Strongest Abandoned Son
950 A Step of Progress
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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950 A Step of Progress

Chapter 950: A Step of Progress
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Although Ye Mo wanted to meet up with Song Yangzhu and company immediately, he didn't follow his impulses. His wounds weren't healed yet. He had to heal up first.

Pei Hai City was out of North Far State. It was tens of millions of kilometers away from River State City. If he just went there without a plan, he wouldn't be able to get there fast, and he might even get hunted by the Ghost Immortal Sect.

He knew he had to calm down. Although China Pharmaceuticals' destruction had nothing to do with the Ghost Immortal Sect, that was because they weren't there yet. If they had been the ones to come, Li Yuqian and the others wouldn't have been able to get away even if they had the teleportation formation.

As for the Immortal Treasure Tower, he hadn't offended them. Instead, he had helped them out greatly. He really didn't understand why they were creating enmity with him. Still, he was sure that although the All Pill Tower and Immortal Treasure Tower had attacked him, it mustn't have been the higher up's decision. People in the lower ranks were probably responsible.

The most they could send were nascent soul state cultivators. That explained why it had been so long already and they still hadn't found the location of the flying sword.

But the Ghost Immortal Sect was different. They were a five-star sect and would be able to find the location through the rubbles of the teleportation formation.

They didn't know Chinese, but who knew if they wouldn't find someone who knew Chinese? There were so many people from the small world coming in here, it really wasn't hard to find someone who knew Chinese.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo was scared. He had to remind Song Yangzhu about this later. Luckily he had arrived first. If the Ghost Immortal Sect had come first, their whereabouts would've been exposed.

Ye Mo took out a map of North Far State and found Pei Hai City on it. This was the most southern place of North Far State. Ye Mo then looked up the westernmost city of North Far State, Xia Shan City too.

It was also near the Heartless Sea, and it was also a big city.

Ye Mo took out a jade card, copied Song Yangzhu's words, and wrote her message anew, but he changed the destination to Xia Shan City. Then he placed the card in the same spot he'd found Yamgzhu's jade card and set up a hidden surveillance formation.

But after doing all that, Ye Mo realized his plan wasn't good.

If they found the teleportation formation, it would mean that they had a formation master with them. Setting this up would still give a master like that some clues.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo took out a camera.

He had received it from Huang Mei when he was hunting the Northern Sand King.

Ye Mo put the camera in a corner, placed a surveillance formation next to the camera, and finally left the place.

Ye Mo was sure that no matter how good his opponents were, They wouldn't know about cameras. Nor would they search the camera with spirit sense.

Ye Mo left and didn't go very far. He found a valley and went into the earth before then entering the golden page world.

He needed to recover. That was the most important thing. Then, he would have to go find secret lands in the All Herb Mountain Ranges, and then he would go to Pei Hai City.

Ye Mo had been so focused on running before that only now that he actually looked at his wounds carefully did he realize how scary they were.

Ye Mo had been suppressing the wounds with his cultivation essence at first, but the bleak chi had already started invading his meridians. He didn't even know about it.

If he had kept going to Pei Hai City without stopping to recover, that bleak chi might have completely changed his body and turned him into an emotionless puppet.

Realizing this, Ye Mo just jumped into the spirit marrow pond as he held two spirit crystals to start his recovery.

Inside the golden page world, Ye Mo formed a hugged spirit chi whirlpool. As he kept devouring the spirit marrow, the bleak chi was gradually refined. Ye Mo slowly got completely covered by mist, and then suddenly Winter's Arrival created a huge suction force, absorbing the white mist.

Ye Mo felt that Winter's Arrival became even colder after doing that, and he rejoiced immediately.

Ever since acquiring the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, Winter's Arrival had been of little use. Ye Mo didn't expect that Winter's Arrival would be able to devour other bleak chi.

Ye Mo estimated that it had taken him a few days, but he had finally completely eradicated the bleak chi. His power had also risen to the peak of golden core state level one due to all the spirit chi he'd absorbed.

Ye Mo was about to break through, so he took out two more spirit crystals.

Now that all the wounds were gone, all the spirit chi turned into his own cultivation essence.

Crack- Ye Mo fel his cultivation essence burst again and start flowing all over his meridians and back to his dantian.

Golden core state level two! Ye Mo was happy. He didn't expect to only use two months to break through and have such powerful cultivation essence at golden core state level two.

Seeing that a small half of the spirit marrow pond was gone, though, Ye Mo sighed. He broke through fast, but he also used huge amounts of resources. Even a nine-star sect wouldn't be able to supply his cultivation resources.

Ye Mo suspected that even after he used up all his spirit marrow and spirit crystals, he wouldn't be able to break through from golden core state level three to level four even in a hundred years if he tried doing it by just absorbing ordinary spirit chi.

But as Ye Mo looked at the huge spirit range in the golden page world, he felt a little comfortable. He had an entire spirit range to himself!

Power meant everything to him right now, so what he feared was slow progress. He needed power to go to the nine-star sects and find Luo Ying, Ning Qingxue and the others. He needed power to protect Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling. He had also offended two hollow spirit state masters, the Ghost Immortal Sect, as well as the person from whom he took the spirit range.

Ye Mo didn't keep cultivating in the spirit marrow pond anymore. He instead moved to the spirit range and enforced the spirit gathering formation.

According to Ye Mo's plans, after he went to Pei Hai City, he wouldn't be coming back anymore. He would take Song Yangzhu and the others to the South Peace State. Hence he wanted to go take a look at the All Herb Mountain Ranges before he left. Ever since getting that rusty sword, he had never gone there to see what was in that ancient ruin.

Suddenly, two cultivators appeared in his surveillance formation. One tall, one short. Their matchup was quite funny.

But Ye Mo didn't find it funny at all, as both of them were nascent soul state cultivators. Ye Mo wasn't sure if they were nascent soul state tertiary stage but from the looks of it, they weren't weak for sure. Ye Mo could tell they were from the Ghost Immortal Sect from their outfits.

'So close!' Ye Mo murmured.

The tall cultivator looked around and found the jade card, "It seems that Ye Mo hasn't been here yet. Should we keep waiting or go to Xia Shan City?"

The short cultivator looked at the jade card and said, "No need to wait, he's just a golden core state level one shrimp. He will need at least half a month to come here without a teleportation formation. Zhi Hong said he's a meticulous guy. He's very cunning and careful. He might not come here even if we wait here in the first place. Let's just directly go to Xia Shan City. Leave the jade card as it is."

The tall cultivator clapped, "Good idea, we can just wait for him there. If he doesn't come, we'll capture that Yangzhu, and then he'll come for sure.
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