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1006 Skyrocketing Power

Ye Mo made 9 spirit recovery pills in one cauldron. Of course, he didn't use all three drops of 10000 year stalagmite marrow. He didn't use the pills he had made before because he knew that hollow spirit state cultivators were very sensitive to pills. They could tell if the pill was made recently or some time ago.

"Three spirit recovery pills?" Su Jianhu's hands were shaking when he held the bottle Ye Mo gave him. He only needed one but he got three. With his experience, he could tell these were freshly made as well.

Ye Mo didn't mind giving a few extra pills to him. What he really cared about was whether Wang Yue sect would do their best to help Mo Yue. If he did this much and Wang Yue sect still didn't help, then they would be too selfish.

"You're indeed a pill king…" Su Jianhu looked at Ye Mo with even more shock. Such a young pill king, it was indeed the first time he had seen this. Even Cheng Yejun who won first place many times was only a level one pill king. However, Ye Mo could concoct the spirit recovery pill at such a young age - was he a level three pill king?

Ye Mo smiled, "The spirit recovery pill is indeed a heaven grade level three pill, but that's only because it needs 10000 year stalagmite marrow. Even a level one pill king would be able to concoct it."

He didn't say what level pill king he was. Even though Wang Yue sect was forming a relationship with him, that was just because they needed him. Who knows what would happen if they knew he was level three or level four pill king?

"So that's it…." Su Jianhu breathed easy. He thought Ye Mo was at most a level one pill king and had a unique method of concoction. If Ye Mo was a level three pill king at such a young age, it would be too much to handle.

Becoming a level one pill king at such an age was already very rare. Even if the Wang Yue sect leader's wife wasn't injured, Ye Mo was worth establishing a connection with.

Ever since the Yang Hai merchant association incident, Mo Yue was able to consolidate their position in Pei Hai. Some rather powerful solo cultivators came to join them and Mo Yue's business started to expand.

In addition, Mo Yue and the city lord estate joined together to hold two auctions that even had the spirit weaving pill and blue wen pill. These pills shocked the entirety of Pei Hai, and Mo Yue's name spread rapidly.

But Ye Mo didn't let Mo Yue get involved in coastal business. He didn't want to cause trouble with the Ao Chang merchant association.

The spirit weaving pill and blue wen pill were enough for Mo Yue to establish their poisiton in Pei Hai. Only Ye Mo could concoct the spirit weaving pill. Ye Mo didn't intend Mo Yue to be the biggest merchant association in North Far State yet.

If he had really wanted that, he wouldn't be selling the spirit weaving pill and blue wen pill. He would instead sell foundation establishment pills, cultivation increasing pills, and soul condensation pills. But Ye Mo knew that even in Pei Hai, if he hadn't reached a certain level of power he shouldn't sell these pills openly.

Even for the spirit recovery pill, Ye Mo had to create this influence by drawing out the 5 drops of 10000 year stalagmite marrow. Otherwise, there would also be trouble.

Mo Yue was on the right track now. Song Yangzhu, Ye Ling and the others didn't spend much time conducting business, they spent more time on cultivation. They knew that Ye Mo was going to South Peace State soon.

Song Yangzhu didn't want Ye Mo to go but she knew what Ye Mo was thinking. Things here were settled and Ye Mo was worried about Luo Ying and the others in South Peace State. If she wanted to go to South Peace State earlier, then she had to work hard to cultivate and reach hollow spirit state in a short time and then it would be fine.

Su Jingwen and Ye Ling also thought the same. Even Li Yuqian and Zhen Xiaoshan thought like this. The South Peace State's cultivation resources were clearly much better than those of North Far State. With the support of Ye Mo, a level 4 pill king, they would cultivate even faster.

Su Jingwen wanted to sleep with Ye Mo after reaching foundation establishment state, but after learning that Ye Mo was going to South Peace State, she gave up on the thought.

Her talent was astounding and her hidden spirit root had been activated. If she stayed a virgin, she would be cultivating even faster. She didn't know when Ye Mo would be back, so she had to reach hollow spirit state as quickly as possible so she could go to South Peace State and meet Ye Mo.

Su Jingwen believed that with her talent, it wouldn't take long for her to reach hollow spirit state.

Mo Yue formed this cultivation trend, everyone who had been in Mo Yue from the beginning was cultivating like crazy. No one wanted to waste time.

Ye Mo went into solitary cultivation again. He had to reach golden core state peak stage before going to South Peace State.

Ye Mo just went into the golden page world and started to concoct heaven glory pills on the spirit range.

Gradually, Mo Yue made the Pei Hai region wealthier than the border region.

Pei Hai city's population was increasing drastically due to the interstate teleportation formation. There was a level eight spirit gathering formation on the side to support the operation of the teleportation formation. Even an 8 star sect might not have such a spirit gathering formation.

Level eight spirit gathering formations were beneficial to you even if you didn't go inside.

Due to the rise of Mo Yue, Pei Hai city became a lot more stable. Mo Yue's prices were very fair and they never abused the weak.

Half a year later, Ye Mo had completely spirit refined three heaven glory pills and reached golden core state level nine. Ye Mo thought he would be able to reach golden core state peak stage after three months.

However, he underestimated his requirement for spirit chi. Even with such powerful pills and sitting on a spirit range, he still took half a year to go from golden core state level six to level nine.

Ye Mo came out and found that other than Song Yangzhu who was waiting for him, Su Jingwen and Ye Ling were all in solitary cultivation. Li Yuqian never even came out at all.

"Are you leaving?" Song Yangzhu saw Ye Mo come out and looked a little sad. She didn't have much progress in cultivation and had only reached golden core state level two.

Ye Mo nodded and said, "Come take a walk with me."

Ye Mo and Song Yangzhu walked on the busy streets but Song Yangzhu seemed to be in a bad mood.

"Jingwen and Ye Ling are both in solitary cultivation, why didn't you do that as well?" Ye Mo broke the heavy atmosphere.

Song Yangzhu said in a low voice, "I'm afraid if I went into solitary cultivation, I wouldn't be able to see you for the last time."

Ye Mo remained silent for a few moments before saying assuringly, "Yangzhu, don't worry. I won't stay in South Peace State for too long before coming back to bring you all there. There's a lot of things North Far State doesn't have, but who's to say South Peace State doesn't have them. Perhaps one day, I will be able to find a flying ship that can even cross the Heartless Sea."

Then Ye Mo said, "Pei Hai city won't be a place we will be staying at for long, this is a branch of ours but not our own city. Perhaps one day, we will have our own city - Mo Yue City."