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879 The Secret Inside the Formation

Chapter 879: The Secret Inside the Formation
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Ye Mo didn't have time to check the situation outside and he just held onto the Mist Lotus Heart Fire. It was completely spirit controlled by Ye Mo now, so it became a pea-sized flame which floated quietly about Ye Mo's dan tian.

Ye Mo thought about this. An orange flame with some white mist appeared above his finger. The flame seemed peaceful and calm. Nothing like the deadly burning fury Ye Mo had unleashed before. It looked like cotton and it danced between Ye Mo's fingers.

Ye Mo happily put away the flame and started to check his body. His body was completely ruined - his skin was charred and he had no hair.

He had no more lotus life pills, but Ye Mo didn't worry. He had many other pills. He took a few cultivation recovery pills and took a shower with a water spell before putting on a clean set of clothes. Then, he checked his charred hair and just shaved himself bald.

Afterwards, Ye Mo looked at his surveillance formation. Rumble- As soon as his spirit sense went into the formation, a huge sound shook his formation.

There wasn't just one person there. A black-faced man stood in the middle of the hill - he had short hair and a dark mole. Ye Mo was sure that he was the person he had seen on the flying cart.

He felt uncomfortable just by looking at him. Ye Mo believed that if he stood before this cultivator, he might not even be able to move just from the power this cultivator was emitting.

In front of the dark-faced cultivator there was a skinny old man. His hair was white and his eyes narrowed into a line. He seemed very innocuous, but Ye Mo felt both were equally dangerous.

There were tens of meters of distance between the two and a ten meter deep ravine.

"Old man Sima Zhu, a few decades have passed and you're still at hollow spirit state middle stage! That's quite unexpected." The dark-faced cultivator had no expression on his face.

The skinny old man smiled. "Likewise, Tong Wusheng, you're also at hollow spirit state middle stage."

"Sima Zhu, cut the b*llshit. Where is it?" Tong Wusheng said coldly.

The old man sneered and took out half of a book. He then said, "I brought it here of course, where is your thing?"

Tong Wusheng saw the book and looked desperate. At the same time, another half of a book also appeared in his hand.

They both looked at each other's half with intense desire. They both smiled and put their half a book in a jade box. Then, they moved a few kilometers back, set up a defense formation and put the jade box inside.

Ye Mo noticed that both jade boxes were filled with restriction, which meant that even if the other person got the jade box, one only needed to want it for the box as well as its contents to turn into ashes. The two men were about to fight and they had done this to prevent the box from getting harmed.

Ye Mo could guess the story behind this. They had found a book together and fought over it, ripping it in half. In order to make the book become one again, they decided to fight to decide who could have it.

Ye Mo also realized why that dark-faced cultivator had set up a few trap and attack formations. He was scared he was no match for the old man.

"Tong, don't make me disappointed this time," The old man sneered and waved his hand. A black gust of mist appeared, immediately reaching a 10 m circumference, and it approached Tong Wusheng.

It was very fast and it could expand. Moreover, it moved based on where Tong Wusheng was.

Ye Mo saw through the surveillance formation that the mist was actually a net-shaped cultivation artefact.

Although he couldn't feel the cultivation essence wave through the screen, he could tell that the net wasn't simple. It felt very eerie.

Ye Mo even felt that the bleak net seemed to get more powerful in this place. If so, why had Tong Wusheng agreed to battle there?

Tong Wusheng's cloak suddenly expanded. His eyes turned red. He weaved many hand signs and instantly, tens of flying sword were shot out off his cloak. They soon turned into a sword formation which attacked the net.

More flying sword flew out of his cloak incessantly, as though he would never run out of flying swords.

Clash- Countless bones on the ground were swept away and turned into dust in the collision with their cultivation essence.

Such a powerful motion!

"Sima Zhu, you're so sneaky! You found an abyssal yin net cultivation artefact! No wonder you chose to settle things here." Tong Wusheng sneered.

Sima Zhu sneered in contempt, "Tong Wusheng, you're no noble gentleman either. You have probably set up a trap and attack formation here, right? What a pity! It's been so many years and your formation skills are still the same. I'm really disappointed."

Ye Mo heard this and was speechless. Both of their speeches were cunning as hell.

However, Ye Mo was confused. With Tong Wusheng's knowledge of Sima Zhu, he shouldn't have used formations that Sima Zhu could see through to help him fight Sima Zhu.

Tong Wusheng heard this and his expression changed drastically, as though he hadn't expected Sima Zhu to be able to see through them.

Tong Wusheng's expression looked very bad and he attacked even harder. Meanwhile, Ye Mo found that the abyssal yin net seemed to be having the upper hand.

Yet, Ye Mo felt something was missing. There was no way Tong Wusheng was this immature. Why did he use these formations to attack Sima Zhu, who understood about formations? Perhaps he knew he wouldn't be able to hide them from Sima Zhu beforehand.

If so, why did he set them up?

Ye Mo used his surveillance formation to check out Tong Wusheng's formations. He suspected that they weren't for Sima Zhu.

After some time, Ye Mo noticed that these few formations were actually higher level than what he had thought. It was one trap and three attack formation.

The outer kill formation had a hidden mechanism. If Tong Wusheng activated the outer attack formation and attacked Sima Zhu, the other two formations would immediately transform into a duplicate kill formation and a transmission trap formation.

The duplicate kill formation was to attack Sima Zhu, but the transmission trap formation could instantly move the two jade boxes to his hand.

Ye Mo realized that since Tong Wusheng dared to do this, he had a way to stop Sima Zhu from destroying the book.

He wondered if the old man had seen through this. Ye Mo was expecting a good show.