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Chapter 996: Encounter
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Almost everyone's attention was captivated by that blue figure. The intense pressure from the trial tablet could be felt by the observers even from a long way away.

3 meters, 6 meters…. 18 meters. Finally, the blue figure seemed bound by that force and slowed down. When he was almost 21 meters in the air, the youth suddenly stopped. It seemed he had reached his limit and the youth quickly wrote the words Fang Zhongshi on the tablet.

Immediately, the words turned into a blue ray of light that immersed into the tablet.

When the youth landed, his name appeared on the tablet.

He looked at his ranking, golden core state 11th. However, that youth shook his head in disappointment.

"Fang Zhongshi got 11th! Indeed, he's still number one to the golden core state cultivators of South Peace State."

"Yeah, the lightning element cultivation method is too powerful. Other than the qian beis who have disappeared, he is actually number one."

"He doesn't seem too satisfied."

Everyone took part in the discussion. However, Fang Zhongshi seemed very calm.

Suddenly, he saw a white-clothed woman walk towards a group of girls on the square and joy shone in his eyes. He quickly followed her.

Due to Fang Zhongshi easily getting 11th, many people who wanted to try their luck gave up. Some even made up their mind to get into top ten no matter what next time. If their ranking was too low, they would just be embarrassing themselves.

"Lightning cloud sect Fang Zhongshi greet martial sisters from black ice sect." Fang Zhongshi was very polite and saluted with his fists.

"Martial brother Fang is extraordinary indeed, you got 11th as soon as you arrived. This ranking is pretty much number one. Congratulations." Sister Rong smiled.

That round-faced girl looked at Fang Zhongshi in admiration.

Fang Zhongshi didn't seem satisfied at all. "Martial sister Rong, my measly accomplishment is nothing to be praised. Even sister Rong wouldn't perform any worse than me, much less the top ten qian bei."

"Martial brother Fang, is your goal to get into the top ten of golden core state trial tablet?" the round-faced girl asked.

Fang Zhongshi nodded seriously. "Yes, although I don't hope to reach the top, I must get into top ten before I reach nascent soul state."

Then, he looked at the white-clothed woman. However, that woman was talking with two other women in joy and didn't notice him at all.

"Sister Qingxue…" Tang Beiwei charged over when the white-clothed woman came. She hugged her tightly. Luo Ying also came over and the three became very excited.

This was the first time they had reunited since they split up.

"Sister Susu, Beiwei, I have always wanted to go visit you guys but…" Ning Qingxue's eyes went red as she spoke.

Luo Ying was different, if it wasn't something to do with Ye Mo, she would control her emotions no matter how exciting something was - but Tang Beiwei and Ye Ling were different, they showed their emotions on their faces.

If possible, Ning Qingxue would rather be with Luo Ying and Tang Beiwei than be by herself at Ethereal Immortal Pond.

When they spoke of Ye Mo, they clearly seemed dejected. With their fame, there was no way Ye Mo wouldn't have known about them if he was in South Peace State, but the fact was that Ye Mo still hadn't come looking. The only explanation was that he wasn't in South Peace State.

Fang Zhongshi and Zhao Rong looked at the three in surprise. Luo Susu's beauty was known throughout the entire South Peace State, but the people from black ice sect knew how she didn't like to talk. She rarely said anything to anyone other than Tang Beiwei.

Zhao Rong also knew that white-clothed woman was Ning Qingxue from Ethereal Immortal Pond, also one of the South Peace State ten beauties.

Usually, the ten beauties were famous but were rarely close like this.

Luo Ying, Ning Qingxue and Tang Beiwei stood together talking. White, green and pale yellow - the three colors were in stark contrast to each other, and almost all the attention from the square focused here.

"Martial sister Qingxue, your cultivation speed is really fast, you're already golden core state level three." Fang Zhongshi suddenly walked over and saluted with his fists.

"Who are you? Qingxue is not something you can say," Luo Ying said coldly.

Fang Zhongshi felt a little awkward, he believed Luo Ying was purposely saying that. There was no way anyone here didn't know him.

He didn't know that Luo Ying really didn't know who he was and was just unhappy that he tried to chat up Ning Qingxue.

Fang Zhongshi was a gentleman and smiled, "Lightning Cloud Sect Fang Zhongshi, greeting black ice sect martial sister Luo Susu."

His tone was genuine and didn't seem flirty at all.

Luo Ying frowned and wanted to take Tang Beiwei and Ning Qingxue to another place to talk when she heard someone else say, "Martial sister Susu, I didn't think you were here too."

Another group of people walked over. The man leading them wore faint purple cultivator robes. In terms of looks and temperament, he was even better than Fang Zhongshi.

Luo Ying didn't say anything at all and was just going to drag Ning Qingxue and Tang Beiwei away.

"Martial sister Susu, this is infinity sect's number one disciple Yuan Guannan. He's only 36 but he's already nascent soul state level two," Zhao Rong quickly stopped Luo Ying and introduced.

Infinity was the top sect in the entire Luo Yue continent. Black Ice sect was also a 9 star sect, but they were far from Infinity Sect's level.

Susu didn't really like talking to these people but she couldn't act like she didn't see Zhao Rong.

"Qingxue…." At this moment, another girl who came with Ning Qingxue asked, "Martial sister Qingxue, they are?"

The girl came from Ethereal Immortal Pond, she asked this question is confusion after seeing Ning Qingxue suddenly being so talkative with two girls.

"Haha, everyone here is from the elite of South Peace State. everyone will be the future powerful beings of South Peace State, let me introduce you," Yuan Guannan said.

He pointed at Luo Ying and the others and said, "They are Black Ice sect's Luo Susu and Tang Beiwei, and Ethereal Immortal Pond's Ning Qingxue. They are part of the most beautiful ten girls of South Peace State.

Behind them are core disciples of Black Ice Sect Zhao Rong and Wang Waner. Martial sister Zhao Rong is golden core state hall of fame number 3 and this good looking blue-shirted brother…"

The blue-shirted youth stood straight and said, "Lightning Cloud sect Fang Zhongshi, greetings friends."

With this, more and more cultivators were introduced.

A grey clothed handsome cultivator also walked out and saluted with his fists, "Golden Sword sect's Xiao Fei, this is my sister Xiao Shiyin…."

People discussed, "Golden Sword Sect Xiao Fei, golden core state hall of fame number two! He didn't go to the trial tablet. I think if he tried he would be at least top 20…"

"His sister is the 5th ranked beauty of South Peace State, Xiao Shiyin."

"Infinity Sect's Dong Tianya…"

"God Wind valley's Mo Feng."

More and more names were said, everyone was the elite of their sects.

"Luo Susu, you didn't disappoint me indeed. You're already golden core state level four. I will wait for you one year, when you're golden core state peak stage, I, Wen Caiyi, will challenge you again."