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891 Pill Concoction Hall of Fame Tournamen

Chapter 891: Pill Concoction Hall of Fame Tournament
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After some talk, Ye Mo realized that the tanned girl behind Mu Yiqing was his daughter Mu He, at stage 8 chi gathering. The young man was Lu Ming, Mu Yiqing's big disciple, who was at foundation establishment state level 5. The old man was the strongest person in the Pill Herb Sect and he had no name. People called him Uncle Zao.

These few people soon became familiar to him. Ye Mo could tell that other than Mu Yiqing, Mu He and Lu Ming were simple-minded people that didn't have second intentions. Mu He was a bit tanned but she was still pretty, and Lu Ming clearly liked his little martial sister.

Their sect had two spots. Mu Yiqing and Lu Ming were going to go, but due to Ye Mo, Lu Ming wasn't going.

Ye Mo also found out that each sect had limited spots. Five-star sects had five spots, whereas those below it only had two spots.

It was three days until the tournament. Lu Ming and Mu He had never been to such prosperous place, so they couldn't wait to go out. Ye Mo didn't dare to go out as he didn't have much money left and he was scared to see that Tong dark-faced cultivator.

Yan Zheng never went to find again.

Mu Yiqing and the Uncle Zao went to the auction that was held every tournament.

The three days passed quickly and it was already the first day of the tournament. Mu Yiqing took Ye Mo and the others to the pill association's square early in the morning, but it was already filled with people.

"So many people," Mu He sighed.

Even Ye Mo was shook with how many people there were. At the top of the square, there was a huge restriction that separated the watching area from the tournament area. There were already more than ten judges sitting in the tournament area.

Ye Mo immediately saw that Tong dark-face man amongst the judges. He was expressionless. Ye Mo quickly looked down. He felt a little better not seeing Sima Zhu. He was much harder to deal with than dark-faced Tong.

Ye Mo estimated there to be about 6,000 people in this tournament. How long was this going to take?

Mu Yiqing told Uncle Zao to take care of the two kids and he took Ye Mo to sign in.

"Martial Brother Mu, there's so many people here. How long is the tournament going to take?" Ye Mo asked.

Mu Yiqing clearly had been there more than once. He smiled. "Martial Brother Ye, don't worry. Although there are really a lot of people here, the first round is eliminatory. 90% of people will get eliminated here."

Ye Mo was dazed. "Is there such a high elimination rate?"

He was worried. What if the first question wasn't about pill concoction? What if it was slightly related but he didn't know?

Mu Yiqing patted Ye Mo's shoulder. "There's about three times more people this time. I believe the eliminatory round will be even faster."

At this moment, a middle-aged man walked to the stage and said, "Everyone quiet down! The once-every-decade pill concoction hall of fame tournament is about to begin. This tournament is held by the North Far State pill association and the number one pill king of the North Far State, level 5 pill king Kong-Qianbei."

After the wave of applause, the middle-aged man spoke again, "As the city lord of Broken Leaf City, I, Fang Hongjian, represent this city to welcome all the friends from the cultivation realm, as well as Kong-Qianbei and the ten famous judges. The names of the judges are Pill Cauldron Sect Sect Leader Qiao, Immortal Herb Valley Leader Ming Xin, etc."

There was another round of applause.

"The higher-ups really take this tournament seriously. Even that old man, Kong Ye, is here."

"Isn't that obvious? Look at the judges, the least powerful ones are semi pill kings. I heard that Ming Xin-Qianbei is already a level 1 pill king."

Ye Mo didn't know anyone other than dark-faced Tong.

Mu Yiqing saw Ye Mo's face and realized that he didn't know these people at all, so he said quietly to Ye Mo, "Old Man Kong ye is a level 5 pill king. He's very good at pill concoction, but he usually stays hidden. Another one is Ming Xin-Qianbei, from the Immortal Herb Valley. They usually don't come, but this time they did. They are a five-star sect."

"What is the Immortal Herb Valley?" Ye Mo asked Mu Yiqing.

Mu Yiqing was dazed. He said with envy, "The Immortal Herb Valley is the most famous pill sect in the North Far State. They're very famous in all of the North Far State. Many people want to go there but they only take in women. Ming Xin-Qianbei's disciple, Qing Muxin, is a rare beauty of the world. She is number five on the foundation establishment state hall of fame and number 22 on the pill concoction hall of fame."

"Is she that outstanding?" Ye Mo was shook.

"Of course," Mu Yiqing said, "I heard Qin Muxin is preparing to reach level 7 spirit pill master right now, but she's not even thirty yet."

Another cultivator on the side heard this and intervened, "Friend, that's old news. She reached golden core state three months ago and she is no longer in the foundation establishment state hall of fame. She might soon appear on the golden core state hall of fame."

Ye Mo fell into silence. He had never thought of himself as a genius. The reason he had what he had today was due to the golden page world and the Three Birth Chant.

He knew how long it had taken to become a level 7 spirit pill master. Perhaps it could take longer than forming a golden core. That meant that if she focused on cultivation, perhaps she would have reached nascent soul state by now. Were there really such geniuses in the world? For the first time, Ye Mo felt his confidence had been struck.

"Qin Muxin is strong, but she was only number five on foundation establishment state hall of fame. I believe that in the pursuit of dao, the most important thing is cultivation. Other things are less important. The number one on foundation establishment state hall of fame, Li Shaohua, is worth admiring. He's only 23," someone else said.

The other cultivator nodded."The Sea Palace's Li Shaohua managed to reach foundation establishment state primary stage at the age of 23 and become number one. He's indeed talented, but the abundant resources the Sea Palace has are far from what other sects can compare with."

Ye Mo no longer wanted to listen to this. He was more than 30 years old and only at foundation establishment state level 7. What is more, this was with the help of the golden page world. Otherwise, he wouldn't have even had the right to talk. His speed was far inferior compared to those geniuses.

Fang Hongjian's deep voice sounded again, "Everyone knows that the top ten can get three spots into the Desert Herb Valley. Other than this-"

"The top ten may get a free pill concoction from Kong Ye-Qianbei!"

The crowd immediately erupted. Old Man Kong Ye concocting pills for them! It was a dream!