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946 Hunting Ye Mo

Chapter 946: Hunting Ye Mo
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"Huh?!" Guang Wei suddenly screamed before pulling Liu Yuetang's hand and saying desperately, "Big Martial Sister, go help him. Ji Zhiyuan also left, and it's not just him. Those people willbe hunting him for sure!"

Qin Muxin also looked expectantly at Liu Yuetang.

Liu Yuetang sighed, "Master and co. are already here, let's go see them." Guang Wei and the girls turned around and saw that their master and the elders from the sect had come, and they immediately knew it wouldn't be plausible to go help Ye Mo.

As soon as Ye Mo flew away, he could feel Ji Zhiyuan follow him. Other than him, there were two more fellows with him that Ji Zhiyuan had probably called to help.

Ji Zhiyuan was at the golden core state peak stage, and the other two were both golden core state tertiary stage cultivators. Even though Ye Mo had formation disks, he couldn't kill three golden core state tertiary attackers.

His formation disks were only ordinary level two disks in the first place. If he had a level four formation disk, Ye Mo could easily kill all three. Even if he had just a level three disk, he would be able to kill Ji Zhiyuan.

But the most important thing was the reality that Ye Mo didn't have time to set up a level three formation and that there were three of them.

Feeling that Ji Zhiyuan was getting closer and closer, Ye Mo knew he had to make up his mind.

Ye Mo suddenly had a burst in speed. As Ji Zhiyuan saw this, he sneered. No matter how fast Ye Mo was, there was no way a mere golden core state level one could get away from him.

Ye Mo sped up wanting to find a place to hide first. When Ji Zhiyuan caught up, he would ambush them. As long as he could take out the two other guys, he was confident he could deal with Ji Zhiyuan with his formation disks.

But Ye Mo didn't expect that just when he accelerated, a powerful cultivation essence would appear and quickly fly close to him.

Ye Mo's heart sunk. He knew there was no point in continuing to run, so he stopped.

A man in his 50s appeared before Ye Mo. This man was at the golden core state peak stage and about to form his soul. He was no weaker than Ji Zhiyuan and perhaps even a little stronger.

"You're that pill concoction hall of fame number one, Ye Mo?" The man didn't seem to have the intention to attack Ye Mo.

Ye Mo nodded, while Ji Zhiyuan and his two companions arrived as well.

But when they saw there was another person, they didn't speak and just subtly surrounded Ye Mo and the man.

In a brief moment, Ji Zhiyuan seemed to have remembered who this man was. His face changed immediately, and he saluted with his fists. "So it's Elder Yan of the Immortal Treasure Tower! Why might be worth your time to come here, Elder Yan?"

Ye Mo heard this and thought, 'Could this be Yan Zheng's support in the Immortal Treasure Tower?'

Thinking about this, he saluted with his fists, "Qianbei, do you perhaps know Yan Zheng?"

He had to know the relationship involved.

The man smiled, "Yes, I am Yan Jun. I've heard Zheng'er talk about you, but I didn't expect you to be at the golden core state primary stage already. Zheng'er has good eyes. We're both golden core state cultivators, so there's no need to call me Qianbei. Just call me Elder Yan."

Ye Mo rejoiced. Since this guy was related to Yan Zheng, he owed him. Ye Mo had received one chance for Kong Ye to concoct pills for him, and he gave it to Yan Zheng. Yan Zheng would definitely have given it to Yan Jun. if that was the case, then Yan Jun owed him a favor.

"Yes, thank you, Elder Yan," Ye Mo saluted with his fists.

With Yan Jun's help, he was confident about killing the two golden core state level seven fellows first and then come help Yan Jun kill Ji Zhiyuan.

Ji Zhiyuan's face, meanwhile, looked bad. Clearly, Yan Jun was there to help Ye Mo.

Yan Jun then saluted with his fists to Ji Zhiyuan, "Daofriend Ji, although I don't know what conflict you have with Ye Mo, please let it go on my account-"

"Hahaha!" Ji Zhiyuan laughed as his face went cold, "Elder Yan, this is the Ghost Immortal Sect's matter. I represent the Ghost Immortal Sect right now. Can you represent the Immortal Treasure Tower to fight with me?"

Hearing this, Yan Jun's face looked bad. He could barely keep his status in the Immortal Treasure Tower, how could he represent them?

Yan Jun knew it would be suicide to fight the Ghost Immortal Sect with his golden core state peak stage power.

But Ye Mo had given him something so valuable, he couldn't not protect him at all. He thought about it for a while, and he realized that he couldn't intervene today.

From Ji Zhiyuan's killing intent he could tell that even if Ye Mo apologized, Ji Zhiyuan wouldn't let him go. Moreover, he knew from Yan Zheng that Ye Mo wasn't the type to apologize to Ji Zhiyuan in the first place. In that instant, Yan Jun regretted coming.

Seeing that Yan Jun's expression had turned sour, Ye Mo knew what he was thinking and spoke up, "Elder Yan, this has nothing to do with you. I don't think this Ji Zhiyuan can do anything to me."

Yan Jun said, "I only represent myself, but I stopped Ye Mo just now and let you guys catch up to him. Even if I don't help him, I can't stop him for you guys either, now can I?"

Unexpectedly, Ji Zhiyuan smiled and replied, "Thank you, Elder Yan. I won't let Elder Yan be such a person. I'll give him 30 seconds to run. I think you only stalled him for about ten seconds, right?

"Indeed," Yan Jun sighed in relief. He had been afraid that Ji Zhiyuan wouldn't give him any face at all. He knew that 30 seconds was nothing, but at it still gave him some face.

"Ye Mo, I'm very embarrassed this is all I can do to help you. I'm sorry," Yan Jun turned around.

Ji Zhiyuan had a sneer on his face but didn't talk.

Ye Mo knew why Ji Zhiyuan was sneering. It was because he had marked him with a spirit sense mark as soon as he got there.

Ye Mo didn't feel bad about Yan Jun, because he really didn't have the power to take on the Ghost Immortal Sect. It was already quite nice that he had come out to help. He said to Yan Jun, "Thank you, Elder Yan, goodbye."

Then he sped off on his sword.

After Ye Mo left, Yan Jun only waited for 20 seconds before he left without saying anything to Ji Zhiyuan.

Then, Ji Zhiyuan left immediately too.

Ye Mo simply used ten seconds to run and another ten to set up a formation base. He wanted to make it better, but he already felt Ji Zhiyuan chasing over.

Ye Mo was furious. This guy was full of lies! It hadn't even been 25 seconds yet.

But Ye Mo had no choice but face the situation at hand. He didn't stay in the unfinished formation base. He went a few hundred meters back and cut off the spirit sense mark before hiding himself.

As soon as Ye Mo hid himself, Ji Zhiyuan arrived. He didn't even look at where Ye Mo was and just shot his flying sword over.

At the same time, Ye Mo moved too. Not towards Ji Zhiyuan, but for the two golden core state level seven cultivators behind him.