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964 Whole Scene Envious

Chapter 964: Whole Scene Envious
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Everyone looked at the cultivator who made the bid. When everyone saw it was just a golden core state level two cultivator, they were all dazed.

This was a joke! There were 53 golden core state cultivators present, and this golden core state level two fellow was the weakest. When everyone else couldn't afford it, this cultivator said he was going to take it?

"Brother Mo," Li Jingwen reminded Ye Mo worriedly. Although this was a private small gathering, if you messed around, people would still punish you. Not only would you not be allowed to make anymore bids, you would even have to give compensation to the other party. This compensation purely depended on the person's mood. If they were in a bad mood and made you hand over your storage ring, you had no choice but do so.

You were allowed to make a bid on anything you wanted, but your bid had to be at least similar to what the other requested. If the difference was too huge, then it was considered messing around. How could a golden core state level two cultivator have something that matched a top grade flying spirit artefact?

Sun Houchang was surprised but quickly reacted. This golden core state level two cultivator didn't know the rules of the gathering and wanted whatever he liked. The time for him to suffer was coming. Now, he was even grateful that Li Jingwen had brought over Ye Mo.

That golden core state peak stage cultivator was originally happy when he heard someone make a bid, but when he realized it was a golden core state level two cultivator, his face sunk. This cultivator was too young and his face didn't make him think of anyone special. Clearly, it was his first time here.

"Daofriend, do you know what the consequences are if you can't take out something I'm happy with?" the cultivator said with an unhappy voice.

Ye Mo didn't know what the consequences were, but he was no idiot. These sort of small gatherings cared about credibility the most. It would be no good for him to lie.

When everyone looked at him, he said calmly, "I can't take out the cao huan pill-"

"Then that means you're here to play with me?" the cultivator, who was called Jia, had his voice turn cold. He was ready to fight Ye Mo if Ye Mo had nothing reasonable to say.

"Brother Jia, calm down. Let's see his bid first. If you're not happy with it, then you can speak," an ordinary-looking woman said.

She was in her 40s, at golden core state level nine. Ye Mo nodded to her in gratitude.

"Hehe, Big Sister Lian you must not have had a young guy in a while!" another golden core state level nine cultivator laughed.

Big Sister Lian's face went cold, "Guan Senping, what's that got to do with you? Even if you let me use your matchstick I wouldn't be interested in using it."

Perhaps this struck him where it hurt. Guan Senping grunted and didn't look too happy.

Ye Mo didn't wait for anyone else to say anything else and took out a Crisp Green Vine.

It was a level six herb! Ye Mo had gotten it from the mist valley. It had two main functions. One was to be used in making the soul gathering pill. The soul gathering pill could increase a golden core state peak stage's chances of reaching the nascent soul state. The effects weren't as big as the cao huan pill, but it was still a heaven grade level one pill. Its other important function was to make the nascent soul state pill. That was a pill nascent soul state cultivators could use in their cultivation.

But rarely anyone used it for the second purpose as it was too much of a waste.

"A Crisp Green Vine?" the cultivator looked clearly at what was in Ye Mo's hand, and he jumped. This was the thing he wanted! If there was no Cao Huan Fruit, the Crisp Green Vine was the best option for him.

"A Crisp Green Vine?"

Most of the other golden core state tertiary stage cultivators opened their eyes wide staring at the Crisp Green Vine. This to them was much more important than some flying spirit artefact. If they found a pill king to help them concoct pills with it, they could get one to two soul gathering pill out of it!

A soul gathering pill's temptation was irresistible to those golden core state peak stage cultivators.

The Jia cultivator really wanted Ye Mo's Crisp Green Vine, but he felt like using one Crisp Green Vine to trade for his top grade flying spirit artefact was a bit unbalanced. After all, it had to be made into a pill first. If the concoction failed, he would get nothing.

"I need this indeed, but you've only got one herb. If you had two…" the Jia cultivator stated his problem.

"Jia Renjiu, if you don't want it, I'll take it. Friend, I have a top grade spirit artefact. It's not a flying spirit artefact, but it's a rare offensive spirit artefact," another golden core state peak stage cultivator stood out and said.

He couldn't care about rules anymore. This involved the possibility of him reaching the nascent soul state! He might never get to see a second Crisp Green Vine in his life.

"Jin Shi, are you going to obey the rules or not? I'm the one offering a trade right now, it's not your turn yet. How can you intervene?" the Jia cultivator roared in anger.

The golden core state peak stage cultivator laughed and didn't say anything. He had reached his goal already. If Ye Mo wanted his top grade offensive spirit artefact, then he wouldn't trade with the Jia fellow.

However, Ye Mo already had Zi Xu and didn't care about attack spirit artefacts. He just wanted a flying spirit artefact. He understood the Jia cultivator's hesitation. Perhaps if he persisted for a bit longer, he would eventually trade it, but Ye Mo didn't have the mood to be petty about little things, so he took out a spirit crystal and said, "I've only got one Crisp Green Vine, but I'll add a spirit crystal. I think that's about the same worth as what you wanted."

Seeing how crazy these golden core state cultivators were for the Crisp Green Vine, he felt lucky he didn't take out the cao huan pill. Even for the Crisp Green Vine, he could only allow himself to take out one despite having more than 20.

"A spirit crystal? Okay, I'll trade it." Jia Jiuren threw the top grade flying spirit artefact to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo confirmed it and gave the spirit crystal and Crisp Green Vine to Jia Jiuren.

The first deal ended like that. No one expected that the first exchange would involve such good things.

After the first deal, every cultivator looked at Ye Mo fervently. Who knows what other good things he had?

Sun Houchang regretted very much that he didn't try harder to have Ye Mo stay a few days earlier. If he had taken out Ye Mo, these things would all be his. Now that this golden core state level two cultivator had exposed so many good things, his life would already be reserved for other people.

Li Jingwen dazed upon seeing this and soon knew Ye Mo would be in a predicament. The things he took out didn't match his power. If he was a golden core state peak stage cultivator, then it would be more reasonable for him to take out such things. He frowned but still decided to help Ye Mo.

"It's my turn. I have a spirit grade level six cultivation method. It's an escape type secret technique. Once you activate it, not even nascent soul state cultivators can catch up to you. However, it can save your life, but it does use some essence blood." The second cultivator got up.

He looked honest, but Ye Mo knew one couldn't judge people by their looks. Fei Cijiang looked more honest than anyone, yet he was very cocky.

Everyone understood this was a blood escape type secret technique. It was equally valuable as a top grade spirit flying artefact. Many people who didn't have escape means were interested in this escape technique.

This cultivator then looked at Ye Mo and continued, "I want to trade it for a half-step extreme grade attack magic artefact. I don't mind the type. Of course, if there's things like the Crisp Green Vine, I'm willing to trade too."

Perhaps Ye Mo would be interested in this if he didn't have the Five Element Mobility Technique but now, he really wasn't interested in this spirit grade mobility technique. After all, the Five Element Mobility Technique was heaven grade.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn't reply, this cultivator looked at the others in disappointment and continued, "If any of you have something I'm interested in, I can also trade it."