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908 Qin Muxin Lends a Helping Hand

Chapter 908: Qin Muxin Lends a Helping Hand
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When Ye Mo came to the Herb Valley, a small market had already formed. Most cultivators had squeezed themselves in this area, and stalls were filling it on both sides.

Ye Mo didn't have many spirit stones. Although he wanted to buy a set of armor and some high level paper runes, his spirit stones weren't enough for even a small fraction of that.

Ye Mo didn't see any sand in this "Desert Plane Herb Valley", nor did he see any entrance. This place was just a short mountain range. There were no tall mountains or dense forests.

Ye Mo was confused but didn't ask. He knew that this place wasn't the Herb Valley yet. He didn't know why he was teleported here, but he didn't go around asking people.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense and didn't find Mu Yiqing or Hu Haibing.

Many people who came here seemed to be with people from their own sect, but Ye Mo was by himself. Ye Mo saw Qin Muxin and Guang Wei and a few other Immortal Herb Valley people, however. Ming Xin and two other nascent soul state cultivators were with them.

Ming Xin walked to the group of another sect and talked to the leader.

Ye Mo felt unlucky. These big sect members had nascent soul state and even hollow spirit state cultivators to protect them, but he was just a loner.

Qin Muxin turned back and caught Ye Mo's glance, but she immediately turned around as though not knowing him.

Ye Mo felt bored and found a place to sit down, but not long after, a man and woman came to his side.

They were both false core level cultivators, but Ye Mo felt an intense chi come from them from far away. They had clearly been through mountains of bodies and rivers of blood.

"Friend, are you going inside the Herb Valley?" the man asked. Just one sentence made people feel his intense killing chi clearly.

Ye Mo got up and nodded, "Yes."

Hearing this, the man looked joyful and threw a bag of spirit stones at Ye Mo, "Take these spirit stones and give me your jade card."

Ye Mo's eyes went cold. He didn't believe someone dared to take his jade card. He'd worked so hard for it and got in first place in the tournament just so that he could get it.

Yet this guy thought he could just take it with some spirit stones?

Before Ye Mo could talk, the false core cultivator noticed Ye Mo's ring and said in surprised joy, "Give me your ring too."

Ye Mo was so angry he laughed, "Why should I give what's mine to you?"

"I've paid the spirit stones already," the man's voice turned cold.

The Herb Valley was about to open, and most big sect members had their qianbei protecting them, yet Ye Mo sat there alone. He was clearly a solo cultivator.

"P*ss off." Ye Mo didn't know if he could kill people there, but he didn't want to.

"F*ck you, how dare you!" The false core cultivator took the spirit stones back and took out a dark axe.

People immediately surrounded them to watch the fun.

"Boss He, who dared to offend you?" someone said with a strange tone. A foundation establishment state peak stage cultivator walked out. He was bald and had a fat face.

The man said plainly, "Look, there's a blind idiot here. I wanted to buy his things and took out the spirit stones, yet now he says he doesn't want to sell. F*ck, does he think I'm easy to mess with?"

There were a lot of people around, but no one dared to talk.

However, what people didn't expect was that the cultivator who was about to be killed asked, "Are you allowed to kill here as you please?"

People immediately laughed at Ye Mo's question. As long as no big sects were involved, you could kill anyone you wanted there.

"Of course you can, as long as you have the power! You could kill Boss He and no one would look for trouble with you!" the bald man started laughing as if he had just heard the funniest joke of his life.

Ye Mo nodded, "That's good then."

Ye Mo knew that with his foundation establishment state tertiary stage power, he could kill this Boss He in one move with the Illusion Cloud Technique.

Boss He seemed to understand that Ye Mo would resist, but he didn't move his axe. He looked at Ye Mo, "I'll give you a chance. Take out your magic artefact, because otherwise, you won't even have the time to counterattack."

Ye Mo nodded and took out Zi Xu.

As soon as Ye Mo took it out, people started laughing even more - Zi Xu was too funny. It just looked like a long chopping knife.

"Martial Sister Muxin, that guy seems to be in trouble. The cultivator looking for trouble with him is called 'Boss He'. He's a false core cultivator and has some power in Broken Leaf's gangs. The two are about to fight. Funny how that guy is number one in the pill concoction hall of fame, yet he is being bullied by a group of trash. How dare he reject our Immortal Herb Valley's good will! Serves him right." Guang Wei also knew Ye Mo, and she had been watching him.

Qin Muxin had long since noticed it too and frowned. She moved, and the next moment, she appeared before Boss He and Ye Mo.

Ye Mo who was about to attack stopped and just stabbed Zi Xu into the ground.

"P*ss off, if you dare to appear in front of me again, I will kill you immediately," Qin Muxin threatened coldly.

Boss He heard this and was about to rage, but when he saw it was Qin Muxin of the Immortal Herb Valley, he immediately shut his mouth.

He didn't know why she would intervene in such small matters, but he immediately bowed, "Yes, wanbei will leave immediately."

The other bald cultivator also left immediately. They knew they were nothing compared to a 5 star sect.

Ye Mo looked at Qin Muxin in a daze. He didn't expect that the quiet and shy-looking Qin Muxin would be this scary when she needed to be. He didn't know why she was helping him as he had rejected her yesterday, but no matter what, since she came to help, Ye Mo saluted with his fists gratefully and said, "Thank you, Mrs Qin."

She looked plainly at Ye Mo and suddenly said, "To be honest, it's not really a good thing for you to be going to the Herb Valley. If I were you, I'd stay at home and concoct some pills."

Then she left.

Guang Wei looked at Ye Mo and said, "You're really lucky to meet the kindhearted Martial Sister Muxin. To be honest, though, I agree with her words. Perhaps you will regret it if you go. Oh wait, you won't have the chance to regret."

Then, she shook her head and left with Qin Muxin.

Ye Mo shook his head too. If it wasn't for Qin Muxin, he would've killed that He Chong already. In any case, he knew that Qin Muxin had saved him not because she had feelings for him, but because she didn't want a good pill master like him to be killed by a hoodlum for no reason.

Then suddenly, there was a huge rumbling sound, and Ye Mo looked over.