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864 Acquire Star Sand

Chapter 864: Acquire Star Sand
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The red-clothed woman saw Ye Mo take the spirit stones and smiled contemptuously. She was just about to mock Ye Mo when the dark-faced young man said, "Sir, since this big brother doesn't want the top-grade room, can you give it to us?"

The waiter had no objections. He gave the top-grade room to the man and woman.

Seeing Ye Mo leave, the woman scorned, "Poor piece of sh*t, how can you even dream about staying at the top-grade room?"

Ye Mo heard this but pretended he hadn't. He didn't even want to look back. Meanwhile, that dark-faced man shook his head helplessly.

The woman saw this and cursed, "Yu Ruyu, why are you shaking your head? If you don't want to be with me, then p*ss off."

The man carefully replied, "Haidan, Uncle said that there are many masters in the cultivation realm. We should try not to offend people outside."

"Hmph!" The woman went into the room and ignored the young man.

Although it was a low-grade room, Ye Mo was very satisfied. It didn't have a spirit gathering formation, but it had everything else. It still had quite plenty of spirit chi due to the nearby spirit gathering formations.

The eight spirit stones were worth the money. Ye Mo immediately started to cultivate.

He made a few more defence formations and took a few benefit essence pills.

Ye Mo's power caused a big commotion. It formed a huge spirit chi swirl but luckily, there were a lot of high-level cultivators in all the nearby hotels and they all didn't want to waste time. So, although Ye Mo caused quite a commotion, it wasn't be very eye-catching.

Six hours later, Ye Mo felt his meridians expand once again and after a light crack, the cultivation essence in his body expanded like dividing cells.

It was almost twice as strong as before, as it spread to all corners of Ye Mo's meridians before gathering at his dan tian again.

Ye Mo rejoiced. He had reached foundation establishment state middle stage. He took out tens of top-grade spirit stones without thought and started to use them for consolidation.

He wouldn't mind if he had to take out all of his spirit stones for cultivation.

Ye Mo felt that not only had he gotten back all the essence blood he had burnt, but his spirit sense's range also could reach tens of kilometers more.

Ye Mo got up and cleaned the dirt off his body. He no longer felt tired, so he used his spare time to take out Nine Transformations. He simply spirit controlled it and walked out of his room. Not far away, Ye Mo saw Yu Ruyu sitting at the doorway meditating.

Without giving it too much thought, Ye Mo realized that it must have been that rude girl not letting him in.

Ye Mo had a good impression of Yu Ruyu. Although that Haidan was pretty, she didn't deserve the dark-faced young man.

"Brother Yu, if you don't mind, you can stay for the night at my place," Ye Mo walked up to Yu Ruyu and said. He had finished his cultivation and didn't have anything to do.

Yu Ruyu saw that Ye Mo was walking over to him and talking. He couldn't pretend he didn't see Ye Mo anymore, so he got up awkwardly and said, "Big Brother, hello, I appreciate your good will but I can't."

Ye Mo smiled and didn't try persuading Yu Ruyu. He was just about to leave when he heard Yu Ruyu ask, "Big Brother, you're also here for the auction, right?"

Ye Mo nodded. "Yes, I want to see if there is any Star Sand or Segmented Earth. And my name is Ye Mo. Just call me Ye Mo from now on."

Yu Ruyu heard this and said in shock, "Top-grade Star Sand and Segmented Earth is very expen-"

Yu Ruyu stopped halfway realizing that some things weren't appropriate to say out loud.

However, Ye Mo knew that the reason Yu Ruyu was so polite to him was primarily due to his character, but also due to the fact that Yu Ruyu couldn't tell how strong he was.

Ye Mo laughed. "I don't need top-grade, just ordinary ones."

After thinking for a moment, Yu Ruyu suddenly pulled out a fist-sized ore and gave it to Ye Mo. "I randomly got this low-grade chunk of Star Sand. Do you have any use for it, Brother Ye?"

Ye Mo hadn't thought Yu Ruyu would have Star Sand. Even low-grade Star Sand wasn't easily found.

Ye Mo grabbed the Star Sand and looked at it carefully. It was low-grade Star Sand indeed and it wasn't big. However, it was enough for Ye Mo already.

After confirming this, Ye Mo quickly thanked him, "Thank you, Brother Yu. This is what I want. Please, name a price."

Yu Ruyu saw that he had given Ye Mo what he needed, so he said happily, "Brother Ye, I got this by chance. It has no use for me. If you need it, just take it. No need to talk about money."

Ye Mo was dazed. He had only met Yu Ruyu twice. They were just strangers, why did he still choose to give him the Star Sand?

Seeing this, Yu Ruyu quickly said, "I have a good impression of Brother Ye and your power is great. My companion offended Brother Ye, but Brother Ye didn't mind. So I want to give this to you. I hope you will take it."

Ye Mo realized that Yu Ruyu couldn't see his power level. He thought that he was a golden core state cultivator. Haidan had cursed him and Ye Mo had heard it for sure, but he still didn't care about it - this made Yu Ruyu very grateful. Yu Ruyu seemed to want to connect with him.

Ye Mo heard this and quickly waved his hand. "Brother Yu, you might've seen wrong. My power level isn't as strong as yours. This piece of Star Sand is low-grade, but it's still worth a lot. I don't feel comfortable taking it without paying you."

Yu Ruyu heard this and was shook. He was just at foundation establishment state level 7, but he could see through golden core state primary stage cultivators. However, he couldn't see through Ye Mo at all. He had to come from a big sect.

Seeing that Yu Ruyu wasn't going to take the spirit stones no matter what, Ye Mo just accepted the Star Sand and took out two more chairs. He then started chatting with Yu Ruyu.

After introducing each other, Ye Mo realized that Yu Ruyu really had big background. He was the core disciple of a five-star sect, the God Sword Sect. His father was the previous sect leader and the current grand elder.

Ye Mo didn't ask about his father's power. It was at least nascent soul state peak or even hollow spirit state.

Hai Dan came from the Duo Heart Valley, which also a five-star sect. The parents of both parties had sent the two of them to the auction to also experience the world a bit.

Yu Ruyu came from a five-star sect, but he was very polite and humble. This reminded Ye Mo of the five-star West Flow Sect's young master, Shen Jiansheng. He was beyond cocky and if they hadn't transmigrated, he and Luo Ying would've died in his hands. He even annihilated their sect.

Ye Mo had endless killing intent when thinking about Shen Jiansheng.

"Yu Ruyu, how can you be so shameless? Connecting with any random piece of trash. You're making me lose all my face," a crisp voice sounded. Haidan was standing at the door.