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861 This Should be an Adequate Reason

Chapter 861: This Should be an Adequate Reason
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Ye Mo saw that he had already killed Li Changsheng yet the fire wasn't dead yet. Shadowless was enjoying a big meal and he didn't want it to get hurt, so he sent out Winter's Arrival.

A frigid coldness instantly extinguished the flame and formed an ice cocoon on the surface of Li Changsheng's charred corpse.

After a moment, Shadowless flew out of Li Changsheng's body and wobbly fell into Ye Mo's hand. It stopped moving immediately and fell asleep.

Ye Mo sent Shadowless into the golden page world and found that only a third of Li Changsheng's essence blood was gone. Ye Mo sighed. A golden core state cultivator wasn't someone that Shadowless could deal with now. Shadowless couldn't even finish all the essence blood.

The reason that Li Changsheng could have been killed was due to a myriad of reasons, but his Three Birth Sword Ray was the weakest one.

Ye Mo scanned LI Yuqian, who had already fallen unconscious, and ignored her. He took Li Changsheng's storage ring immediately.

There were a few encrypted formations on the ring, but Li Changsheng was dead and it posed no problem to a formation master like Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didn't spend much time until he completely decrypted Li Changsheng's ring. When he saw the things inside, he couldn't keep calm anymore.

What excited him the most was the Cao Huan Fruit. Even in a clear jade box, it was very eye-catching.

There were countless spirit stones. Even after comparing the earnings he had made from China Pharmaceuticals, they were nothing compared to Li Changsheng's.

There were tens of millions of low-grade spirit stones and nearly one million middle-grade spirit stones. However, Ye Mo felt the most happy when he saw 1000 top-grade spirit stones inside.

Other than this, there were more than ten cultivation jade slips. Ye Mo flipped through them casually. They kept record of some cultivation methods and sword abilities, as well as high level pills.

There were also at least six spirit artefacts and some materials.

Ye Mo took Li Changsheng's ring happily. It was good business.

He burned Li Changsheng with a fireball and looked at Li Yuqian. He didn't know what to do with her.

If he was ruthless, he would've killed her and taken her ring. Yet, Ye Mo really couldn't do that mainly because she had treated Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling quite well, despite looking down on him a little.

Realizing that she was still Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling's master, Ye Mo took out a lotus life pill and gave it to her.

The lotus life pill was a scarce pill for recovery, but the ones he made were rather low quality. However, it could still wake her up.

Ye Mo didn't have many left either - he only had three left now.

Ye Mo took an essence recovery pill and started to recover his cultivation essence. He wanted to leave after she woke up. After all, it was a barren place. Also, he still wanted to find out about how powerful the Li family was. He had killed three members of the Li family. If they found out about it, they would never let him go.

Li Yuqian woke up soon after taking the lotus life pill and she saw Ye Mo, who wasn't far away. She remembered what happened before and struggled trying to get up before taking a few more pills.

15 minutes later, they both finished digesting the pills.

Li Yuqian didn't get up. She just looked calmly at Ye Mo and asked, "I'm a golden core state cultivator. I have lots of good things in my storage ring, why didn't you kill and take it?"

Ye Mo smiled calmly. "Your things don't interest me. But no matter how much I would want it, I wouldn't kill you."

Li Yuqian hadn't expected this reply. She was dazed before asking, "Why?"

Ye Mo stood up and smiled. "Because your Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling's master."

Li Yuqian was dazed. She hadn't expected it to have such a simple reason.

She remembered that at the Miao Shan market, she didn't even consider Ye Mo to have good talent and she thought Ye Mo wouldn't even have a chance to see Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling later on, as they didn't belong in the same world.

Yet ironically, she had met Ye Mo so soon again and had been saved by an insect in her eyes. Ye Mo, who she thought had no future, was now at foundation establishment state level 3 peak and had killed a golden core state peak stage cultivator not long ago.

Even she had to recognize Ye Mo's absurd power since she also knew Li Changsheng's power very well. Even with her fire's help, it had been no easy task for Ye Mo to kill him. If he had been that easy to kill, then she could have done it after releasing the fire - yet she couldn't.

Seeing Li Yuqian stare at him for a long time and not speak, Ye Mo said again, "Although Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling have left the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect, you were quite nice to them. I think that reason is adequate enough."

"What? They left? What's this?" Li Yuqian asked in shock.

Hearing this, Ye Mo realized that she had never even gone back since she last left the sect. No wonder she didn't know. It seemed Li Changsheng didn't know the Li Bai brothers were dead either.

Ye Mo said, "Because I killed Li Bailin and offended Li Bailsen. Then I killed Li Baisen, so I could only take them and run away."

"What? You killed Li Bailsen?" Li Yuqian immediately realized that Ye Mo had killed three elite members of the Li family.

Ye Mo told her everything.

Li Yuqian heard this and fell silent for a long while. "It's inconvenient for a foundation establishment state cultivator to take them outside. If you believe me, then take them and come back to the sect with me. I can guarantee you their safety."

Ye Mo sneered to himself. She wouldn't be able to guarantee her own safety. Li Changsheng had said himself that the sect would be run by the Li family soon.

Li Yuqian noticed Ye Mo's feelings and smiled plainly. "Do you think the Li family will attack the sect? Our sect has been passed on for many generations. If we know about their scheme and we still can't deal with them, the sect won't need to exist anymore."

Ye Mo smiled and didn't reply. It was impossible for him to go back with her. Just when he wanted to ask her some questions, a faint ray of fire landed in front of Li Yuqian and Li Yuqian grabbed it.

It was flying sword message. Ye Mo could tell by the fire that it was urgent, so he waited on the side.

After reading it, Li Yuqian's expression changed drastically. After being in a daze for a long while, she said with disillusion, "So that's it. This is such a pity!"

"Li-Qianbei, what's wrong?" Ye Mo asked.

Li Yuqian said, "Ye Mo, where are you staying with Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling right now?"

Ye Mo didn't know why she was asking this, but he still replied, "I opened up a pill shop at River State City, but I might be leaving there. I want to ask Qianbei, how much do you know about the Li family?"

Li Yuqian shook her head. "You don't have to worry about them anymore. They are in the past, they were annihilated by the sect yesterday."

Ye Mo rejoiced. It seemed like he didn't need to worry about being hunted. If he had known this earlier, he wouldn't have told Li Yuqian where he was staying. Who knew if she would want the things in Li Changsheng's storage ring later on? However, why was she acting weirdly?