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887 Heavenly Punishmen

Chapter 887: Heavenly Punishment
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Although Ye Mo knew that Zhang Chengfeng had large amounts of spirit stones, he didn't ask to borrow any. If Zhang Chengfeng wanted to lend him some, he would take them out himself. If he hadn't taken the initiative and he borrowed from him, he would offend that bleak man.

Moreover, Ye Mo knew that Zhang Chengfeng would never want them to succeed.

Yan Zheng would lend him, but Ye Mo didn't ask him. Yan Zheng was just at foundation establishment state tertiary stage. He wouldn't have much. However, Yan Zheng walked up to Ye Mo and gave him a bag. "Use these first. If you don't have enough, I'll go get some more."

Ye Mo looked at the bag and found there were 50,000 top-grade spirit stones. Ye Mo was shook. He was just a manager, how did he have that many?

"Brother Yan, thank you. Ye Mo will repay your kindness for sure." Ye Mo took the spirit stones. Then, he glanced and saw Zhang Chengfeng casually chatting with another golden core state cultivator, as though not seeing Yan Zheng's destitution.

Ye Mo sneered. He had given him a face preserving pill for nothing.

Yan Zheng smiled. He was just about to say something when he heard a sneer. "Manager Yan, you used the Immortal Treasure Tower's spirit stones to give to people. Hehe! You're bold."

Yan Zheng frowned. "Manager Pei, it's my own earnings that I'm giving to Brother Ye. Is there a problem with that?"

Ye Mo saw the man talking. It was a fat-faced pig-like man - he had a pot belly and triangular eyes. It was very dislikeable to look at him. He was definitely the ugliest guy Ye Mo had seen.

Manager Pei saw Ye Mo look at him and sneered contemptuously, "Really? How come did I hear that China Pharmaceuticals' land was given to them personally by Manager Yan? Did I hear this wrong? Is that land Manager Yan's private belonging?"

Yan Zheng had lost face in front of Ye Mo, and he reproached, "I gave it to him, so what? Pei You, what right do you have to question my decision?"

Pei You laughly bleakly. "I'm afraid of people selling us out. Perhaps one day that person's supporting pillar might fall. I want to see how that person will stay cocky then."

Yan Zheng ignored him and saluted Ye Mo apologetically. "Sorry, Brother Ye."

Ye Mo smiled calmly. "Don't worry, Brother Yan. I won't mind a barking dog."

Pei You heard this and his expression sunk. He wanted to say something, but he got interrupted by Ye Mo. Ye Mo didn't even look at him and said to Zhen Xiaoshan, "Sister Zhen, kill those who go more than 1 km into the formation immediately. I'm going to check on Sister Li."

When Ye Mo went inside the formation again, Zhang Chengfeng's eyes followed Ye Mo. His face still had a glamorous smile, as though he was happy for Li Yuqian.

After throwing in her spirit stones, Li Yuqian felt an adequate amount of spirit chi again. Her cracked core had started to form the shape of a nascent soul.

Ye Mo found that saw that the spirit chi whirl above her was growing larger and larger. He knew she was at a crucial moment and needed large amounts of spirit chi. Without hesitation, he threw all of his spirit stones, including the ones Yan Zheng had given him, into the spirit gathering formation.

Everyone exclaimed when they saw Ye Mo suddenly take out so many spirit stones. It wasn't much for a golden core state cultivator, but for a foundation establishment state cultivator, it was a huge fortune.

Zhang Chengfeng's expression, which seemed calm before, suddenly changed. He knew Yan Zheng had given his spirit stones to Ye Mo, but he hadn't expected Ye Mo to have this many spirit stones himself. Was China Pharmaceuticals this lucrative? Zhang Chengfeng felt like he needed to research about China Pharmaceuticals a little more.

Feeling the sudden increase of spirit stones, Li Yuqian looked at Ye Mo and nodded. She was very grateful. It's not that she hadn't prepared, but she had limited financial power.

Rumble- The spirit chi whirlpool shook, as though lightning was shaking amidst it.

Everyone knew the heavenly punishment was about to come. Ye Mo quickly went back to the lightning attraction formation and sat down. Everyone saw that Ye Mo wasn't leaving the nascent soul state heavenly punishment and looked at him in shock.

Li Yuqian was expressionless as she waved her hand and a blue light sword appeared above her head. She moved and an aqua spirit armor appeared on her body.

Ye Mo rejoiced. He hadn't expected her to have prepared a low-grade spirit artefact armor. It was good news - her flying sword was even a top-grade spirit artefact.

Ye Mo nodded.

Crack- crack- Nine chopstick-sized lightning rays struck down accurately on Li Yuqian and her flying sword.

Ye Mo didn't use his lightning attraction formation yet. He knew that she had to deal with the first three waves of lightning herself. His formation could only attract lightning once for the nascent soul state heavenly punishment.

After the first wave of nine lightning rays, Li Yuqian's hair had gotten messy, but her spirit armor had only cracked a little. It seemed like she had easily dealt with the first wave.

Li Yuqian was very happy. She had some faith in passing the four nine heavenly punishment.

The second wave was slower than the first. After about 15 minutes of preparation, nine thumb-sized lightning rays struck down.

Rumble- rumble- It seemed like it wanted smash Li Yuqian into the earth. Ye Mo began to worry. He hadn't expected the second wave to be this much stronger than the first.

Ye Mo noticed a burning smell amidst the blue light. Li Yuqian's hair had burnt to a crisp. Her low-grade spirit artefact armor had cracked like cobweb. Ye Mo was sure that the armor couldn't stop the third wave.

Immediately, the third wave came down. Its rays were also thumb-sized. But this time, it didn't struck down as nine rays - one lightning bolt struck down first.

Crack- The spirit artefact broke and then the remaining eight bolts of lightning followed. Li Yuqian's expression changed and she immediately rose her flying sword.

Rumble- Li Yuqian spat blood. Her flying sword had been shattered completely, just like her armor.

Ye Mo's heart sunk. Although she had passed three waves, her armor and flying sword were gone. Could she still pass the fourth and strongest wave?

Everyone had seen the terrifying power of the three waves of lightning. Some weak-hearted people had lost their confidence in cultivation.

However, the fourth wave seemed to have gotten delayed for a long time. Li Yuqian took multiple pills and ran her cultivation method to speed up the soul formation.

Suddenly, everyone saw Li Yuqian's face look very strange. Ye Mo wondered whether the fourth wave, heart heavenly punishment, was coming now?

However, after 45 minutes, Li Yuqian suddenly howled and took out a gray shield and another spirit artefact flying sword. But this one was only a middle-grade spirit artefact.

When Ye Mo saw the shield, he breathed at ease. It seemed she was more prepared than he thought.

Zhang Chengfeng, who was sneering on the side, saw this and his expression also changed.

Suddenly, the serene sky struck down three lightning bolts without warning.

The first three bolts together were already stronger than the third wave. Li Yuqian's shield had already started to crack and so was her flying sword.

Li Yuqian's expression changed drastically. She hadn't expected it to be this strong.

Before she could rest, another three bolts struck down.


Zhang Chengfeng saw Li Yuqian's shield and flying sword turn into pieces and he breathed at ease. She wasn't going to survive the last bolts.

Rumble- Ye Mo saw her getting smashed into the ground and was shook. He immediately activated the lightning attraction formation. Without his help, Li Yuqian would never be able to block the last three bolts.