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845 Burning in Fury

Chapter 845: Burning in Fury
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Ye Mo stopped cultivating and started to go through the storage bags.

Ye Mo got 10000 low-grade spirit stones from Li Bailin and 300 middle-grade spirit stones, as well as a few more level 5 runes, some herbs and beast materials. Tong Zhentan also had some spirit stones, but all of these were poor quality.

Ye Mo put the materials, the storage bags and some low level magic artefacts together. He was planning on selling them. He had more than 13000 low-grade spirit stones and more than 300 middle-grade spirit stones. It was quite a lot for Ye Mo now.

Ye Mo then exited the golden page world. He was prepared to go back and find Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling.

Ye Mo arrived at the valley and scanned his spirit sense, where he realized that his spirit sense could reach 150 km. It was insane.

It was morning and Ye Mo took out his flying sword. Before the bear could react, he flew away in a ray of purple light.

The bear saw the light, but he was lazy. As long as he didn't get invaded, he didn't even want to chase it.

The previous two-day-long journey only took Ye Mo four hours this time.

Not far from where he had killed Li Bailin, four chi gathering cultivators were attacking a level 3 horned tiger. This horned tiger seemed weaker than the crocodile, but the four cultivators weren't as strong as Li Bailin, so they were in a clear disadvantage.

The horned tiger was a fire element beast and spat out a fire ball. A chi gathering stage 8 cultivator wasn't able to dodge it and was sent up in the air. The remaining three were in an even more dire situation, but they didn't dare to run because the first who tried to run wouldn't be able to escape the fire ball.

The horned tiger had a habit of thinking that if one tried to escape, this person would be the one he'd hunt down first.

Ye Mo saw that one of the three cultivators was from his sect and he wanted to help them.

The tiger had just reached level 3 and it was at most equal to foundation establishment state level one. Without hesitation, Ye Mo's flying sword shot a sword chi at the tiger.

The tiger felt the threat and spat multiple fireballs at the flying sword, but Ye Mo's flying sword annihilated the fireballs. Before the tiger could fire the second wave, he also shot multiple sword rays.

The flying sword didn't reach the tiger yet, but the sword rays had already pierced the tiger's vitals. Ye Mo didn't want to show too much, so he didn't use more sword rays. Instead, he controlled his flying sword and sliced off the horned tiger's head with an almost three-meter-sized sword chi.

The three chi gathering state cultivators were dazed for a long time. It was a level 3 tiger. Even an ordinary foundation establishment state wouldn't be able to kill it so easily.

They soon realized that they had been saved and went to thank Ye Mo.

Another reason Ye Mo had helped them was to ask what date it was, as he didn't know how long he had been cultivating.

"Qianbei is from the Zheng Yuan Sect too?" the other chi gathering asked, shaking with excitement.

Ye Mo nodded. "Yes, I haven't been back for a long time. Could you tell me whether the disciple intake period has passed?"

Ye Mo remembered that he had gone to the sect a few days before it. When he arrived at the mountains, it was the time for disciple recruitment.

The sect member heard this and answered carefully, "It was three months ago."

Three months? Ye Mo was dazed. He didn't think he had been out for this long.

"Did Qianbei hear about Li-Qianbei's wedding? Are you going back to celebrate? Many of our sect's foundation establishment state Qianbei are returning for the wedding," the chi gathering member said.

"Li-Qianbei's wedding? Which Li-Qianbei? What's going on?" Ye Mo asked.

The chi gathering member was also dazed at the fact that Ye Mo didn't know, but he quickly replied, "Three months ago, Li Baisen-Qianbei's brother, Li Bailin, was killed in the All Herb Mountain Ranges. Li Bailsen-Qianbei immediately went to investigate and found out that it had been a few members from the Three Star Lan Feng Sect. He killed these sect members, but he didn't stop there. Instead, he attacked the Lan Feng Sect."

Ye Mo frowned. He was the one that killed Li Bailin, yet Li Bailsen had put the blame on someone else. It made him feel uncomfortable, although this was right in the eyes of the people in this realm.

"Li-Qianbei realized that he had wronged the Lan Feng Sect. However, he said that even if he had been wrong, as long as there was a slim of suspicion, he would kill all of the Lan Feng Sect."

Ye Mo sneered. Although Li Bailsen was at foundation establishment state peak, he still dared have killing intent towards a greater power.

The chi gathering man peaked at Ye Mo and said quietly, "When the sect leader of Lan Feng Sect explained that Li Bailin's death had nothing to do with them and that he was willing to organize a union marriage with Li-Qianbei and their genius disciple, Ji Yan, Li-Qianbei agreed and gave up the thought of annihilating the sect.

Ye Mo's expression sunk and he asked coldly, "Since Li Bailsen already knows it wasn't the Lan Feng Sect who killed his brother, did he find out who did it?"

The cultivator nodded. "Apparently someone from our sect did it, but he has gone missing. However, his wife and sister are still in the sect. Li-Qianbei decided to deal with them first."

"Bastard!" Ye Mo's fury soared and he instantly disappeared.

The other cultivator said, "Why do I feel like he's calling Li Bailsen-Qianbei a bastard?"


Ye Mo felt like he had been too naïve. He had thought Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling would be fine with a golden core state middle stage master but, when facing benefits and power, other people were unreliable.

He had been planning on finding Yimo first but after hearing this, he had decided that no matter where he went, he would take them with him.

Ye Mo desired power even more now. If he was at truth realisation state, he could take people into his golden page world. But if he was at truth realisation state, would he even need to run? He would only need to wave his hand and Li Bailsen would turn into pulp.

Ye Mo's speed was at maximum now. Soon, he had covered nearly a 10000 km distance.

Two hours later, Ye Mo arrived at the sect and subconsciously scanned where he was staying at. He was planning on going to Yan Yuan Peak immediately. Even if the elder was at golden core state, he would take Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling away.