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947 Eerie Sword Shadow

Chapter 947: Eerie Sword Shadow
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The reason why Ye Mo didn't make a sneak attack on Ji Zhiyuan was because he knew that with Ji Zhiyuan's golden core state peak stage power, he would at most be able to only injure him. And even that was only a possibility.

But it was different if he attacked the other two. Ji Zhiyuan was attacking towards the spirit sense mark location, so he wouldn't be able to save the two golden core state level seven cultivators in that instant. Secondly, those two were at most on par with Ye Mo in terms of cultivation essence. So Ye Mo should be able to successfully ambush them with a 90% certainty.

Hence Ye Mo immediately acted.

As his sword produced purple swordrays, Ji Zhiyuan was stunned. He didn't think that Ye Mo would be able to find his spirit sense mark and use it to counterattack them.

And he didn't have time to help. He didn't expect that Ye Mo would be so powerful either, nor did he expect him to be capable of hiding there without him noticing at all. How powerful was his stealth technique? He didn't think a mere golden core state level one would be able to hide from his spirit sense.

Splurge- Countless purple sword rays enveloped the two golden core state level seven men from behind. Zi Xu sliced one golden core state cultivator in half through the waist, while the other one had purple sword rays pierce through his entire body.

Just one strike and one person had died, while the other was heavily injured.

As Ji Zhiyuan saw the bloody scene, his eyes were about to bulge in fury. He roared, and his flying sword instantaneously flew towards Ye Mo.

Ye Mo wasn't going to fight Ji Zhiyuan head on right now. He immediately retreated inside his formation and laid down a few formation disks.

Ji Zhiyuan saw Ye Mo retreat and followed. He glanced at the level two formation disks Ye Mo threw out, and his fury disappeared. He regained his composure and spoke coldly, "You sure have got balls. You think you can stop me with a few level two formation disks? Pity I have to tell you, I was just going to kill you originally, but now you've truly angered me. I will kill every man in your Ye family, and as for the women, I will bring them to Broken Leaf City and comfort them nicely."

Then, he looked at Ye Mo and gnarled, "As for you - I don't want to kill you anymore. I happen to know a way of burning living souls. I will burn you for 100 years before killing you!"

Ye Mo's eyes went cold, and his killing intent rose drastically. He made up his mind that even if he had to die, he would kill Ji Zhiyuan today.

The more Ye Mo's killing intent burned, the calmer he grew. He threw out a few more formation flags and spoke coldly, "Pity I have to tell you that you won't have that chance. I swear that if the Ghost Immortal Sect dares to send more people after me, I will annihilate the sect."

Ji Zhiyuan actually got goosebumps from Ye Mo's cold threat. He knew that Ye Mo would be out to kill him already, but Ye Mo's words still made him want to kill Ye Mo faster. He knew that Ye Mo's cultivation was only at golden core state level one, but he wasn't any weaker than a golden core state level seven fighter.

Ji Zhiyuan waved his hand, and the flying sword that had been circulating above his head returned to his hands. Immediately, his body turned cold.

Ye Mo stared at the flying sword and felt there was something wrong with it. He couldn't tell what grade it was. It seemed only 30 centimeters long at first, but sometimes it was more. When he stopped looking at it for a moment, he could even sense that it was as if Ji Zhiyuan wasn't holding a flying sword but an invisible killing intent.

This flying sword was also just too thin. It was so thin that it was almost invisible. But with Ye Mo's spirit sense, he could confirm that the flying sword really existed. Yet when he tried to investigate it more carefully with his spirit sense, he couldn't see it clearly anymore. There was a bone-chilling eeriness about it.

The chi that Ji Zhiyuan and his flying sword emitted made Ye Mo become very careful. He knew that Ji Zhiyuan couldn't be cultivating an ordinary cultivation method.

Ji Zhiyuan didn't move, but Ye Mo felt that the air around him seemed to have gotten darker and heavier. It began to have a rotten feeling, as though it came straight from hell.

What cultivation method was this? The Ghost Immortal Sect cultivation methods indeed had some ghost elements to them. Ye Mo thought for a moment before slashing out with Zi Xu, not wanting to wait anymore.

Illusion Cloud Division Strike!

Countless sword rays were instantaneously activated, and in that instant, in a ten meter radius, Ye Mo's purple sword rays swept over every inch.

Ji Zhiyuan was enveloped inside the swordrays, and that bleak chi seemed to get melted away by the purple sword rays.

After sending out the attack, Ye Mo didn't even bother checking Ji Zhiyuan's situation, as he knew that it would be impossible to kill Ji Zhiyuan with only this, so he took out tens of other formation flags and dumped them all around him.

He had set up the formation base of a level three formation by then. He just needed to finish it, and he had to buy as much time as he could for that.

Pak pak pak pak-

Ye Mo's purple sword rays were already getting shattered and dissipated in the air.

'What sword technique is this?' Right after he had such a thought, Ye Mo suddenly felt a bleak killing intent that almost made him suffocate.

Ye Mo was shook. It seemed it was suicidal of him to try to lay a formation after just sending out one attack.

Ye Mo immediately activated four defensive formation disks and two attacking formation disks of his.

Thud thud thud-

Ye Mo was still forced to take a few steps back, and those aix formation disks were instantly broken.

Their only use had been saving Ye Mo's life. If not for them, that strike would've killed him already.

Ye Mo didn't keep throwing out formation flags. He knew that if he couldn't build the level three formation today, he would lose for sure, yet he just didn't have the time to finish it.

Ji Zhiyuan's sword technique was too strong. It was especially powerful because of how Ye Mo couldn't grasp the trajectory of the strike. Ji Zhiyuan was much stronger than the golden core state peak stage Ye Mo had killed in the Herb Valley.

But suddenly, something even more shocking happened. He couldn't sense where Ji Zhiyuan was anymore! Ye Mo felt cold sweat stream down his back as he spread his spirit sense out.

However, Ji Zhiyuan wasn't visible in his spirit sense either.

This fellow was too strong! When he fought with him in the wooden house, he wasn't using his real power at all.

Suddenly, Ye Mo felt a light breath and woke up, because he could sense a cold killing intent pierce his soul.

Ye Mo shivered. He had gotten confused in the middle of a battle. This Ji Zhiyuan was too powerful! He had somehow sent Ye Mo into a daze in the middle of their battle.

The killing intent was imminent, so without any time to think, Ye Mo flew tens of meters backwards and almost ended up outside of his formation base.

Ye Mo felt some pain below his ribs as a deep gash had appeared.

So powerful! Ye Mo ate a few pills and closed his eyes. If his sixth sense hadn't sensed the killing intent, he would've been cut in half through the waist already.

The only thing he could use right now was the powerful sixth sense he had from cultivating the Three Birth Chant.

Another soundless sword shadow passed by Ye Mo's chest. Even though Ye Mo was taking pills, his wounds weren't healing and instead started seeping some dark energy.

Ye Mo grew calmer and calmer. It felt as if his formation was seeped with countless sword shadows, but when he closed his eyes, everything became clear.

Ye Mo ignored his wounds and passed through the countless sword shadows. At the start, he was still getting cut but after a while, he sustained less and less injuries.

He could even sense Ji Zhiyuan's position. Ye Mo was very calm. He had found a way to avoid the sword shadows, but now he still needed another method to kill Ji Zhiyuan.

Ye Mo stopped just trying to dodge the sword shadows, and he started to use the time in between strikes to set up his formation flags.

"Hmm?" Ji Zhiyuan was surprised that Ye Mo could dodge for so long while only sustaining a few injuries.