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913 Who Took The Spirit Marrow

Chapter 913: Who Took The Spirit Marrow
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"Okay, now all of you go cultivate first. But, foundation establishment state cultivators, leave after a day or deal with the consequences," the golden core level seven cultivator warned coldly.

Ye Mo knew that it would be impossible to steal any spirit crystals with his power, so he just sat down in the spirit marrow pond like the other foundation establishment state levels.

Ye Mo didn't use the Three Birth Chant, because he knew that it would cause too much commotion and consume too much of the spirit marrow.

He just used an ordinary cultivation method and slowly consumed the spirit marrow.

Ye Mo saw that all the other cultivators started to begin cultivation, and he started scheming for the pond. He wanted to send it into his golden page world and then find a safe place to cultivate later.

Ye Mo sat in the spirit marrow pond and slowly started pouring the spirit marrow inside his golden page world. He was very slow to avoid being caught.

Two hours later, Ye Mo found that the spirit marrow had formed a small pond in his golden page world and rejoiced. This would be much better than cultivating there for a mere day.

Cultivators soon started to spontaneously break through in the spirit marrow pond. Three golden core state cultivators ascended a small level, and four foundation establishment states ascended a whole level. One golden core state cultivator went from level six to level seven.

It was only half a day, yet this many people broke through - the spirit marrow was too good for cultivators!

This incited people to consume the spirit marrow like crazy.

Ye Mo opened up his eyes casually and saw that almost everyone was cultivating in the pond and no one cared about him.

Since that was the case, Ye Mo started to take in the spirit well a bit faster. Half a day later, Ye Mo suddenly realized that he had taken more than half of the spirit marrow pond. He was shook and immediately stopped.

Ye Mo felt he had been a little too greedy. He could only hope that the people present were too focused on cultivating to notice him.

But obviously, that wasn't going to happen. The golden core state peak stage cultivator realized what had happened and got up from the spirit pond roaring, "Who is it?! GET UP, NOW!"

No one but Ye Mo knew what he meant.

At this moment, everyone in the spirit pond stopped cultivating. That's when they realized that more than half of the spirit marrow was missing.

Ye Mo was preparing to run away, but at this time, four other golden core states walked inside the ancient structure. The leading golden core state saw the scene and couldn't help but exclaim, "A spirit marrow pond?"

"It really is!" He charged inside without hesitation.

As the golden core state peak stage cultivator saw this, his face sunk. Just when Ye Mo hoped that guy would reproach the newcomers so that he could find an opportunity to escape, he realized that the golden core state peak stage had no intentions of doing so.

As he saw the golden core state peak stage cultivator scan everyone in the pond, Ye Mo got an idea. He got up and said shakily, "Four Qianbei, the spirit marrow pond's shares have been decided on by the Qianbei deeper inside. Since you guys came later, shouldn't you ask that Qianbei-"

"What, a mere foundation establishment state cultivator like you dares stop me?" The golden core state cultivator's eyes went cold. However, he didn't attack. He didn't know if Ye Mo had company. There were 20 golden core state cultivators there after all.

"No, no, I wouldn't dare stop Qianbei, I'm just saying, just saying." Ye Mo carefully looked at the golden core state cultivators inside the pond, clearly hoping that one of them would speak for him.

However, no one was willing to do so.

The golden core state who had just arrived saw that Ye Mo had no support and said coldly, "P*ss off, I will take your spot."

"Yes, yes!" Ye Mo quickly moved to the side. He was instigating a conflict on purpose. If that golden core state peak stage still did nothing, then it was his bad luck.

Everyone could tell Ye Mo was sucking up to the golden core state peak stage to try to stay longer, but they all just looked at Ye Mo contemptuously.

As soon as Ye Mo moved away, the golden core state peak stage set aside the missing spirit marrow issue and said coldly to the four new arrivers, "Friends, we found this spirit marrow pond and arduously broke the restriction ourselves. Are you just going to take it?"

There were two golden core state tertiary stages and two middle stages, and when they heard this, they all stood up together.

The golden core state peak stage saw that no one wanted to help him and felt very uncomfortable. He glanced at the foundation establishment state cultivators inside the pond and said, "The foundation establishment states will stop now, get out."

Ye Mo saw a scared looking foundation establishment state run outside and followed immediately. Seeing this, the remaining foundation establishment state cultivators didn't dare talk and all went out. But they didn't leave.

Ye Mo stayed in the crowd and didn't leave either. He knew he couldn't leave now.

The golden core state peak stage saw that all the foundation establishment states went out but none left, so he felt easy. To him, the most important thing was the missing spirit marrow, not the newcomers.

However, since the four newcomers weren't saying anything, they clearly did want to take the spirit marrow. So he decided to deal with them first before looking for the missing spirit marrow.

"If no one here has anything to do with the missing spirit marrow, I invite you to come to my side," the golden core state peak stage saluted with his fists as he spoke up.

Hearing this, the remaining golden core state cultivators all got up and stood by his side, facing off against the four newcomers.

Ashe four saw that they had to face more than ten golden core states, they were dumbfounded. The strongest one of them quickly saluted with his fists, "We can talk this trough. We're willing to just stay for three days and leave."

However, he was thinking that three days later, he would spread the news out no matter what and get everyone who was close to come.

The golden core state peak stage nodded and didn't say anything further.

He was still wondering how someone could take away so much spirit marrow in such a short time. This person must have a powerful magic artefact. It might even be a cultivation level artefact.

"We don't know who took the spirit marrow, but I'm sure he's amongst us." the golden core state said coldly. He believed it had to have been a golden core state cultivator who did it.

"But how do we find out who took it?" another golden core state tertiary stage asked.

Clearly, no one would admit or let people check their storage ring.

The golden core state peak stage sneered, "Simple, I have a level 8 test spirit rune. It's no use to me, so I will use it now. Those who are willing to be tested by the rune, please stand out. At the same time however, the extra two crystals need to be given to me. After all, a level 8 rune is still worth a fortune."

No one spoke as everyone tacitly agreed. In reality, it might be a level 8 rune, yes, but it's use was actually very limited. It could only test cultivators below the nascent soul state. And even then the accuracy wasn't 100%.

The rune wasn't even worth one crystal.

"I'll start with the foundation establishment state cultivators," the golden core state peak stage cultivator suddenly stated.