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824 The Final Winner

Chapter 824: The Final Winner
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"I would never attack Big Martial Brother. If something happened to our Big Martial Brother, then All Gu Sect would be over. I feel it's better to let Big Martial Brother have the Golden Magical Gu," Ren Xi said.

Then, he glanced at Li Buqing and sneered, "You're just a clown."

"Hmpf!" Wen Gu sneered unhappily. She looked at Ji Lie and said, "I just want one egg, I'll leave immediately."

Ji Lie heard this and took out a bright red gu. He said to her coldly, "Wen, you old hag, I've dealt with you for a long time. Don't you see that I can easily squeeze your life away?"

As soon as Wen Gu saw the gu bug in Ji Lie's hands, her face changed drastically and she started shivering.

Ye Mo knew that Wen Gu had let out two gu bugs, while Ji Lie had just killed four, which meant that there was one more.

"You forced out the same heart gu? What were your words that day? We all swore that if anyone used the same heart gu to hurt the other, we would be burned to death. You went against your oath!" Wen Gu was shaking with anger.

Ye Mo had heard of this gu before. It needed a man and woman who loved each other to plant it. It was said to be very hard to pull out.

Ji Lie sneered, "That's right, I made an oath. But I said that whoever revokes the oath will be burned to death by fire without root. However, I've only heard of water without root, not fire without root. So, do you think my words are meaningful?"

"You're so hideous," Wen Gu said.

Ji Lie looked at her in contempt. "What oath did you make? You clearly heard my oath, but you said that if you went against the oath, you would be like me. You scorpion-hearted woman! In order for me to give my virginity to you, you used a gu to eat everything on my face, making me what I am now. Do you think I don't know? Shameless b*tch! Even without the Golden Magical Gu, I will still kill you."

Ji Lie kept talking, "Name a man in the All Gu Sect who you've slept with that didn't get their face ruined! Xue Cihu, Yan Wuliang, Kong Xiaolai - can you count them all?"

"I'm going to kill you!" Wen Gu suddenly jumped up and charged at Ji Lie. However, Ye Mo could feel that although she seemed very angry, she was very calm.

Ji Lie didn't seem to see her attack and he just gently squeezed the gu in his hand.

"Argh," a cry sounded. Yet what shook everyone including Ye Mo was that the one howling was Ji Lie, not Wen Gu.

What was going on?

While Ji Lie was rolling on the ground, Wen Gu took out a whip and sliced Ji Lie's arm off.

Ji Lie went next to Ren Xi in order to dodge Wen Wu. Ren Xi, who had just said he would never attack his Big Martial Brother, took out a curved sword immediately and stabbed Ji Lie in the back.

Ji Lie knew that he wouldn't be able to dodge it completely - he could only make sure it wouldn't damage his vitals. However, the hack still landed on Ji Lie.

Ren Xi was going to attack again, seeing that it hadn't caused a fatal wound. However, before he could, Ji Lie kicked him from a weird angle.

Ji Lie's kick landed right on Ren Xi's chest sending him flying onto the wall. He landed crashing down and spitting mouthfuls of blood.

Feng Yanqi, who was about to move, suddenly stopped, which gave some room for Ji Lie to breath. He leaned against the corner of the wall and stabilized himself.

Seeing that Feng Yanqi hadn't taken her best chance, Wen Gu looked coldly at her, "Why didn't you attack? We had an agreement."

"I- I-" Feng Yanqi couldn't say a complete sentence, as though she was truly scared.

Only Ye Mo could tell that she was lying - her qi was calm.

Ye Mo knew that she was smart. If she had attacked just then, she could have indeed thrown a heavy blow to Ji Lie. However, Ji Lie's counterattack would have rendered her no better than Ren Xi's.

If that had happened, she'd be dead.

"Wen Gu, you're waiting for me to injure Yanqi and then take all the benefit for yourself." Ji Lie took a few pills and stared coldly at her, "I know I fell for it today, but I want to know, since when can you force out the same heart gu?"

"Don't you want to ask me when I planted the gu in your body?" Wen Gu scorned.

Ji Lie sneered, "No need, I was too careless. You planted two gu when I came, including your own same heart gu inside my body. You gu master skills exceed mine by far."

Wen Gu's expression sunk down. She stared at Ji Lie for a long time before saying, "Martial Brother Ji, I never did anything wrong to you in the past, yet you betrayed me again and again. I killed one after the other, but then I realized that my hands were getting sore from killing your women - you had too many. You made a fake oath and you even forced out your same heart gu."

Wen Gu seemed to be reminiscing and said, "I realized the day you forced out the same heart gu. I hid outside your room, watching you f*ck another woman, hearing your sinister curses against me. I wanted to kill you immediately, but I knew that if I appeared, you wouldn't even need to attack me. You would just have to kill my same heart gu to kill me. From that day, I swore that I would make you die from your same heart gu. Ji, now you may die!"

JI Lie looked like he had given up hope. He was heavily injured and facing Wen Gu's full powered strike. He would die for sure.However, he still fought for a chance. He spat out more blood while a dark gray gu charged at Wen Gu.

No one except for Ye Mo knew that Wen Gu had suddenly turned around, so the whip hit Feng Yanqi.

Feng Yanqi was holding her weapon already, ready to ambush Wen Gu. Wen Gu would get heavily injured too if she tried to kill Ji Lie, so she only needed to predict Wen Gu's exit to be able to kill her.

After that ambush, she would be the only one there with the power to take the Golden Magical Gu.

Feng Yanqi didn't think Wen Gu would let a big enemy go attack a noob like her.

The whip hit Feng Yanqi's chest and the clothes in front of her chest were immediately torn open. A deep cut reached from her shoulder all the way to her leg.

Feng Yanqi was thrown onto the wall without resistance and fell on the ground. Her face was white.

Soon, blood seeped out of the wound, which turned into a dark red colour.

Feng Yanqi covered her wound, but she knew that wasn't enough to stop the bleeding. There seemed to be relief in her eyes.

Wen Gu had just pulled her whip from Feng Yanqi when Ji Lie's gu snuck inside her body. She took a few steps back and spat out some blood immediately. Then, she tore open her chest and took out a gu. She put it in her mouth and munched it immediately.

The gu was pulverized and Ji Lie spat more blood, falling on the ground.

"Hahaha! I'm going to let you all see who the final winner is. It's me! It's me!" Wen Gu laughed.

But she suddenly stopped - she was kicked in the air and thrown into Ji Lie's arms. She spat more blood and some pieces of organs, and looked back in disbelief at Li Buqing.

Li Buqing got up slowly and said quietly, "The final winner should be me."