo took in a cold breath. This was South Peace State? Such dense spirit chi, such powerful cultivators!

"Yes, wan bei Ye Mo greets qian beis." Ye Mo felt he was weaker than an ant with this absolute difference in power. They only needed to lift a finger to kill him.

No matter how powerful South Peace State was, they couldn't have this many high level cultivators, right? He had just arrived and had already seen four guys above body condensation state.

"Spirit root seems very impure, how can someone like him be recommended?" An old man looked at Ye Mo and shook his head.

"What spirit root are you? Why were you recommended?" another cultivator asked just to confirm. He didn't even have the interest to test Ye Mo.

Ye Mo realized that South Peace State wasn't a place where there was an abundance of body condensation state cultivators. These people were here to see if the arrival was a genius disciple that had been teleported here. If it was, then they might take him away.

Ye Mo didn't want to go to those sects and become a core disciple so he immediately said respectfully, "I have a fire and wood dual spirit root, but because I had a good relationship with the disaster transformation state qian bei, I was able to get his recommendation."

"Indeed it must be so, I knew that those North Far State disaster transformation state cultivators would use their authority for private needs. This one spot is going to waste - how many spirit crystals and materials have been lost?" The cultivator asking this was clearly not welcoming of Ye Mo's arrival.

"Brother Han, these situations are unavoidable. It's just one spot, plus the people sent over from North Far State before were pretty much all genius disciples," the youngest cultivator came out and said.

Then he said to Ye Mo, "You can go. You have double spirit root, you have no right to enter a 9 star sect. North Far State is not the same as South Peace State. Although it's not easy to reach golden core state at your age, here you're own your own."

Ye Mo immediately saluted with his fists and thanked them a few times before leaving.

"Qi Liang dao friend, how come I feel this little guy isn't quite what he seems?" the cultivator who had spoken first said.

"What's wrong with him? Is it because he's at golden core state at this age? It happens a lot in North Far State, many wealthy merchant association would cultivate a genius and use a lot of pills, but they don't consider the pill poison. I don't need to look to know that kid has too much pill poison in his body. He would be lucky to even reach hollow spirit state," answered another cauldron filling state cultivator.

"He's quick to run, I'm afraid he might not even get into hollow spirit state. Even if he doesn't have any pill poison, his spirit root has decided that he can't reach higher cultivation states," another cultivator said.

At this moment, Ye Mo was already thousands of kilometers away.

He would definitely be one of the cultivators with the least pill poison.

Even those cultivators who didn't concoct pills knew the threat of pill poison. They would try to refine pill poison or remedy pills every once in a while. He was a pill king and he knew better than anyone. Not everyone had the 10000 year stalagmite marrow, while he had at least half a bucket.

Only after Ye Mo had left their spirit sense range did he dare to land. He found that this was also a cultivation city, but it was more than ten times larger than Pei Hai city.

Ye Mo asked a few cultivators and learned that although this place was in South Peace State, it was still hundreds of thousands of kilometers from South Peace city.

This place was called Mo Hai city. It was surrounded by the sea but had a very large area. The teleportation formation from North Far State to South Peace State was built here.

There were quite a lot of people in the city, Ye Mo found that there were quite a few hollow spirit state cultivators. As for those in the nascent soul state and golden core state, they were everywhere.

Reaching golden core state peak stage at Ye Mo's age was all too ordinary.

Ye Mo walked into a shop and wanted to ask someone about the black ice sect when an attendant with a smiling face greeted him, saying, "Friend what do you need?"

The shop wasn't small and there were already a few golden core state and nascent soul state cultivators window shopping.

"I want to ask where the black ice sect is?" Ye Mo asked.

"You want to ask about black ice sect?" the attendant was dazed. Everyone knew that black ice sect was at black ice mountain. Was there a need to ask?

Ye Mo saw this attendant's surprise and quickly explained, "It's like this: I have a friend there and I want to go visit him, but I've never been to Black Ice sect so I'm just asking."

"You still want to go to black ice sect?" the attendant was even more shocked.


People started laughing and turned to look at Ye Mo as though he was much interesting than the objects inside the display glasses.

"Did I hear right? You want to go to black ice sect to find your friend?" a golden core state tertiary stage cultivator asked in a strange tone.

Ye Mo frowned. Why was it so funny?

The attendant clearly had a good education and didn't scorn Ye Mo like everyone else. He said politely to Ye Mo, "Friend, Black Ice sect is 9 star sect, people aren't allow to step foot within a 10000 kilometer radius. Even if you know someone at black ice sect, they need to come find you, you can't go find them. Unless you have the hand written document of the sect or a truth realisation state qian bei's item, you won't be able to go visit black ice mountain. "

Ye Mo was dazed, he just realized how ridiculous his idea was. He thought he would be able to see Luo Ying as soon as he came to black ice sect. Now he found out he couldn't even get within 10000 kilometers of her.

Seeing Ye Mo in a daze, the waiter knew that Ye Mo wasn't here to buy anything and shook his head before turning to leave. Ye Mo quickly pulled him and asked, "Are all the 9 star sects this strict?"

The waiter saw Ye Mo's desperate look and sighed, "Not only 9 star sects but even the 7 and 8 star sects are also very strict. If you had arrived half a year earlier, you might have had a way."

"What way?" Ye Mo asked.

The waiter said, "There was a South Peace city cultivator social at South Peace city. Many core disciples of sects came there to converse about cultivation. Black ice sect people went too. If you were lucky and met a black ice sect disciple who was easy to talk to, he might help you pass on a message."

Ye Mo thought and immediately took out 100 top grade spirit stones and gave them to the waiter. "May I ask when that social will be held next?"

The waiter quickly replied, "Once every three years, the next one will be in two and a half years, still here in South Peace city."

Then, the waiter gave Ye Mo a jade slip. "I'll give you a map of South Peace State map, it has everything detailed."

Ye Mo took the map and murmured, "I still need to wait two and a half years? No, that won't do."

The waiter shook his head and left.