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979 Going Out to the Sea

Chapter 979: Going Out to the Sea
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A month later, Mo Yue appeared in Pei Hai city.

Mo Yue wasn't the biggest merchant association, but it was the most grandiose merchant association. Not only did it have layers of defense formations but all of its buildings were made from the blue rock found at the bottom of the ocean. From a distance, it looked like the ocean.

This time, Ye Mo didn't cut costs. He set up multiple defense and attack formations.

With his formation master skills and the splurging of spirit stones, the attack formations were already level four. Even if nascent soul state cultivators were trapped inside, they wouldn't be able to leave easily. If there was a nascent soul state cultivator manning the formation, then even if cultivators above the nascent soul state attacked Mo Yue, they would die.

The reason China Pharmaceuticals was broken into and Li Yuqian was heavily injured was because Ye Mo's power was limited and he couldn't set up high level attack formations.

To Ye Mo, the best defense was a good offense.

Mo Yue rose up with dominance in Pei Hai, but most of the people came from Ning Hai pills. However, many people knew that those who scammed them before were all found out by a golden core state level seven cultivator and had their dan tians destroyed.

After the higher-ups of Pei Hai city remained silent about this, no one dared to look for trouble at Mo Yue. Even without that, no one would dare to go start trouble at Mo Yue just from how they rose up in a dominating fashion.

Mo Yue's main products were formation disks and pills. At the same time, they bought all sorts of materials including beast cores.

All those who went to Mo Yue were shocked to find that although their prices were similar to other places, they had a lot of top grade and mostly special grade pills.

The main thing was that they even had some single stocks of Condense Red pills for golden core state cultivators. As this news spread, Mo Yue soon became famous in Pei Hai. The distant place Mo Yue was at also became more and more populous.

As for the formation disks, rarely any other shops in Pei Hai sold them.

Ye Mo was teaching Yu Qiyang how to make formation disks while teaching Su Yue and Sheng Yizhong pill concoction. As for the management of Mo Yue, he handed it completely over to Li Jingwen. Although he was very occupied now, once Zhen Xiaoshen reached golden core state again, he would be able to have an easier time.

Su Jingwen, Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu were weaker, so other than helping out at the shop sometimes, they spent most of their time cultivating.

A month later, Mo Yue was completely on the right track, and now Zhen Xiaoshan had reached golden core state again. Although she was very excited, Ye Mo thought it was nothing much. He was supplying with her so much pills and her talent wasn't that bad.

However, Su Jingwen reached golden core state level nine in less than 3 years. Ye Mo gasped at her cultivation speed and was prepared to go out and find the water weed. He needed huge amounts of cultivation resources. Ordinary spirit gathering formations weren't enough for him at all.

Mo Yue opened up and Ye Mo spent all the spirit stones he had. Plus, he invited two level six spirit pill masters to stay at Mo Yue.

Ye Mo needed to go out into the sea and he didn't have time for pill concoction. Su Yue and Sheng Yizhong had just started learning, so they wouldn't be able to concoct any for sales.

Three months later, Ye Mo set up another teleportation formation and gave the middle-grade spirit artifact flying ship to Li Yuqian before leaving Pei Hai city.

Ever since the incident at River state, Ye Mo didn't feel safe anywhere. There must be a teleportation formation.

This time, Ye Mo's formation skills greatly increased so he set the other side of the teleportation formation to somewhere 200,000 kilometers away.

Pei Hai was next to the Heartless Sea. Each day, countless cultivators went from the city to the Heartless Sea. These cultivators all formed groups to hunt beasts or collect spirit herbs and ores.

Low level cultivators stayed around the border of the Heartless Sea, but if you wanted to find higher grade spirit herbs and beasts, you had to go further into the sea.

There were two ways of going out, one was to have your own spirit artifact flying boat or a flying magic artefact. Another was going through the teleportation formation to reach Pei Qi island and then leave from there.

This island was only about 100,000km from the city. The teleportation formation was set here as it was surrounded by dangerous waters and there were many businesses here. Those who went out hunting would replenish their supplies here and sell what they found.

On top of that, the island would be able to send news back immediately if there was a beast wave.

Ye Mo had his own flying boat so he didn't go to the island. He was going to an island called Duo Horn island that was 100,000km from the Pei Qi island.

Ye Mo heard that there was the most water weed here.

Ye Mo got on his flying boat and headed there according to the map. Unlike everyone else, Ye Mo didn't have a companion.

Ye Mo felt it was easier to go out by himself. After all, he had the golden page world and could run away easily.

The moment Ye Mo got to the island, there was a shocking news from Pei Hai city that instantly spread across the entire North Far State.

South Peace State, North Far State, and East Black State were going to establish intercontinental teleportation formations. Multiple truth realization states with 30 disaster transformation states and cauldron filling states would come to try to and establish the teleportation formation in a year's time.

No one knew why these three states suddenly wanted to build a teleportation formation but many of the cultivators at the bottom finally realized that there wasn't just a single state on Luo Yue continent.

More shockingly, the site of the teleportation formation was chosen to be Pei Hai city.

The person who regretted life the most now was manager Wang. No one would've thought the site of the teleportation formation would be Pei Hai city.

Due to this, the land price of Pei Hai city soared up more than ten times.

The land he sold for 3 million was worth more than 30 million now.

However, Li Jingwen couldn't stop smiling. If he sold Mo Yue out now, he would be earning tens of millions of spirit stones. However, the sect leader had left and he couldn't share this joy. he greatly respected Ye Mo's words now, "losing is winning".

It seems he won more than he could ever imagine now.

Manager Wang wasn't happy, but he knew very well that Mo Yue seemed large but only had one nascent soul state cultivator. Just when he wanted to think of a way to take it back, he heard that a disaster transformation state formation master went to Mo Yue.

This made Wang Di's heart skip. If that disaster transformation state master was related to Mo Yue and he offended them, he wouldn't even know how he would die.

It was Li Yuqian who came to greet the master.

"Qian bei.." Li Yuqian was also uneasy facing a cultivator many states above her.

However, that cultivator didn't have much of an attitude. He smiled and waved his hand, "Don't be anxious, I see that the defense and attack formations here are very good. I wanted to ask who set it up. If possible, I want to see him."

Ye Mo's formation had deviated from the traditional formation basics. He had his own system, and so when this disaster transformation state saw this unique defense formation, he immediately wanted to see who set it up.

Li Yuqian said worriedly, "Qian bei, the formation is set up by our sect leader. He went out to the sea a few days ago, qian bei can see him when he comes back."

"Oh okay." The disaster transformation state cultivator was a little disappointed. He took out a jade card and said to Li Yuqian, "In that case, when he comes back, tell him to take the jade card to the center of the formation site of the city to find me. I'm Ji Lin."

At the same time, Ye Mo had encountered some trouble at Duo Horn island.