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978 Standing Ground in Pei Hai

Chapter 978: Standing Ground in Pei Hai
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After 15 minutes, Li Yuqian's pale face became ruddier. She could feel that her nascent soul was breaking free. As the frost was being sucked away, that long-forgotten sense of freedom surged forth.

Li Yuqian looked at Ye Mo in surprise and joy. Ye Mo surprised her too much. The injury that had troubled her for half a year was completely gone. Although the frost wasn't as strong as it had been in the beginning, it was still crazy that Ye Mo could suck it away with only his golden core state level two power.

His cultivation essence was probably the same as a normal golden core state level seven or level eight. Li Yuqian sighed to herself.

When Ye Mo's hand moved away from her wrist, she had recovered about 80% of her power. She got up immediately and circulated her cultivation essence. She then said with gratitude, "Ye Mo, thank you, you surprise me so much. There seems to be no problem you can't solve."

Ye Mo was also very happy, he bowed to Li Yuqian and said, "Sister Li, the person that I need to thank is you. If it wasn't for you, Yangzhu and them rest wouldn't be here. Thank you."

Ye Mo knew very well that if Li Yuqian wanted to run away herself, even two nascent soul state cultivators wouldn't be able to stop her. The reason she got injured was because of Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling.

Then, Ye Mo gave her two bottles. "Sister Li, you just recovered, you need these pills."

"Life essence pills?" Li Yuqian took the bottles and asked in shock. Even hollow spirit state cultivator could use life essence pills, one could imagine it's value, yet Ye Mo was willing to give her them - and two bottles in one go.

When Ye Mo and Li Yuqian came out, Li Jingwen was already back. Su Yue and Sheng Yizhong were also back. When Su Yue saw Su Jingwen, the two released their sad emotions. Both didn't expect to meet again in this vast Luo Yue continent.

This room of people squeezed together felt the joy of reunion.

"What did the manager of Pei Hai city say?" Ye Mo asked Li Jingwen.

Li Jingwen replied, "The manager Wang said we did really well, they wouldn't ever let such people go."

Ye Ling said in contempt, "Bullshit, when our store was scammed again and again how come no one did anything?"

Ye Ling's words made everyone speechless. So what if they got scammed? If Ye Mo didn't come back, no one would care even if they were scammed 100 times. This place was the survival of the fittest. The city lord had the same attitude: the stronger the people who lived here, the happier he was.

Seeing the gloomy atmosphere, Ye Mo smiled and broke the sullenness, "With sister Li here, I don't think those little punks would do such things again from now on. Sheng Yizhong and Su Yue prepare for foundation establishment state, sister Zhen needs to reform her core. We will only avoid abuse if we grow stronger and stronger. Let's find a place to settle first, this store is too small."

Hearing this, everyone deeply agreed. In this world run by the law of the jungle, there was no reasoning, your fist was the reason.

Li Jingwen got up and said, "Sect leader, that manager Wang just said that Treasure Tower is open and asked if we wanted to rent it."

"Why did he suddenly ask this?" Su Jingwen asked.

Ye Mo smiled, "Clearly, they're testing our power. One reason is that we have more people now and we need to change places, the second is to test how much power we have. If we rent it, then it means we're worth their attention. If we don't even have that much power, then we're not worth their attention. But we don't know how big Treasure Tower and where it is."

Sheng Yizhong suddenly said, "I know it, when we came, that place was already wasted. It's near the city border. There have been a few beast tides and each time the buildings near the city walls are damaged first. Plus, although that place is cheaper than other places, it's not cheap for ordinary people. It's not small but no one wants to rent it."

"Yes, I heard that the last owner was nascent soul state tertiary stage power but never came back after going out to the sea. So, it's been empty up until now. The land is more than 100,000 square meters," Su Yue said.

100,000 square meters of land was not small. Ye Mo nodded and asked Li Jingwen, "How many spirit stones did that manager Wang say it costs?"

Li Jingwen shook his head. "He said about 200k-300k top grade spirit stones a year."

"That expensive?" Ye Ling opened her mouth wide.

Ye Mo fell silent. "There's no need to rent it, tell him, if it's within 3 million, then we're willing to buy it. After we buy it, we'll change its name to Mo Yue. This place will be the starting ground of our Mo Yue city."

Ye Mo had about 6 million top grade spirit stones. He was going to be using this place for the long term, so instead of renting, he might as well buy it.

"What? You're going to buy Treasure Tower?" the manager was scared by Li Jingwen. Even a hollow spirit state cultivator would have trouble taking out a few million spirit stones.

Li Jingwen replied calmly, "Yes, manager Wang. Our sect leader is interested in this place, but we're planning to stay long term. Instead of renting, we might as well buy it. Of course, if you're not willing to sell it, then never mind."

"Sell, of course I'll sell it, but the sale price is at least 30 times the price of one year's rent. Are you able to afford it? Even if I give you a discount, the yearly rent would be 200k top grade spirit stones and so the sale price would be 6 million sale price.

Li Jingwen was shaken, Ye Mo only gave him 3 million but these guys immediately asked for 6 million.

Seeing Li Jingwen's hesitation, manager Wang didn't rush him, but he was beginning to have some interest in the mysterious boss behind Li Jingwen.

Li Jingwen thought for a while and saluted with his fists. "I'm really sorry manager Wang, the price our boss gave is 2.5 million spirit stones. This price is too far from what we expected."

Manager Wang shook his head, "2.5 million isn't even half the price. It seems we won't be able to conduct this transaction."

"Then that's really unfortunate." Li Jingwen got up and was ready to leave.

"Wait a moment," manager Wang stopped Li Jingwen and quickly left.

Li Jingwen was in no rush. He knew that Ye Mo didn't have to buy this place but he just didn't have the time to look for it.

In a while, manager Wang came back and said apologetically to Li Jingwen, "I just asked, if you really want to buy it, the lowest price is 3.5 million. Any lower than that…"

"3 million," Li Jingwen interrupted. "If you can sell for 3 million, I will leave the spirit stones immediately and sign the contract."

"Okay, great, 3 million it is. I, Wang Di, will make this friend," manager Wang said without hesitation.

Li Jingwen opened his mouth and felt bitter. He knew that he had lost big today. He also realized that in terms of business, two of him were no match for manager Wang.

Seeing this, manager Wang felt happy. He would have agreed if that place could be sold for 2 million but now he had sold it for 3 million. He didn't expect this at all.

If there was a place of similar size in the center of the city, then it would be worth at least 10 million, but Treasure Tower was really not worth such a sum of money.

Despite this, Li Jingwen could only sign the contract.

He thought that if Ye Mo didn't give him only 3 million but 4 million instead, he would've lost it all too.

Ye Mo heard Li Jingwen's guilty report and laughed. He patted Li Jingwen's shoulder and said, "You fall over, you learn something. Things like this won't happen in the future. Sometimes, losing is winning. I'll hand the development of Mo Yue over for you to oversee. Later, find people to build Mo Yue based on my blueprint.

Ye Mo knew Li Jingwen was going to lose money but he still sent him there, as he and Yu Qiyang would be responsible for most of the negotiations of Mo Yue City in the future. He needed to prepare them.