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940 Powerful Black Ne

Chapter 940: Powerful Black Net
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The scissors were strong, but the user was too weak. Ye Mo had already shot the Illusion Cloud Essence Binding Strike.

Ye Mo didn't attack the golden core state cultivator, he simply charged at the huge pair of scissors. The golden core state level 1 cultivator was on the same state as Ye Mo, but his cultivation essence and spirit sense were far inferior.

Just with this move, the huge bleak pair of scissors was thrown in the air by Ye Mo. At the same time, Ye Mo grabbed the scissors, removed the spirit sense mark on them and threw them in his ring.

The golden core state cultivator's spirit sense mark had been removed, so his spirit sense sustained injuries. He spat a mouthful of essence blood immediately - his face was full of disbelief. The opponent was just a golden core state level 1 cultivator too. How could he have taken away so easily his Crocodile Soul Scissors?"

Ye Mo didn't care. He hacked with Zi Xu again, easily slicing this golden core state level 1 in half.

"You- you dare to kill me!?" the golden core state cultivator finally reacted.

Ye Mo took the cultivator's ring and let him drop dead into the lake. He was sneering - the guy really had had a sense of superiority. He had been about to kill him when he asked, "You dare to kill me?"

Even if the heavenly monarch tried to kill him, Ye Mo wouldn't just stand there and do nothing - much less against a golden core state level 1 man.

The golden core state level 6 cultivator who had fought with Guo Qifan saw Ye Mo kill the golden core state level 1 cultivator and immediately roared in rage. He left Guo Qifan and charged at Ye Mo.

Before he had gotten to Ye Mo, he had already withdrawn his rod magic artefact. A blow of swirling cultivation essence charged at Ye Mo's chest. As he came near Ye Mo, the spiraling cultivation essence chi grew stronger and stronger. Ye Mo didn't feel much, but Ding Ling had already been pushed back by this force. Eventually, she realized she had no option but to wait by the riverside and watch nervously.

She began to worry for Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didn't even move. When the rod magic artefact got to him, he hacked with Zi Xu again and instantly shattered the pressure the spiraling force had wrought.

This golden core state level 6 cultivator was very surprised to see that his magic artefact hadn't caused Ye Mo any trouble. However, he soon understood Ye Mo was no ordinary cultivator. His face was cold as he weaved a few hand signs.

The rod magic artefact split up in midair and countless dark rays came out from inside towards Ye Mo.

Ye Mo's expression looked serious. He could tell that these dark rays would follow him wherever he went.

This cultivator hadn't even used this move with Guo Qifan, but he had used it on him immediately. The golden core state level 1 cultivator he had just killed must have not been ordinary.

Ye Mo had never seen such dark rays before, but he didn't take long to react. He swept Zi Xu again, as he threw the Illusion Cloud Exert Will Strike.

The sword rays that Zi Xu had shot hit the countless amount of dark rays accurately. But before Ye Mo could breath easy, he found that those dark rays hadn't dissipated. Instead, they had split and they were charging at him again.

However, Ye Mo immediately realized that although there were more dark rays, they posed a much lesser threat.

Before Ye Mo could think too much, he immediately built a cultivation essence barrier. The dark rays clashed on the barrier and dissolved in it. Yet soon, the cultivation essence barrier got ripped apart.

Ye Mo was shook. He wanted to run away. He didn't know what these dark rays were, but they were surrounding him and gradually forming a black net.

Ye Mo was in pain. The net was getting tighter and tighter. Soon, he would get smashed into pieces by the net.

Such a powerful thing! Ye Mo pierced the black net with Zi Xu. Ye Mo soon realized that although Zi Xu could cut open the black net, it welded together again rapidly.

After a few moments, Ye Mo noticed his clothes were being ripped apart. As the black net gradually shrunk, he would get squeezed into pulp. The golden core state level 6 cultivator saw this - he had a hateful sneer on his face. He took out a flying sword, but he didn't release it. Instead, he charged at Ye Mo's arms with it.

At that moment, Ye Mo couldn't hide the heaven fire anymore.

He released the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, which covered the surface of his body. The black net was immediately burned to nothing and only some pungent smell remained in the air.

He had never seen such a kind of black net before. If he hadn't had a heaven flame, he wouldn't have even known what to do.

Also, Ye Mo knew that his Illusion Cloud Strikes were still very immature. If they had been stronger, they could have completely dissipated the dark rays.

Ye Mo knew he couldn't show the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, so the instant he burned away the black net, he hid the heaven flame. Even so, it had still attracted some attention. A few golden core state cultivators looked at Ye Mo, but when they saw it was just two golden core state masters fighting, they immediately lost interest.

The moment the black net got burned way, the golden core state level 6 cultivator reacted. He pointed at Ye Mo in shock. "You have a heaven-"

How could Ye Mo let him finish the sentence? Ye Mo had already sent the Illusion Cloud Whirlpool Strike, which hacked him into many pieces and threw him into the lake.

Ye Mo noticed that the rod had turned into an ordinary rod again.

His spirit sense scanned inside the rod and found it to be empty. That dark rays were probably one-use move.

Ye Mo put a on a coat, and found Guo Qifan and Yan Qi looking at him in shock. Meanwhile, the cultivator fighting with Yan Qi had left.

At this moment, the last seed had been taken and soon, people stopped fighting. The slaughter fest had ended.

Ye Mo landed by the lake side, so Guo Qifan and Yan Qi followed him.

Guo Qifan came up to Ye Mo and saluted him with his fists. "Thank you, Brother Ye, for saving Martial Sister Ding. If you have any demands, I-"

Ye Mo waved his hand and smiled. "It's no big deal. Don't worry about it."

However, Guo Qifan said worriedly, "Brother Ye, the two golden core state cultivators you killed have no simple origin. They are from the six-star Earth Demon Sect. The golden core state level 6 man was called Gu Yicheng, and the golden core state level 1 master, Chai Kong, was the disciple of the sect's hollow spirit state elder. You need to be careful from now on."

Ye Mo didn't care at all. He wasn't from the South Peace State. Moreover, even if he went to the South Peace State later on, he didn't think he would happen to meet people from the Earth Demon Sect.

Guo Qifan saw that Ye Mo didn't care and continued, "I didn't think Brother Ye could deal with the Demonic Soul Binding Ray. However, you need to be careful. Gu Yicheng had just learned, so it wasn't very powerful. It can only be used once. But if you meet high-level cultivators from the Earth Demon Sect, you need to be careful. Their Demonic Soul Binding Ray is deadly."

Hearing this, Ye Mo frowned. If that was the case, then he really needed to be careful.