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929 Already a Public Enemy

Chapter 929: Already a Public Enemy
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Ye Mo knew the power of the Burst Yin Bead and didn't expect Ji Zhiyuan to have it. It wouldn't be able to break his formation in a second, but his formation wouldn't last more than 3 seconds. In that case, he wouldn't have time to teleport away.

If Ji Zhiyuan had taken out the Burst Yin Bead immediately, Ye Mo wouldn't have been able to collect everyone's herbs, but Ji Zhiyuan had been greedy and wanted Ye Mo to collect the spirit herbs for him, so he had stayed until the end.

But Ye Mo wasn't afraid. He wasn't going to just stand there and watch the Burst Yin Bead break his formation.

Ye Mo threw out all of his formation flags and sneered, "Had you used your Burst Yin Bead right at the start, then I wouldn't have been able to do anything but run. But now, you deserve the two words I gave you."

The flags floated in an orderly fashion and surrounded the Burst Yin Bead as soon as Ye Mo threw them out.

Rumble- A huge explosion sounded!

The formation flags Ye Mo threw out quickly formed a simple defensive formation, but it was pulverized instantly by the power of the Burst Yin Bead.

But Ye Mo didn't want the explosion to reach his innermost defensive arrangement and threw out more formation flags to surround it.

This kept happening, as though Ye Mo had an endless amount of formation flags on him.

Eventually, the power of the Burst Yin Bead was shaved away by Ye Mo's countless formation flags. The defensive formation in the small wooden room was only a little broken. Ye Mo threw a few more formation flags out, and the damaged parts were instantly repaired.

Ji Zhiyuan looked at all of this in a daze. His Burst Yin Bead's power had been wasted away by Ye Mo's formation flags in such a shameless way. He was at a loss for words. He said he would break Ye Mo's formation in a second, yet more than half a minute had passed, and Ye Mo's formation was still there.

Ji Zhiyuan didn't expect this mere golden core state level one to be so calculating. He seemed to have long since prepared countless formation flags. From how he could make an impromptu formation in mid-air, it showed that he had long since built the formation foundations for them. Ji Zhiyuan thought of himself as a calculative person, but this guy was even more calculating than him.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo was sweating cold. Being careful wasn't a mistake indeed. He thought of the possibility of someone using a single use magic artefact thanks to the red lightning from before, and so he made a few more defensive formation bases in the air that could be activated by formation flags as a countermeasure for such things.

Who would have thought that this extra move would actually save his life. Otherwise, he really wouldn't know if he would have been able to get away.

Pan Yi and Qiu Xuanyu also looked at the confrontation speechlessly. Pan Yi's mouth was bitter. He knew his ending wouldn't be good. This golden core state level one was playing around with even a golden core state peak stage, so wasn't he not even worth mentioning?

Ye Mo then took out another handful of formation flags and said, "Ji, you have another Burst Yin Bead, right? Why don't you take it out?"

If it wasn't that Ye Mo didn't dare to leave now as he still had some business here, he would've long since gone out. He didn't care if these three lived or not.

But Ye Mo believed there was something strange about how there could still be such dense spirit chi after the restrictions were broken. He had to search everything again after everyone left.

Ye Mo didn't know that other people had also realized that, but even if they stayed behind, they wouldn't be able to get anything.

Ji Zhiyuan looked bitterly at Ye Mo, "Daofriend Ye, it was my bad. I'm willing to give you more spirit herbs. Please let me go on account that we're all Northern cultivators."

Ye Mo said, "I'm easy to talk to and very generous. You only need to give me half of your herbs, but you will need to add 100k top grade spirit stones. Also, since you scared me with your Burst Yin Bead, you will have to leave the remaining one behind as compensation."

Hearing this, Ji Zhiyuan's heart ached. He didn't get anything in the end and only lost 100k top grade spirit stones as well as a Burst Yin Bead.

As for staying behind, who knew if he would still be alive after being trapped in there for a few decades?

From a certain perspective, he actually did feel that Ye Mo was rather easy to negotiate with. The 100k spirit stones wasn't really much. The only precious thing was the Burst Yin Bead.

Ye Mo had considered taking Ji Zhiyuan's storage ring, but that would mean them becoming mortal enemies. He was sure that even if it meant Ji Zhiyuan not being able to go out, he wouldn't leave behind his storage ring. Ye Mo wasn't confident in taking down Ji Zhiyuan anyway, so he had left some space for him.

Furthermore, Ji Zhiyuan was from the Ghost Immortal Sect. He could kill him, but he couldn't allow his sect to know about it. Those who had entered the hidden space were all elites of their sects. It wasn't too bad to rob their spirit herbs, but killing those elite members would be another story.

Ji Zhiyuan entered the small wooden house for the second time and gave Ye Mo a bag filled with 100k spirit stones, but then Ye Mo threw the bag back and said coldly, "How come I don't see the half of the spirit herbs?"

Ji Zhiyuan was stunned. He realized that Ye Mo didn't mean the half of his spirit herbs that he had already given him just now, but that Ye Mo meant he wanted another half of the remaining herbs he had. This meant that he would have given Ye Mo 75% of all his herbs.

At this moment, Ji Zhiyuan no longer thought Ye Mo was easy to talk to. But he had no negotiation rights anymore.

Ji Zhiyuan didn't bother arguing with Ye Mo and just took out another half of his herbs and gave that to Ye Mo. He had decided that after he went out, no matter where in the world Ye Mo was, he was going to catch him and devour him.

Seeing Ji Zhiyuan leave, Qiu Xuanyu took out half of his herbs without making trouble and left. He swore that he would rather face nascent soul state masters than Ye Mo.

Seeing that only Pan Yi remained, Ye Mo had nothing to worry about anymore. He might not be a match for Pan Yi, but with his formations he really didn't fear this Pan fellow.

Pan Yi looked at him and asked, "How many herbs do you want?"

He knew that Ye Mo would definitely ask for more, and he was prepared to give all he had. He would just wait for Ye Mo after going out.

"Give me 80% and that spirit crystal. Then you can leave," Ye Mo said coldly.

Pan Yi was shook, as he didn't expect Ye Mo to only ask for 80%.

Ye Mo had his own plans, though. If he took all of Pan Yi's herbs, it would break his hope, and he might as well kill him then. A person who loses hope will become crazy.

But Ye Mo didn't plan on killing him yet.

Pan Yi didn't object and took out what was asked of him without hesitation.

Seeing Pan Yi teleport away, Ye Mo secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He had become a public enemy now. The people would probably be waiting for him outside, but Ye Mo didn't plan on leaving anytime soon.