Strongest Abandoned Son
949 River State has Changed
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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949 River State has Changed

Chapter 949: River State has Changed
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ji Zhiyuan knew that no matter how strong his secret technique was, there was no way he could escape from the Five Colored Soul Devouring Flag. However, just when he was about to beg for mercy, the Five Colored Flag had already swept down. After the Five Colors faded away, Ji Zhiyuan no longer showed any signs of life. His soul had been taken away by the flag.

Ye Mo admired how powerful the flag was.Yet, Ye Mo really didn't like that bleak ghastly flag, but it was the best means for people like Ji Zhiyuan.

The reason Ye Mo didn't dare to waste time talking to Ji Zhiyuan was because he knew he was already at a very dangerous position. He needed to go back immediately, return to River state and take everyone away.

After taking Ji Zhiyuan's ring, he found that one of the two golden core state cultivators was gone. It was the one he had heavily injured.

In his desperation, Ye Mo couldn't care about anything anymore. He burned the two bodies and left the place as fast as he could on Zi Xu.

On the way, Ye Mo forcefully suppressed his wounds with cultivation essence and didn't dare to linger at all. He didn't have time for recovery. He had to get back to River State as quickly as possible.

If he had been by himself, he could have found a safe place to go into the golden page world and slowly recover, but it was too easy for the Ghost Immortal Sect to find out where his base was. Hence, he had to get to River State before the Ghost Immortal Sect put up a wanted order.

About half an hour after Ye Mo left, two cultivators appeared where he had fought with Ji Zhiyuan. Their faces were very bleak. One had a short figure, but the other one was very tall.

If Ye Mo knew, he would've rejoiced to have left early because both of these cultivators were at nascent soul state - one was even at nascent soul state tertiary stage.

"It's here. Zhiyuan was killed here and his soul was taken away," the tall nascent soul state cultivator said with a calm tone, but the fury was spurring out of his eyes.

The short nascent soul state cultivator laughed like a crow. "Such an evil guy! He has a magic artefact for taking alive souls. How dare he take souls from the Ghost Immortal Sect?!"

"This person shouldn't be very far! Let me find his chi." Then, the short nascent soul state cultivator took out a disk-like magic artefact.

A while later, his frown had grown deeper and deeper.

"What's wrong?" the tall cultivator asked.

The short cultivator shook his head and said, "There's marks of a formation here. This person used a formation to kill Ji Zhiyuan and the others. Clearly, he's not at nascent soul state. But how can a mere golden core state cultivator's stealth cultivation method be this powerful! I can't find any useful information."

After Ye Mo removed all of the evidence, he focused on running. He didn't even look at Ji Zhiyuan's storage ring and just threw it into the golden page world.

Ye Mo was going to fly to Broken Leaf City first and take the teleportation formation, yet Ye Mo didn't dare to go there first. He flew for a few days and arrived to Luo Shan City. Then, Ye Mo took the teleportation formation from there to Sharp City.

Although Ye Mo was many times faster than when he had first gone there, he still arrived at River State City seven days later. If he hadn't wasted time getting out of the Herb Valley, he would've arrived at River State in less than two days.

However, Ye Mo knew that if he went back to the Broken Leaf City, he might never be able to leave.

Ye Mo changed his face and walked into the city, mixing with the crowd. The city was much less populated than before. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense to China Pharmaceuticals immediately.

When he saw that China Pharmaceuticals was in ruins, his limbs went cold. He could feel his body trembling. The bleak chi from his wounds broke free of his cultivation essence and made him shiver.

The thing he worried for the most had happened. China Pharmaceuticals had been annihilated.

What happened to Ye Ling, Song Yangzhu and the others?

Who had done this? The Ghost Immortal sect? The All Pill tower? But the high powers at River State for them were at nascent soul state. How could have they fought China Pharmaceuticals with Li Yuqian there?

Ye Mo scanned the scene. He could tell there had been a big battle there, the place was surrounded with a formation. If someone went in there, it would activate the formation.

"Friend, are you okay?" Ye Mo was wiping his sweat and someone asked.

Ye Mo hadn't expected there to be such kind-hearted people in the cultivation realm. He shook his head and said, "I'm fine. It's just some old wounds."

Ye Mo was aware that his face was probably looking very pale at the moment. It would show it, despite him wearing Nine Transformations.

It was a chi gathering state cultivator who was asking and he was about to leave.

But Ye Mo stopped him and asked, "Dao friend, I heard China Pharmaceuticals's pills are very good, so I came here just for them. How come I don't see China Pharmaceuticals?"

The cultivator looked around worriedly and then pulled Ye Mo to the side. "Friend, you must not be from here. You must not mention China Pharmaceuticals."

"Why?" Ye Mo was shaking. His hands were bleeding from his clench, but he still asked.

"I heard China Pharmaceuticals offended the All Pill Sect. They were relying on the Immortal Treasure Tower for support but for some reason, two months ago, they suddenly came to look for trouble with China Pharmaceuticals as well. At this time, the branch owner of the All Pill Tower, Lu Jiucheng, reached nascent soul state. So he joined forces with the Immortal Treasure Tower to annihilate China Pharmaceuticals."

"Then what happened?" Ye Mo's voice was shaky.

The cultivator said quietly, "However, China Pharmaceuticals had a nascent soul state cultivator and a golden core state cultivator that had somehow forcefully reached golden core state peak stage. There was a large battle and quite some people from the Immortal Treasure Tower and the All Pill Tower died."

Ye Mo asked desperately, "Did the people from China Pharmaceuticals get away?"

The cultivator shook his head. "That I don't know, but China Pharmaceuticals lost a few people too. Hmm!" Suddenly, the cultivator realized that the person he was talking to was gone. He must've met some master, that guy was so worried about China Pharmaceuticals. Perhaps he belonged there too. Thinking about this, the cultivator quickly left.

The first thing Ye Mo did after leaving was getting to the teleportation formation he had set up.

When he went into the valley, he saw that his stealth formation was perfectly running and so was the teleportation formation.

Had they not closed it?

Ye Mo charged into the teleportation formation. When he saw the activated teleportation formation, he finally breathed a little easier. It seemed they eventually had used it.

Ye Mo wasn't too worried now. The teleportation distance was more than 100,000 km. Even a hollow spirit state cultivator wouldn't be able to scan that far with spirit sense.

There was a jade card on the teleportation formation. Ye Mo recognised it to be Song Yangzhu's handwriting.

Husband, I'm fine. Ye Ling and Sister Zhen were injured. So was master, but don't worry. Su Yue and Sheng Yizhong are fine. However, Sun Zhicai and a few of China Pharmaceuticals' people weren't able to come together. If it hadn't been for your teleportation formation, none of us would have been able to get away. We took all of your pills, don't worry. Master said we can't stay here for long. We went to Pei Hai City. Hurry up and come meet up with us. Yangzhu.

Ye Mo breathed easy. They had been injured, but it was fine as long as they were alive. It had been such a wise decision for him to leave behind this teleportation formation.

Pei Hai City was a big city next to the heartless sea. Due to this, there were lots of cultivation resources. Many solo cultivators and sect members would go there for training and resources.

However, there were a lot of dangers there too.

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