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Chapter 938: Loot Fest
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Rumble- Dong Tianya's stamp was flicked away by the Three-eyed Purple Frog. Dong Tianya himself spat blood in mid air due to the concussive force of cultivation essence.

But then, the Three-eyed Purple Frog swooped its tongue at Dong Tianya again. This time, a few more cultivator threw their magic artefacts at the Three-eyed Purple Frog.

"The Three-eyed Purple Frog's blood can purify impurities in cultivators' bodies and remove pill poison! Those who attack the Three-eyed Purple Frog can each get a bottle!" Dong Tianya recovered and encouraged others to attack the frog too.

He had only fought with the Three-eyed Purple Frog once and that one time had made him clearly realise that if there were just a few people, they would be no match for the frog.

However, there were already cultivators charging at it. They weren't idiots - they all knew how precious the Three-eyed Purple Frog's blood was. Moreover, fighting with the frog meant that they could near the purple flower flame.

Tens of cultivators rushed and each time the Three-eyed Purple Frog swooped with its tongue, it would take away a few cultivators with ir. Yet, this still couldn't stop the frenzy of attacks.

The Three-eyed Purple Frog was a level 6 spirit beast indeed, but there were too many people. When he swooped away two more golden core state cultivators and killed four with water jets, its tongue also had a portion that had been sliced off by a golden core state peak stage cultivator's magic artefact.

The magic artefact seemed very powerful. After he sliced a portion of the tongue off, he seemed to have exerted too much cultivation essence. Even so, he had still gotten a small bottle of blood from the Three-eyed Purple Frog.

Seeing this, more and more cultivators attacked the Three-eyed Purple Frog like crazy.

There was still some time before the flame fully matured. Ye Mo didn't move. He knew that the blood of the frog was very precious, but its most precious part was the third eye on the top of its head.

The eye had a unique ability, a spirit sense attack, which was an attack to the soul.

Ye Mo also knew that the Three-eyed Purple Frog's most powerful means of attack weren't the tongue, but its spirit sense attack. The reason the frog hadn't used it yet was because it was still weak and using that attack would hurt its own soul too.

However, it had lost a part of its tongue so it probably wasn't going to keep using water jets and tongue lashes.

The third eye was also called the Eye of the Soul. If one got the Eye of the Soul, then the cultivator could spirit control it to attain the spirit sense attack's cultivation method.

Some cultivators even turned the eye into their own third eye, but Ye Mo didn't want to do that. He just wanted to spirit control it to get the cultivation method for the spirit sense attack. With his powerful spirit sense, he could throw extra lethal punches.

Ye Mo had only known about this after reading 'Thing'.

As Ye Mo had anticipated, he heard two cultivators scream and they started to pull their hair like crazy. The next moment, the two men fell into the lake.

The Three-eyed Purple Frog ignored the two men and kept using its spirit sense attack. More and more people fell into the lake. Seeing many cultivators drown, the others started to retreat in panic.

"It is a spirit sense attack!" one of the cultivator reacted and screamed. He tried to retreat, but he only took half a step back, screamed and fell into the lake.

The Three-eyed Purple Frog also seemed to know it couldn't last much longer. It splashed in the lake and ran to the bottom of the lake, leaving behind the flame.

However, Ye Mo could tell this was the best moment to attack the Three-eyed Purple Frog. It was at its weakest right now.

Ye Mo was just about to turn around and call Guo Qifan when he saw the flame had fully come out of the blooming flower. It was floating above it. Then, after a buzz, it shot out tens of purple rays into the sky that fell down very slowly.

Everyone knew that the flame had matured and the things falling from the sky were the Purple Fire Seeds. Guo Qifan and Yan Qi charged at them without notice. Eventually, even Ding Ling charged at them too, trying to find a seed.

At this moment, almost all of the crowd which stood by the lake, conformed by hundreds of people, ran for them - except for a rare few.

In this instance, countless spirit artefact flew around in the sky and blood was splashed everywhere, just as Ye Mo expected. Soon, the lake started to get tainted red.

Ye Mo shook his head. He knew that trying to get the Purple flame with his power would be a joke, but he didn't want to miss this opportunity. He ran after the crowd, but he fell down into the lake halfway.

To other people, it looked like he had been smashed down.

However, Ye Mo had gone down on purpose. He was going for the Three-eyed Purple Frog's third eye.

When Ye Mo dove into the bottom of the lake, he found the Three-eyed Purple Frog squirmed by a big rock, seeming very depleted. Yet even so, it immediately noticed him when Ye Mo approached it and its tongue swoop down on him.

Ye Mo could tell that the Three-eyed Purple Frog had used up almost all of its power, but it was still much stronger than his golden core state level 1 power. He could die if he wasn't careful.

Hence, at the same time Ye Mo released Zi Xu, he also released Shadowless.

Immediately, Zi Xu shot countless purple sword rays that formed whirlpools, blocking the huge tongue.

The massive amount of beams smashed on the tongue, creating gashes.

The Three-eyed Purple Frog shrieked in anger. It shot two water jets at Ye Mo while its tongue swooped down again.

This time, Ye Mo didn't use sword rays. He simply gathered all of his cultivation essence and hacked the huge tongue.

A jet of blood sprayed across the lake - he had created a wound on the already injured tongue.

The Three-eyed Purple Frog roared and Ye Mo felt his body turn cold. He realized it was the soul attack! Ye Mo knew that his spirit sense was at golden core state tertiary stage level, but he hadn't thought he could take on the Three-eyed Purple Frog's spirit sense attack.

The spirit sense attack could easily turn someone into a mentally disabled person and it was very hard to recover from. This was why spirit sense recovery pills in the cultivation realm was so rare. The spirit sense attack now, after having been used so many times would be much much weaker, but Ye Mo didn't dare to take the risk. He didn't even try blocking it and just went into the golden page world.

The Three-eyed Purple Frog's spirit sense missed. A level 6 spirit beast had some intelligence already. Ye Mo's sudden disappearance made it feel danger. When it reacted, the person appeared in front of it again. This time, the Three-eyed Purple Frog was truly scared. His spirit sense had injured itself.

Ye Mo hacked with Zi Xu again. He didn't intend to kill it, it would be too hard.

The Three-eyed Purple Frog wanted to run away, so he turned to escape.

Ye Mo had come for the eye. How could he let the Three-eyed Purple Frog escape?

The fight reignited and the lake rumbled. However, the cultivators only cared about the purple flame and the seeds. No one bothered looking the lake water's abnormality.

Ye Mo ordered Shadowless to sneak inside the Three-eyed Purple Frog while he attacked the head of the Three-eyed Purple Frog.