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854 All Sorts of Powers

Chapter 854: All Sorts of Powers
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"Boss Ye, nice business you have," a plain voice sounded. It was plain, but Ye Mo still felt his ears vibrate. That man's power was no weaker than Li Baisen's, he was probably a false core state cultivator.

Ye Mo turned around and saw that the man looked like he was in his 40s. He seemed astute and it looked like he had killing chi on him.

He had just started his business, yet someone had already com. Ye Mo knew that he wasn't familiar with this place. In order to stay there, he needed to keep increasing his power and get to know the power distribution of the city.

Ye Mo said to Sun Zhicai, "Brother Sun, go reach foundation establishment first. After you're done, come work here."

Sun Zhicai bowed and left. However, when he walked up to that middle-aged cultivator, he bowed again. "Greetings, All Pill Tower, Manager Peng."

The manager sneered.

Ye Mo nodded, he was having a better impression of Sun Zhicai already. Sun Zhicai knew what he had done would displease the manager, but he still told him who the man was.

If he knew who this man was, it would be much better for negotiating than to talk with a mysterious person.

Ye Mo knew that the All Pill Tower was one of the three big pill towers in the River State City. It ranked second and it was a franchise. There were many other outlets in the cities of the North Far State. It was rather strong.

After Sun Zhicai left, Ye Mo saluted the manager with his fist slowly and said, "Friend, what purpose do you have here?"

The manager was already unhappy that Ye Mo hadn't greeted him first and now, Ye Mo didn't even invite him inside.

Manager Peng was annoyed, but his face was very calm. "I'm the manager of the All Pill Tower, Peng Shiping. I have some important things to discuss with Boss Ye. What? Are you not going to invite me in?"

Ye Mo sneered. This guy clearly didn't have good intentions, yet he acted superior in front of him.

"So, it's Manager Peng of the All Pill Tower. Our shop just opened and it's rather small. If Manager Peng has anything to say, just say it here." Ye Mo didn't give a sh*t about this Manager Peng. He was planning to build a business there, but he wouldn't suck up to someone like this.

Even if the boss of the All Pill Tower went there personally and acted like this, Ye Mo wouldn't care either.

"Brother, we've sold out all of our pills today," Ye Ling quietly came up and said to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo nodded and walked to the front door. He called, "Friends, thank you for your support today. We've sold out all of our pills today. Please come again tomorrow. I'll also announce other news. Starting from today, this store will concoct pills for others!"

This created quite the ripple. Concocting pills for people was no simple promise. It was what big pill towers did. That little shop, China Pharmaceuticals, dared to concoct pills for others?

Peng Shiping was about to rage when Ye Mo left him behind to make the announcement. However, after he heard it, he calmed down instead.

"I didn't think Boss Ye was a pill master! Respect, respect. Since you're helping people concoct pills, why don't you specify what grade pills you can make? What if someone asks you for a spirit grade or heaven grade pill, can Boss Ye make it too?" Peng Shiping's tone had gotten very soft now.

Ye Mo sneered. Did he think he could understand his plans? But he laughed. "I forgot to mention it just now. Yet if someone in River State City wants pills made, it would have to be at most a spirit grade level one."

"Boss Ye can make spirit grade pills?" Peng Shiping was shook now. He hadn't thought this not-very-powerful boss was actually a spirit grade pill master.

Ye Mo didn't answer as he had heard two more people come to the door. One was a middle-aged man in his 50s who looked very handsome. The other man had a goatee, but he looked like he was in his 30s.

What shook Ye Mo was that the handsome man was actually a golden core state tertiary stage cultivator and that golden core state man clearly didn't know that Ye Mo could see his power. He walked inside and saluted with his fist, "Boss Ye is so young but he is already a spirit grade pill master. I really didn't expect this. I'm the city lord of River State City, Zhang Chengfeng. I came to visit you, I hope Pill Master won't mind."

Ye Mo was shook. He hadn't expected that the city lord would go to visit him personally. This city was co-owned by many power factions and the city lord was clearly one of the bigger power factions. Yet such a person had gone to visit Ye Mo personally and acted quite respectfully. Even though Ye Mo knew he had come for the face preserving pill, Ye Mo approved of this man's charisma.

The city lord had come, so it was perfect for him to enact his plans.

The city lord then pointed at the goatee man, "This is Immortal Treasure Tower's Manager Yan Zheng. We met on the way here so we came over together."

Yan Zheng quickly saluted with his fist. "Yan Zheng greet Pill Master Ye."

His tone was countless times better than Peng Shiping's.

Clearly, in their hearts, Ye Mo's pill master was much better than his boss, who was at foundation establishment state status.

Although he didn't really like men with goatees due to Dongfang Xi, Yan Zheng was really polite. Ye Mo knew about the immortal treasure tower too. It was the biggest pill tower in the city, but it also sold magic artefacts and spirit artefacts too.

Ye Mo quickly saluted with his fists too and said, "I didn't think City Lord Zhang and Manager Yan would personally come to my humble place. Please come in and have a seat. Ye Ling, make some tea."

Peng Shiping's face was green. When he had walked inside, Ye Mo ignored him. Yet now he was so polite to Zhang Chengfeng and Yan Zheng!

However, he still saluted Zhang Chengfeng, "Peng Shiping greet City Lord Zhang and Brother Yan."

Zhang Chengfeng smiled and just nodded, while Yan Zheng laughed, "I didn't think Manager Peng would be this fast! Hehehe!"

When Ye Mo sat down with these people, Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu sat by Ye Mo's side. They were a little anxious due to these people's power.

Ye Mo knew they had all come for the face preserving pill so he said, "I believe City Lord Zhang and the two managers have come for the face preserving pill my master left behind."

"Yes, yes, Pill Master Ye is straightforward. My wife isn't in town now, but she heard of the appearance of the face preserving pill and asked me to buy it immediately. Please sell the pill to me, Brother Ye! Otherwise, it's going to be hard for me to deal with her," Zhang Chengfeng said.

Ye Mo really liked the way this city lord talked, but it seemed his wife had control over him.

Peng Shiping quickly said, "Boss Ye, our All Pill Tower heard your shop has a face preserving pill, so our boss told us to buy this pill no matter what. As for the price, Boss Ye, you name it! Even a few millions or tens of millions is fine."

However, Yan Zheng sneered, "Nice plans, Manager Peng, you guys are about to hold an auction. A few million spirit stones? You buy it here for a few million spirit stones and then you would sell it for a few million middle-grade spirit stones."

Ye Mo hand't thought the face preserving pill would be worth this much money. A middle-grade spirit stone was worth ten low-grade spirit stones.

But he still got up and saluted with this fist. "Thanks for your support but the face preserving pill is a treasure to the shop. I wasn't planning on selling it."