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930 Waiting for Ye Mo

Chapter 930: Waiting for Ye Mo
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At an ordinary place on the outskirts of the desert, a hidden teleportation formation revealed itself. More than 20 cultivators had gathered here. There were the 18 cultivators who had been teleported out and two friends, who they had called over. Qiu Xuanyu was the only one who had left immediately.

Everyone stared at the formation, waiting for one person, that Ye Mo who had robbed their herbs with shameless means. They were waiting there to take back what belonged to them.

Many saw Qiu Xuanyu run away and they immediately looked down on him, but no one said anything. Qiu Xuanyu was completely scared of Ye Mo. He would rather get away and not take back his herbs than face Ye Mo again.

The formation brightened up again - it was Pan Yi.

The golden core state level 8 cultivator who had come with him went up to him and asked, "Martial Brother Pan, how much did he take?"

Pan Yi's face was green. He said coldly, "80% and that spirit crystal."

Huang Yushan realized that everyone except Ye Mo had come out, so he immediately got up and saluted with his fists. "That cocky little insect took most of our herbs. Our only goal in staying here is to rip him to pieces. But before this, I hope everyone can report their lost herbs in case we start a fight when we divide the herbs."

Huang Yushan's words immediately got the approval of many cultivators.

Huang Yushan nodded and said, "In that case, I'll speak first. I lost 60% of my herbs, two Five Colors Lotus, etc."

Liu Yuetang was shook. She hadn't expected that Ye Mo would take more from Huang Yushan than from her.

Ji Zhiyuan then stood up and said coldly, "I lost 75% of my herbs, and one Burst Yin Vead. The herbs are etc."

Ji Zhiyuan soon realized what Ye Mo meant when he said that soon she would understand how nice he was bring to her.

Hearing all these cultivators report the herbs they had lost, she suddenly didn't have hatred towards Ye Mo anymore. She suddenly smiled to her martial sisters and said, "Let's go."

Seeing them leave, many of the cultivators didn't understand, but no one asked them to stay. After all, when Ye Mo came out, if they didn't take their portion, it meant that everyone would get a little more.

After they had walked away, Qiqi couldn't help asking, "Big Martial Sister, why didn't you wait for your 50% of herbs?"

Liu Yuetang smiled bitterly. "Do you think we could have gotten it back? If Ye Mo can't even think of this situation, he would've long been subjugated by those who stayed behind. If I'm not wrong, they are just wasting their time there. In three days, almost all of them will leave."

"But that's the teleport exit. If he's to come out, he has to pass there. Can he come out from other places?" Qiqi asked in bewilderment.

Liu Yuetang shook her head. "I don't really understand this either, but I believe that since he dares to do this, he might have another way out. He's very cunning and meticulous. I don't think I'm wrong about him. In the future, try not to be enemies with someone like him."

Qin Muxin didn't say anything. Her master had also told her this.

However, Ye Mo didn't have another way out. The teleportation formation had a set destination and the person who had set it up was much more powerful than him. With his current power, he couldn't change it into a random location teleportation formation. If he made any mistakes, he might get stuck in space-time and lose his life.

Random location teleportation formations required high-level materials and a very powerful cultivation level.

But Ye Mo didn't care, he had gotten the spirit herbs he wanted. It was enough for him to reach nascent soul state. Even if the others were waiting outside, by using the most obvious method, he could leave just when he was about to be teleported out of the Herb Valley.

The Southern cultivators wouldn't be teleported to the North Far State, so the only one he needed to worry about was Ji Zhiyuan.

Ye Mo then went into the ravaged herb gardens. Ye Mo felt the dense spirit chi immediately. There was definitely something up, as all the spirit herbs there were gone.

Ye Mo reached his spirit sense down the garden. He was only at golden core state level 1, but his spirit sense was similar to golden core state middle stage cultivator's. Even so, after spreading it tens of kms down, he wasn't able to reach any further.

Ye Mo decided to use earth mobility. The more he went down, the denser he felt the spirit chi to be.

An hour later, Ye Mo stopped. He had understood the source of the dense spirit chi. It was an underground spirit range. It was low grade, but Ye Mo felt that perhaps in a few decades, it would become a middle-grade spirit range.

So that was it! How could he take it out though?

Ye Mo realized that he wasn't the only one who had found out about it. Those who had come in knew about this, but they didn't have a way to take it away so they pretended they didn't know.

The reason they had pretended they didn't know was so that they could report this and come back next time to take it away.

The value of a spirit range couldn't be measured with spirit stones. Even a five-star sect might not have a good spirit range. Ye Mo had heard that six-star sects had their own middle-grade spirit ranges.

He must take the spirit range away. With it, he could cultivate anywhere he wanted.

He still had some spirit marrow yet but with his cultivation consumption speed, it was at most enough for him to reach golden core state level 3.

The spirit range was far from as good as the spirit marrow pond, but it had more spirit chi.

No storage ring could take a spirit range away. Even if one could, Ye Mo wouldn't be able to put it inside.

Ye Mo immediately went inside the golden page world. He knew that he could only use the golden page world to take it away.

But when Ye Mo went inside, he was shook to find that the golden page world had expanded multiple times. He knew that the golden page world would expand after he reached golden core state, but even when he had reached foundation establishment state, the increase hadn't been this significant. If the golden page world hadn't been his, he suspected that his spirit sense wouldn't have been able to scan until the end.

It was still dull and gray inside.

Ye Mo scanned and saw Silver sitting in the spirit marrow pond. Her feathers looked whiter.

"Are you a spirit beast now?" Ye Mo looked dazily at the big bird. He hadn't thought that a bird he had brought from earth could become a level 1 spirit beast - or had she always been a spirit beast?

When Ning Qingxue first got Silver, Ye Mo had thought it was a blue phoenix, whose feathers get more and more blue. Silver's plumage had gotten whiter, however.

Hearing this, Silver glanced at Ye Mo contemptuously and continued to squirm in the spirit marrow pond.

Ye Mo ignored her. After seeing that the golden page world was this big, he realized that he could fit 1000 spirit ranges, much less one.

What he needed to figure out now was how to bring it inside.