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928 Give you Two Words

Chapter 928: Give you Two Words
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Pan Yi felt embarrassed that he had been kicked out like a dead dog by a level 1 golden core state cultivator, despite Ye Mo having done it with the formation.

So as soon as he got up, he tried to attack Ye Mo's defence formation.

But he was immediately stopped by Ji Zhiyuan. After Liu Yuetang had left, he was the only golden core state peak stage cultivator from the North.

He stopped Pan Yi's flying sword and said coldly, "If you dare to attack the formation again, I will kill you."

Pan Yi subconsciously shivered. There was still a huge difference between a golden core state level 8 master and golden core state peak stage master. Moreover, from the bleak chi Ji Zhiyuan was emitting, he might even be at false soul state. On top of that, even his sect's martial brother wasn't speaking up for him.

Those people who had wanted to do the same immediately gave up on the thought. Trying to go into the formation of a formation grand master to capture him was a joke.

The South Peace State cultivator didn't wait for Ye Mo to ask and they just took out half of their herbs. Soon, Ye Mo had an abundance of herbs - and they were all precious ones. Ye Mo felt he had played well his move. So what if he offended people? After he returned to River State, he would run away with Yangzhu and the others. Luo Yue Continent was quite big, who could find him? Moreover, how could a dao cultivator be timid?

After a few cultivators left, the golden core state peak stage cultivator also walked into Ye Mo's small room. "I'm from a six-star sect in the South, Lightning Forgery Sect's Huang Yushan. Dao Friend Ye is already a formation grand master at such a young age. I'm very impressed, here's my herbs."

Ye Mo took the bag and checked the herbs. Then, he threw them back. "You're missing 10 Life Essence Fruits, four Ghostface Mushrooms and a Five Colors Lotus."

Huang Yushan was about to rage after hearing this. He hadn't thought Ye Mo could tell so clearly how many herbs he had gotten.

Ye Mo didn't care what sect this old man came from. How dare this guy cut out on the payment?

Ye Mo said coldly, "Hurry up! If you are not going to use the formation, I will push you out. There's many people in line."

Huang Yushan felt very sullen, but he knew he couldn't do anything about it.

Huang Yushan put his hand in the storage bag again. He had made up his mind that after he got out, he would wait for this insect.

Ye Mo said at that moment, "Because you played dirty the first time, you need to give me 60% of your herbs to get out. You need to add 13 Life Essence Fruits, two Five Colors Lotus, etc."

"You-" Huang Yushan had just realized what Ye Mo meant when he said he was being nice to Liu Yuetang.

He looked at Ye Mo with fury and said word by word, "I only have three Five Colors Lotus! You dare take two! Ye Mo, you're a formation grand master indeed, but if I attack without consideration, do you think you can stop me? Don't be so cocky, young man, unless you want to stay in here forever!"

Ye Mo replied coldly, "You have five seconds. In five seconds, you can p*ss off!"

Ye Mo was losing his patience. If that dude, Huang, didn't agree, he would flick him out first and after everyone else had left, he would teach this guy a lesson.

He had already completely offended these cultivators by asking for their herbs. He didn't need to suck up to them anymore.

"One, two…," Ye Mo counted.

Seeing this, everyone looked at Ye Mo in a daze. If this guy dared to do this to Huang Yushan, of course he would to Pan Yi, who was only at golden core state level 8.

"I'll pay." Huang Yushan clenched his teeth and gave him his herbs. He had decided that after he left, even if he couldn't go collect herbs for the remaining two month, he would wait for Ye Mo.

Ye Mo then checked the storage bag and said coldly, "You're smart, otherwise, you wouldn't be giving me 60%."

Huang Yushan's face was very bleak. However, he just took the jade card and went into the teleportation formation.

After this, everyone else took out half of their herbs without having to be reminded. Even the two female cultivators who had wanted to seduce Ye Mo, didn't bother trying.

Soon, the remaining golden core state peak stage cultivator from the South also paid half of his herbs and left.

There were just three people outside now. One was Pan Yi, another was Qiu Xuanyu and the last was the Ghost Immortal Sect's golden core state peak stage Ji Zhiyuan.

Ji Zhiyuan went inside and gave Ye Mo a strange look, but he still gave him half of his herbs.

After Ye Mo gave him the jade card, Ji Zhiyuan suddenly grabbed Ye Mo. Ye Mo sneered and didn't even bother stopping the attack. He threw a formation flag and with the flash of a ray, Ji Zhiyuan was kicked outside of the room.

Ji Zhiyuan didn't seem worried at all. He said coldly to Ye Mo, "I have a jade card now. Even if you kick me out, if I break through the defence formation, do you think you can leave before I break it? I won't trouble you. Give me back the herbs you took from me and half of what you got."

Before Ye Mo could reply, Ji Zhiyuan took out two black beads and played with them. "Perhaps, I only need to throw one bead to break your formation in a second."

Hearing this, Pan Yi and Qiu Xuanyu were dazed. If they really fought and p*ssed Ye Mo off, Ji Zhiyuan would be able to leave for certain but they wouldn't.

Moreover, they saw the black bead in Ji Zhiyuan's hands. It was the Burst Yin Bead made by nascent soul state cultivators. These beads were very powerful.

It was powerful, but only nascent soul state cultivators could make it. Usually, nascent soul state cultivators wouldn't make it because it was made when they form their nascent soul, using the impurities and dirt of their body.

Most of them didn't make it, as it split their attention and affect the quality of their nascent soul. Hence, Burst Yin Beads were very rare.

Ji Zhiyuan watched Ye Mo closely. As soon as Ye Mo dared to get on the teleportation formation, he would immediately throw the Bust Yin Bead.

However, Ye Mo didn't go on the teleportation formation. He took out a formation flag instead and sneered at Ji Zhiyuan. "You won't get my storage ring nor my herbs, but I have two words for you."

Ji Zhiyuan raised the Burst Yin bead and sneered. "You're very bold, but you can try. My Burst Yin Bead can break your formation in a second. Young man, spirit herbs are good, but you need to have the life to enjoy them. No matter what words you say, I'll only give you one chance!"

"Dumb c*nt." Ye Mo then shook his head. If he hadn't thought of this possible scenario, he wouldn't have even needed to stand there to gather wealth.

"You're asking to die!" Ji Zhiyuan yelled. He was about to throw out his Burst Yin Bead but the next moment he was dazed. The jade card in his hand turned into pieces.

Without thought, Ji Zhiyuan throw out one of the Burst Yin Beads. If Ye Mo really tried to leave, he wouldn't be able to. He was sure Ye Mo needed five seconds to teleport away. During this time, his Burst Yin Bead would've already broken the formation.