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1007 The Figure in the Depths of His Mind

"Ye Mo I suddenly miss Luo Yue city… when can we go back to visit?" Song Yangzhu asked.

Ye Mo was leaving Pei Hai, without Ye Mo she felt very hollow.

Ye Mo grabbed Song Yangzhu's hand tightly, he suddenly realized what she meant. She wasn't missing Luo Yue city but missing him. He didn't dare to mention Yimo - sometimes Song Yangzhu looked very strong, but she was actually more brittle than Song Yangzhu or Ye Ling.

"Yangzhu, I promise you I will be back by your side soon and take all of you with me. When our power is very high perhaps we can go back to Luo Yue city. I miss it as well," Ye Mo said.

Ye Mo said that, but he knew it would be very hard to go back to Luo Yue city. So what if he reached truth realisation state? A level nine teleportation formation could only teleport the distance of the Heartless Sea.

Ye Mo really suspected that the teleportation formation from small world to Luo Yue wasn't made by cultivators of the cultivation realm.

Ye Ling was here but she still had a brother Ye Zifeng. She never said anything about him, but Ye Mo could tell she missed him a lot but just didn't want to say it.

At this moment, she even thought of Yun Bing. How were they now? And Wen Dong, has she realized her goals? How was Xu Ping?

Would that Dongfang Wang be doing anything? Huang Yinian should be able to stop him right?

Zeng Zhengxia, Han Zaixin, Xiao Lei, sister Yan, Yu Erhu, Yu Miaodan, Shi Xiu….

Countless familiar faces flashed across Ye Mo's eyes and Ye Mo suddenly felt a little morose. After how many years would he be able to go back there? Would they still be there when he returned?

Finally, an image cleared in his mind, it was Luo Xuan. Ye Mo just realized that he hadn't been constantly thinking about her, but her figure had taken root in his mind.

The girl who jumped off the 12th floor with him - perhaps it was the sentence that she said that made Ye Mo remember her. "I just didn't want brother Ye to be disappointed again."

That's all?

"Perhaps I owe her." Ye Mo murmured.

He had got the golden page world because of her, she gave him two of the three golden pages.

She even hid them from her two sisters.

When Luo Xuan fell of Shuang Shi cliff, he went searching for her countless times but still couldn't find her.

The golden page world's use for him was obvious. If it wasn't for it, he would've died so many times already. If it wasn't for the golden page world, he wouldn't have Three Birth Chant and wouldn't be able to reach where he was today. His achievements today were closely related to Luo Xuan.

Yet after all that, he couldn't even find her body. Ye Mo sighed and feel even more despondent.

Sensing this, Song Yangzhu leaned against Ye Mo and held his arm saying, "Is there something you're worrying about?"

He was about to leave, Ye Mo opened his eyes and cast the depressing thoughts aside. He grabbed Song Yangzhu and said, "Yangzhu, don't worry. I will come back as soon as I can to take you guys with me. Stay here and cultivate, don't worry about me."

This was the third time he had said this to Song Yangzhu. Ye Mo made up his mind that he was going to build a place that belonged to him so that his friends and family could gather together without the need to roam around.

"Mhm, I believe you." Song Yangzhu wanted Ye Mo to be happy when he left.

"Yangzhu, I'm about to go. I'm not going to say goodbye to Jingwen and the rest. Tell them that I will be back soon…" Ye Mo wanted to see them before he left but he knew farewells were hard.

It would affect their mood if he said goodbye now while they were working hard to cultivate.

Song Yangzhu nodded and said softly, "Do you have enough spirit stones? Mo Yue has a lot of spirit stones now, do you need to take some?"

Ye Mo shook his head, he had more than 100 million spirit stones. Mo Yue only had about that amount as well, and this was due to the Yang Hai merchant association's compensation.

The two didn't talk anymore and just felt the warmth of each other's company. Although this was a very busy street, both of them felt the peace at the bottom of their hearts.

Suddenly, some rustling disturbed their serenity. Ye Mo looked up and saw that one man and woman had been stopped by three foundation establishment state tertiary stage cultivators.

The man and woman looked worried, not knowing how to deal with the situation.

Ye Mo was shocked to find that he actually knew that woman. It was that Yu Yuyan he met in that town. She was a very calculative woman who had planned to use Ye Mo as a scapegoat, but Ye Mo didn't let her do so.

"It's you? Ye Mo…" Yu Yuyan recognized Ye Mo and called out in joy but then, she remembered the nature of their relationship. However, that desire to get help was still there.

At Ye Mo's status, he wouldn't hold a grudge against her but it was impossible for him to help her.

"Don't talk Ye Mo or Mo Ye with me, I don't give a shit who he is. No matter who comes today, you have to spit out what you ate." The foundation establishment state level nine cultivator stared coldly at Yu Yuyan.

"Hmph." Song Yangzhu wasn't happy that this foundation establishment state had attacked Ye Mo.

"Such a temper…" the foundation establishment state cultivator heard this and turned around, glaring coldly at Ye Mo.

But before he could finish what he was going to say, he was stopped by his friend. The friend pulled him to the side and bowed to Song Yangzhu. "Wan bei Zhu Changtian greets Mo Yue's Song qian bei…"

That foundation establishment state heard the words 'Mo Yue' and his face changed. He thought of what he had just said and his face went pale.

"You three are quite cocky, who gave you the balls to start trouble in Pei Hai? Piss off now or you will never need to leave again," another cold voice sounded.

Then, that voice bowed to Ye Mo, "Pei Hai city lord estate Wang Di greet association leader Ye…"

The three heard Wang Di's words and their face turned as pale as corpsese. No matter what they did, usually someone as big as Wang Di would never care, but today the manager Wang of Pei Hai city was intervening in such small matters.

Just then, the three realized that the youth with Song Yangzhu was someone even manager Wang greeted with respect.

No matter how dumb they were, they realized that this youth was the mysterious association leader of Mo Yue.

"So it's manager Wang, nice meeting you." Ye Mo saluted with his fists. He didn't really like this manager Wang, but he was leaving and Mo Yue was still here. It was best not to offend the manager of Pei Hai city.

"It's an honour to see association leader Ye, how should I deal with these three?" Wang Di knew that Ye Mo didn't offend him due to him being the city manager, but it was very easy for Ye Mo to kill him as he had the support of Wang Yue sect.

Ye Mo shook his head, he really wasn't interested in these people.

"Hurry up and piss off!" Wang Di yelled before he said to Yu Yuyan, "Girl, if you need any help just ask."

He thought Yu Yuyan knew Ye Mo, so sucking up to Yu Yuyan was sucking up to Ye Mo.

Yu Yuyan shook her head and walked up to Ye Mo, "Thanks for helping, sorry about before…"

Eventually, she didn't even know what she was saying and just turned to run. She didn't even call her friend.

Manager Wang didn't know what was going on so he didn't say anything.

Ye Mo wasn't going to care about her as well. He bid farewell to manager Wang and took Song Yangzhu to the teleportation formation.