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939 Unintentional

Chapter 939: Unintentional
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The Three-eyed Purple Frog lost focus the moment Shadowless ambushed it, but this was just for a moment, as it quickly forced Shadowless out.

But that brief window of time was enough for Ye Mo. Zi Xu had already slashed the eye at the top of the Three-eyed Purple Frog's head.

Splurge- Blood splattered everywhere, and the Three-eyed Purple Frog instantly reacted by slamming its head up, headbutting Ye Mo away. Ye Mo spat some blood, but he rejoiced nonetheless. His slash didn't completely cut out the third eye, but it had cut off a third of it.

This was enough for Ye Mo. He didn't need a complete cultivation method, he just needed a hint, and he would be able to use the Three Birth Chant to create the best cultivation method for him.

Ye Mo immediately took out a jade box, flew to that third of an eye, and put it away.

The Three-eyed Purple Frog was furious about losing a third of its third eye, but it didn't dare to look for trouble with Ye Mo any longer. It used its fastest speed to quickly disappear under the lake.

To the Three-eyed Purple Frog, a third of its third eye was a big loss, but it wasn't lethal. It could still complete the eye through cultivation. Right now, running for its life was the most important thing.

As Ye Mo rejoiced and tried to hurry to the lakeside to climb out, at the same moment a purple flame shot into the bottom of the lake. Simultaneously, a few golden core state cultivators appeared in Ye Mo's spirit sense range. They were coming down without hesitation.

"Purple Flower Fire?"

Ye Mo immediately figured that the Purple Flower Fire must have been forced into the bottom of the lake by those cultivators. Ye Mo didn't intend to fight for it originally, but now that it came to him, there was no reason not to try.

So when Ye Mo saw the Purple Flower Flame appear, he didn't even try to spirit control it, as he instead just swept the Purple Flame with purple rays and brought it into his golden page world.

This all happened in an instant.

As soon as Ye Mo did this, those few golden core state cultivators appeared on the spot Ye Mo had been before.

"What happened? There were cultivation essence waves here. Where is the Purple Flower Flame?" a golden core state level nine asked coldly.

Those there with him were either at the golden core state peak stage or level eight and level nine cultivators. Dong Tianya was there too, but his face was very bleak.

"Could it be that injured Three-eyed Purple Frog?" another cultivator asked.

Dong Tianya sneered, "No way, no matter how fast that Three-eyed Purple Frog is, it can't be fast to this extent. It's been less than a second, and there's still cultivation essence waves around."

"Could there be a golden core state cultivator that can teleport instantaneously? That's not possible, right?" one cultivator conjectured.

"I think I scanned a figure before, but there are so many dead bodies here, I'm not too sure."

After saying that, the man immediately started looting the storage rings in the area, and as more and more people joined, they were all gone in no time.

And when some golden core state tertiary stages saw that the Purple Flame was gone, they charged out of the lake, wanting to take a Purple Sunflower Seed.

Most cultivators did that actually, but only Dong Tianya and two golden core state cultivators kept carefully searching around. However, they too were unable to find anything.

Ye Mo immediately felt the rustling of the Purple Flower Flame when he brought it into his golden page world. Despite isolating his hands with cultivation essence, his hands were still almost burnt.

Before the Purple Flower Flame could resist, however, Ye Mo immediately took out the Mist Lotus Heart Fire and enveloped the Flame with it.

Immediately, the volatile Purple Flower Flame became very quiet and tame. It didn't want to be bound by Ye Mo, but it didn't dare to charge through the Mist Lotus Heart Fire.

Seeing this, Ye Mo immediately spat some essence blood on the Purple Flower Flame and started to spirit control it.

The Flame seemed to know what was going on and was very restless at the beginning, but after a while it completely calmed down.

Soon, Ye Mo managed to spirit control the Purple Flower Flame. The purple color also turned a faint yellow.

Ye Mo happily stored the Purple Flower Flame in his dantian. Ye Mo knew he had to go out early. Otherwise, if he only exited after all the things had been looted, he would seem the most suspicious indeed.

Ye Mo dashed out of the golden page world and found that the fighting was still going on. More and more cultivators were smashed into the lake, before then immediately charging out to rejoin the massive battle royale. Some cultivators knew that they couldn't get a seed, so they just retreated to the lake side.

Ye Mo charged out of the lake amidst the cultivators who landed in the lake. There were still more than ten purple rays flashing through the air.

Ye Mo had no intention of fighting over them, however. He had already reaped the biggest reward there. He wanted to greet Guo Qifan and company and leave.

Guo Qifan was with Yan Qi, but they didn't seem to have gotten a Purple Sunflower Seed. Even so, they were still caught up in a battle with two other cultivators. Ye Mo was just a out to go help when he saw that Ding Ling was about to be killed.

Ye Mo couldn't care about other things and immediately released Zi Xu at the flying sword striking at Ding Ling.

At the start when Ding Ling saw all the Purple Sunflower Seeds, she had just charged up in a mesmerized state. Thay had been her subconscious desire. But when she charged into the crowd of cultivators and saw all the magic artefacts flying in the sky, she knew she had been too careless. She realized that this wasn't something she could get involved in.

But just when she wanted to retreat, she saw Yan Qi had offended someone and was being stopped by two cultivators.

In her desperation, she threw two runes at the two golden core state cultivators and saved Yan Qi temporarily.

However, because her rune injured one of the golden core state level one and that cultivator saw that it was a foundation establishment state peak stage woman who injured him, he was furious.

And he sent out his flying sword to kill Ding Ling.

Ding Ling in her despair could only shut her eyes. She knew she was dead for sure. Yet at this moment Ye Mo who just rose from the bottom of the lake noticed Ding Ling's situation.

Ye Mo used a fullpowered attack.

Zi Xu chopped at the flying sword the very moment it pierced Ding Ling. Crack- His sword split the flying sword in half.

Ye Mo immediately chased up and pulled Ding Ling behind him.

"You dare to injure my flying sword? You're asking to die!" That golden core state level one was furious.

At this moment, Ding Ling reacted and opened her eyes. She saw Ye Mo standing in front of her and understood everything.

"Thank you, Brother Ye, he almost killed me," Ding Ling uttered with fear.

"Wait for me by the lakeside, I will deal with him first." Suddenly, the golden core state opponent sent out a huge pair of scissors.

Before they even got near Ye Mo, they brought along with them a ghastly killing intent.

Such fearsome scissors! Ye Mo noticed they were a middle grade spirit artefact. A mere golden core state level one could use a middle grade spirit artefact? Then he had no simple origin. These scissors having such a bleak killing intent, who knew how many people they had killed?