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1003 Coming to the Door

The news that a hollow spirit state cultivator robbed something from a golden core state cultivator was now publicly spread. However, that hollow spirit state cultivator didn't come to rebuke the accusations and hadn't emerged after entering Mo Yue. The reason for this was clear, that hollow spirit state cultivator was silently done in by Mo Yue.

No power faction dared to underestimate an entity that could quietly kill a hollow spirit state cultivator. Plus, that hollow spirit state cultivator had brought 5 nascent soul state cultivators along as well. People were guessing how powerful Mo Yue really was. After all, they could even kill a hollow spirit state cultivator. This caused people to begin to fear Mo Yue.

Hollow spirit state cultivator weren't considered anything in the South Peace State, but in the North Far State, they were the top of the food chain.

"Are you sure that he never came out after going to Mo Yue?" a middle aged man man at the city lord estate asked a manager-like cultivator.

That manager replied respectfully, "Yes, I'm sure. When he went to Mo Yue, people from Mo Yue immediately came to ask for help. I told them that we couldn't intervene in this according to your will. They didn't say much and immediately left."

"Interesting." The middle aged man narrowed his eyes. This was the second time that he said this golden core state cultivator was interesting.

Hearing this, the manager asked carefully, "Then should we go to Mo Yue to check on the situation?"

The middle aged man didn't say anything but asked after a while, "You said that they recorded the robbery and made the conditions for Yang Hai merchant association to leave Pei Hai city as well as compensate them 100 million top grade spirit stones?"

"Yes." The manager nodded quickly.

The middle aged man nodded and said, "In that case we don't need to be hasty. A mere golden core state cultivator killed a hollow spirit state cultivator with his formations - it's not bad but it's not worth us going to visit him. Wait for a while and see how Yang Hai merchant association deals with this situation."

As soon as he said this, a seductive looking woman came in and reported, "City lord, manager Wang, Yang Hai merchant association's people are asking to see you."

The middle aged man laughed and said, "Tell them what we told Mo Yue before."

Then he paused and said to manager Wang, "Investigate that Ye Mo, why does this name sound familiar?"

"The Yang Hai merchant association people didn't come for revenge but they didn't agree to Mo Yue's conditions."

Ye Mo didn't go up to Yang Hai merchant association to ask them for reparations because he knew that they still had two nascent soul state cultivators. One was the nascent soul state level three they met outside the city and the other was nascent soul state level two.

Even if Ye Mo wanted to go up to them, he needed to wait for a while until Li Jingwen and Li Yuqian reached nascent soul state level two or level three. They had soul essence pills and blue carrot pills, it wouldn't take much time.

Things seemed to go back to how they were before, the only difference being that Mo Yue was still the same while Yang Hai merchant association was shrinking down their business.

Ye Mo went into solitary cultivation again. This time it wasn't for pill concoction - he wanted to break through. He had 9 heaven glory pills and wanted to get to golden core state peak stage as quickly as possible.

In Mo Qianli's storage ring, there was a heaven grade evil soul strand cultivation method and a few extreme grade materials, but he didn't even have 1 million top grade spirit stones.

Ye Mo glanced through the cultivation method, it used evil ways of cultivating live souls. Each soul strand the cultivator got was formed from countless innocent people. When he fought Mo Qianli, he had countless evil soul strands. From this, one could see how many innocent lives he had taken.

Ye Mo hated these evil cultivation methods the most. He turned it into dust and cursed Mo Qianli for being so poor.

However, Ao Qilong's storage ring shook Ye Mo greatly. There were more than 2 million top grade spirit stones and large amounts of pills. Ye Mo thought, 'This young master of the Ao Cheng merchant association was really wealthy.'

But when he saw the hollow spirit state's storage ring, he realized Ao Qilong's storage ring was just loose change in front of it. It had more than 50 million top grade spirit stones.

Ye Mo estimated that this storage ring was like Chi Hong's, it contained the majority of the Yang Hai merchant association's wealth.

In addition to this, Ye Mo found a level seven fire dragon rune. This made Ye Mo rejoice, such a rune could kill nascent soul state primary stage cultivators and even defend against nascent soul state tertiary stage cultivators. It was very useful to Ye Mo.

The spirit herbs were also level five and level six.

After organizing these things, Ye Mo started to eat the heaven glory pills to cultivate.

He could feel the difference immediately between these ones and the ones he had made with spirit crystals.

There was much more spirit energy and none of it was volatile. It flowed like water. After eating this pill, it started unblocking his meridians and increasing his power. It wasn't as fast as the spirit crystal pills, but it didn't have any side effects.

A month later, Ye Mo had reached golden core state level six. He consolidated his power a little and heard someone had come to visit.

He knew that it must be someone important as he ordered that he wasn't to be disturbed during his solitary cultivation.

An old man in his sixties sat in the guest reception room. Ye Mo could feel a strong pressure as soon as he came in. The old man didn't even move.

"You're Ye Mo?" the old man saw Ye Mo and asked plainly. His expression seemed a little disappointed.

It was a hollow spirit state cultivator, but he seemed much stronger than the hollow spirit state from Yang Hai merchant association. Ye Mo felt this person was at least hollow spirit state tertiary stage or even peak stage.

"That's right, I'm Ye Mo. What business does qian bei have with me?" Ye Mo asked slowly.

The old man nodded and said, "You're the new pill concoction hall of fame number one, the pill master who created the spirit weaving pill by adding the spirit attraction grass into pill concoction?"

Ye Mo sat down and looked calmly at this old man and said, "It's me."

The old man saw that Ye Mo didn't seemed worried at all and faced him - a hollow spirit state cultivator - calmly and his disappointment retreated a little.

"Not bad, you're so young but you can think of using the spirit chi whirlpool to add the spirit attraction grass into pill to create the spirit weaving pill. This is very significant." The old man nodded and took out a herb and placed it in front of Ye Mo.

"Do you know what this spirit herb is?"

"Level seven spirit herb spirit recovery vine?" Ye Mo recognized it immediately. It was the main ingredient for the spirit recovery pill. It was also very hard to add it to a pill. Therefore, rarely anyone could concoct the spirit recovery pill.

This vine was very precious, it was almost like a level eight spirit herb. This person took this out meaning that without question, he wanted to ask if Ye Mo could concoct the spirit recovery pill.

Before reading Thing, Ye Mo had thought that this was the main ingredient for the spirit recovery pill but after reading it, he learned that the real ingredient was the 10000 year stalagmite marrow, but it was too rare so people replaced it with this vine.

"Very well, you know a lot. If you use your unique technique, would you be able to add the spirit recovery vine into pill and concoct the spirit recovery pill?" the old man asked in joy.