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987 Real and Fake Rich Second Generation

Chapter 987: Real and Fake Rich Second Generation
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That foundation establishment state cultivator brought Ye Mo inside and took care of the procedures. Then, another extremely pretty woman took Ye Mo to the most expensive room.

After coming here, Ye Mo realized why this room was so expensive. It wasn't in the best location but was very luxurious and had a high level spirit gathering formation, as well as all sorts of spirit fruit. There were some scantily clothed female cultivators and a big pink bed.

This room was the most expensive, but not the best.

Clearly, this place was most suited to the persona Ye Mo was currently displaying. Ye Mo was afraid of being recognized, otherwise he wouldn't act so cold. He waved his hand at those pretty girls and said, "You can leave now, I don't need you here, don't disturb my rest."

His tone was cold and emotionless.

Those female cultivators felt unsatisfied but didn't dare to go up and talk. They bowed and left.

After these girls left, Ye Mo checked the situation in the room here. One could see the entire auction ground from here and there was a high level spirit sense barrier formation. There was no surveillance formation here either. Clearly, this auction was rather transparent and clean. Ye Mo had a lot of time to kill, so he sat down and started cultivating.

"You said a youngster in his 20's looking very pale and unfamiliar?" a nascent soul state tertiary stage cultivator furrowed his brows in an equally luxurious room, questioning the foundation establishment state cultivator.

"Yes, it was as though 100k spirit stones was nothing to him and he took it out easily. He kicked the maids out as soon as he came in," the foundation establishment state replied respectfully. "Should I send someone in to check?"

The nascent soul state waved his hand after some thought. "No need, he's here for the auction, we've been holding auctions for many years. As long as he behaves, we don't need to do anything, if he does anything odd, there's even less need to investigate him. He'll just spend some spirit stones."

"Yes," the foundation establishment state quickly answered.

A few hours passed and Ye Mo opened his eyes again, finding that most people were here.

Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense. Most of the people here were in the golden core state and some were nascent soul state, but he didn't see any foundation establishment state cultivators, meaning that the lowest requirement for this auction was probably golden core state.

Another 15 minutes passed and when the entrance closed, another golden core state female cultivator with very little clothes walked up to the stage.

"The first item is a bottle of top grade blue wen pills. There're 6 pills in total, I don't need to explain the effect of the blue wen pill, but I believe everyone knows better than me that the lowest price of the pill is 100k top grade spirit stones and each increment must be no less than 5k."

As soon as her voice sounded, the golden core state cultivators rustled. As long as one was golden core state, they needed the blue wen pill.

"110k." People immediately started bidding.



Ye Mo finally understood why cultivators liked to come to coastal cities.

The cultivators here were too wealthy. The fortune they had compared to cultivators of other places wasn't on the same level. At the Nan Shan market auction, people used middle grade spirit stones, but here people were using top grade spirit stones and adding in ten thousands.

One top grade blue wen pill was sold for 300k. This wasn't a price that an ordinary golden core state could afford.

The auctioneer was obviously happy that the first item was sold for this price. She looked at the excited atmosphere and said, "This is a top grade spirit artifact rainbow silk dress. It's made with rainbow winged spirit silkworm's silk. It not only has astounding defensive capabilities but can also perfectly outline a female cultivator's curves. The bottom price is 200k top grade spirit stones, each increment must be no less than 10k…"

Ye Mo didn't have a defensive spirit artifact and neither did Song Yangzhu nor Ye Ling. This rainbow silk dress was very pretty and seemed very light and soft. Ye Mo was interested at first glance. He had decided to buy it and either Song Yangzhu or Ye Ling could wear it.

Thinking of silk, Ye Mo thought of shadowless. It was still asleep but there was a thin layer of silk around it forming a cocoon.

Ye Mo wondered if it could be made into an armor too.

As Ye Mo thought for a moment, the rainbow silk dresses price had already rose to 360k. Ye Mo knew that too many female cultivators loved this and there was no way that it could be bought with a low price. Ye Mo said, "500k…"

This price made a lot of the people fall silent. This price wasn't low, and someone who could casually take out so much was no ordinary person.

There was a brief moment of silence until another bleak voice said, "510k, I'm Ao Cheng merchant association's Ao Qilong. Friend, if you want to bid a higher price, then very well, I'll quit, hehe."

This was an obvious threat. Some other people who still wanted to bid gave up on the thought because of this.

Ao Qilong was the young master of Ao Long merchant association, he was just 40 but was already golden core state level nine.

Ye Mo suddenly felt that he was back at the Nan Shan market and this Ao Qilong was Fei Cijiang.

But now, Fei Cijiang was dead and that stone stool was in his golden page world. Now, there was another dimwit who tried to threaten him.

He was a fake rich second generation, but he knew that Ao Qilong was a real rich second generation. His attitude was due to being given long term respect by the people around him. He would naturally form a condescending attitude.

The auctioneer was very unhappy with Ao Qilong's actions, but she couldn't do anything about it.

Ye Mo suddenly thought, if one day Mo Yue grew big and he held an auction and someone made threats in his auction, what would he do?

What else? Throw him out! If Mo Yue didn't have that power, then they shouldn't hold auctions.

"510k once…" most people knew that there probably wasn't going to be another bid.

"510k twice…" the auctioneer's voice woke Ye Mo up.

Ao Qilong smiled, so what if that arriviste stayed in a high level room? Anyone could go in there with enough spirit stones. But for rooms like his, you needed not only spirit stones but also status.

Thinking about this, he patted the female cultivator next to him and said, "If I say those clothes are yours then they're yours, no one can take them."

That pretty female cultivator next to him called like a cat and squirmed into his arms, clearly very happy about the clothes she was about to get.

But Ye Mo just called out, "520k."

Everyone glanced or threw their spirit sense at Ye Mo's room, despite them being unable to send their spirit sense inside. Everyone wanted to know who this bold guy was who dared to slap Ao Qilong's face like that.

Ao Qilong heard this and his face went green, he got up immediately.