Strongest Abandoned Son
948 Manipulating Swords with Will
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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948 Manipulating Swords with Will

Chapter 948: Manipulating Swords with Will
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo threw out the last three flags and some extreme grade spirit stones before yelling, "Seal!"

Instantly, the defense formation was set up and countless white rays flashed in front of their eyes. The place Ye Mo and Ji Zhiyuan battled was no longer in open air.

He had set the formation there, so now the place belonged to him.

Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense and saw Ji Zhiyuan was hiding amongst his sword shadows. He looked dazily at Ye Mo's formation and murmured after a long while, "A level 3 peak formation?"

Ye Mo's spirit sense moved and the countless sword shadows got swept away by the white light from Ye Mo's formation.

Ye Mo let out a long breath. He had been passively getting hit before until he finished setting up his formation. This formation was his and each formation flag had his spirit sense mark. Keep dreaming about using shadowless swords in this land!

What Ye Mo didn't expect was that the formation he had set up was at almost peak stage since he had used extreme grade spirit stones - even though it was supposed to be level 3 primary stage.

He took two more pills. Ye Mo still wasn't able to heal the wounds from before. This guy was too strong! He had seen quite a few golden core state peak stage cultivators but in all honesty, he had never seen someone stronger than Ji Zhiyuan.

The guy definitely had a place in the golden core state hall of fame.

"You're a formation master indeed." Ji Zhiyuan appeared again. His thin sword still hovered above him.

Ye Mo released Zi Xu that brought about countless purple sword rays, yet they were different from before. These purple sword rays gathered around Ye Mo. Eventually, more and more appeared, forming a sea of purple. Ye Mo also started sweating.

He knew that his purple sword rays wouldn't be able to damage Ji Zhiyuan now. However, since he had his formation set up, he would keep gathering it and attack Ji Zhiyuan all at once. Then, with the help of the formation and Shadowless, he didn't think this Ji Zhiyuan could still survive.

"Wait!" Unexpectedly, Ji Zhiyuan suddenly told Ye Mo to stop.

"Your formation is good but I'm sure you won't be able to do anything to me in the end. If you open the formation, I will leave and we can end the conflict here. I'll even ignore the fact that you killed two of our sect's golden core state members. Even if I don't run away in the end, the Ghost Immortal Sect will know you have done it and you will never be able to escape from us."

"Go die!" Ye Mo sneered and shot thousands of purple sword rays at Ji Zhiyuan. At the same time, he activated the formation and sent out Shadowless.

Even if a six, seven, eight or even nine-star sect dared to threaten him, he would show no mercy - much less for a mere five-star sect.

Ji Zhiyuan's expression changed. He hadn't thought Ye Mo didn't fear the Ghost Immortal Sect at all, but he couldn't think that much for now. The thin sword above him also spewed out countless silver light rays.

However, it was Ye Mo's formation and he was in control of every corner.

Ji Zhiyuan's sword shadows could no longer injure Ye Mo. The instant he activated them, Ye Mo's formation shot white barriers that stopped the sword shadows.

Ye Mo breathed easy. He had really felt threatened by Ji Zhiyuan's sword technique. It was invisible, but still everywhere and dangerously powerful.

Ji Zhiyuan's sword shadows suddenly changed. They went from barely visible to pressuring and fast like lightning. It shook the formation so much that it seemed like it was about to explode at any time.

Ye Mo was shook. He could tell that this sword technique was far from what Ji Zhiyuan had showed him before. If he hadn't used extreme grade spirit stones, the formation might've been broken already.

Thinking about it, Ye Mo quickly swept down more purple sword rays, grabbed Zi Xu and hacked down. He couldn't allow Ji Zhiyuan to keep using cultivation essence to attack his formation.

Thud, thud-

Ye Mo's purple sword rays clashed onto a pot lid-like shield that Ji Zhiyuan had set up.

Ji Zhiyuan was spitting out mouthfuls of blood, but the sword ray eventually stopped.

The purple sword rays were strong, but they didn't seem to have much effect against the pot lid shield.

Ye Mo didn't dare to hesitate. He had already activated the Illusion Cloud Exert Will Sword.

In the past, he had activated countless sword rays with this move and controlled them with his will. However this time, Ye Mo didn't control any of the sword rays. He just closed his eyes and hacked.

He hacked the place he felt was the best. If someone else had seen this, they wouldn't have been able to understand, as Ye Mo was hitting the centre of the shield, which was also the strongest part of the shield. However, the only difference was that Ye Mo's sword was slanted.

Ji Zhiyuan didn't understand either why Ye Mo was attacking like this, so he sneered. Ye Mo was either competing on cultivation essence with him or he had great faith in his kitchen knife. A mere golden core state level 1 cultivator dared to compete on cultivation essence with him when he was using a middle-grade spirit artefact. This was underestimating him too much!

The next moment, Zi Xu hacked the shield.


The sound pierced Ji Zhiyuan's eardrums. How could hear such noise? Ye Mo's Zi Xu had cut his shield like tofu and then pierced his chest.

It had instantly found the weakest point in his spirit artefact and… it had managed to break it by destroying its internal structure? Ji Zhiyuan looked at his broken spirit artefact in disbelief. How was this possible?

Any magic artefact had a weakest part. The better the magic artefact, the smaller the achilles tendon. But for cultivators, that didn't matter because only they could tell the weakest part through spirit control. Other people wouldn't be able to know. Even if they did know, if the amount of cultivation essence they attacked the magic artefact with couldn't resonate with the magic artefact's internal structure, it wouldn't be able to hurt the magic artefact either.

However, Ye Mo had found its weak spot, had managed to grasp the spirit artefact's structure and broke it in half.

Ye Mo used this opportunity to shoot the Illusion Cloud Whirlpool Strike and release Shadowless.

The instant Ji Zhiyuan's essence blood was being devoured by Shadowless, he saw Ye Mo's purple sword again. He was scared to the bone.


A blood mist erupted and Ji Zhiyuan got surrounded by Ye Mo's Illusion Cloud Whirlpool Strike.

After Shadowless devoured Ji Zhiyuan's golden core, Ye Mo didn't let Shadowless keep devouring Ji Zhiyuan's meridians. He summoned Shadowless back and put away his formation flags.

He also placed the thin sword into his golden page world.

Ye Mo rejoiced, partly because he had defeated Ji Zhiyuan, but mostly because he had found the feeling of controlling sword with will.

Ji Zhiyuan looked at Ye Mo with soulless eyes, murmuring something.

Ye Mo then sneered to Ji Zhiyuan, "How does your flying sword's damage heal? Tell me and I'll give you a quick death. Or else, just like you said, I will burn your soul."

Ji Zhiyuan shivered. His eyes suddenly turned bleak again. "Ye, you're finished. Even if you run through the entire North Far State, you won't escape the rage of the Ghost Immortal Sect."

Ye Mo slapped him in the face. "Are you going to tell me or not?"

"Keep dreaming!" Ji Zhiyuan sneered. He believed that even if Ye Mo killed him, he couldn't stop him from using his secret technique to escape in a soul state. He could still become a ghost cultivator.

Time was very important for Ye Mo. He took out a Five Color Flag and said, "Since you won't tell me, you don't need to anymore."

"A Five Color Soul Devouring Flag?!" Ji Zhiyuan's face changed drastically.
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