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822 All Gu Sect People

Chapter 822: All Gu Sect People
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"Hahaha- Martial Sister Feng, how about Martial Brother carry you for a while? This little handsome boy won't be able to resist your suction," a deep male voice sounded. A man with a dark face in his 40s landed next to Ye Mo and Feng Yanqi.

Ye Mo long had know that this guy was already there.

Ye Mo guessed that among the few core disciples, Feng Yanqi was probably the weakest. Although she was at earth level primary stage, how was she going to get the Golden Magical Gu?

"Haha- Martial Brother Li, if you can carry Martial Sister, I would be even happier but I think my man will get jealous." Feng Yanqi didn't seem to mind the man's sudden arrival at all.

"Your man! Hehe-" Martial Brother Li laughed and looked at Ye Mo. Then he said, "I didn't think Martial Sister Feng would be able to resist for so long. You haven't touch him yet. Don't let Wen Gu take interest in him and steal it from you."

Then, another person came and he was even faster than Martial Brother Li.

Hmph- Someone sneered. "Li, you're saying bad things about your big sister again. Are you asking for a beating or do you just want to fuck?"

Ye Mo almost vomited at such words. This person was in her 60s and the skin on her face was like old tree's bark. Her chest was dry and the teeth black.

Ye Mo frowned. What was up with All Gu Sect? The people they trained were all zombies and strange people, except for the good looking Feng Yanqi. Meanwhile, 9 Moon Sect was also evil but most of the people were good looking.

"Hehehe-" Martial Brother Li clearly fear the old woman, so he didn't say anything.

"Hmmm- This one is not bad," Wen Gu saw Ye Mo and said in surprise. Then, she looked coldly at Feng Yanqi.

Feng Yanqi quickly said, "He's Mo Ying. I found him on the way here. If Sister Wen likes him, then take him."

"Okay, thank you, Sister Yanqi." The old woman then looked at Ye Mo. "Follow me, there'll be plenty of joy for you."

The woman was already at earth level tertiary stage. Ye Mo and the others all followed her into the mountain.

An hour later, they arrived to a cliff. It was joined to the other side by metal chains.

Clouds surrounded the chains. Just with a tiny slip, one wouldn't even have a whole body.

Wen Gu got on the chain without hesitation and moved forward rapidly. Ye Mo jumped on the chain as well and followed Wen Gu.


The three of them were surprised. However, when they saw Ye Mo take very heavy steps on the chain, they realized that Ye Mo could do this due to experience and skillfulness. Meanwhile, they were using mobility techniques.

The chain was very long, so Ye Mo walked for more than ten minutes before reaching the other side.

The other three found impressive that Ye Mo could walk to the other side with his skills. Wen Gu looked at Ye Mo and laughed sharply. "Quite talented! I really don't want to ruin you, perhaps you should be my disciple."

Ye Mo's spirit sense had scanned the cave that Hong Guangping had talked about. it was indeed an ancient cave and there were already two men waiting there. There was a man with a black mask and as soon as Ye Mo saw him, he was furious. It was that demon Song Yangzhu talked about, his face was like a crater.

The other person was a good temperamented middle-aged man. Ye Mo felt that the middle aged-man was familiar. He felt like he had seen the man somewhere before.

But Ye Mo didn't find the Golden Magical Gu with his spirit sense, so he didn't do anything. He wanted to see what it was.

Feng Yanqi laughed. "Big Martial Brother must be there already. Let's hurry up. As for this Mo Ying, you can take him as your disciple and also let him warm your bed. Why be conflicted Martial Sister Wen?"

"That's true." Wen Gu smiled at Feng Yanqi. Yet, her strange glance made Feng Yanqi subconsciously shiver.

Ye Mo sighed. Even someone as heartless as Feng Yanqi was scared of that old hag.

There was mist all around the cliff. Ye Mo saw a big stone tablet with the words 'All Gu Mountain'.

The group soon arrived at a big cave. Ye Mo searched inside with his spirit sense and found out that the cave had just been dug out no longer than 20 years ago.

"Martial Brother Ji," everyone was very respectful to that black-masked man and greeted him first.

Ye Mo was shook. That Martial Brother Ji was probably Ji Lie, the one Hong Guangping had talked about. Did he have such authority? Then, why did he still organize this tournament? Couldn't he just take the Golden Magical Gu?

Ji Lie nodded and looked at Ye Mo, "Since it's a tournament between our sect members, why did you bring someone irrelevant?"

Feng Yanqi quickly said, "This is Mo Ying, Martial Sister Wen's new disciple, so he counts as a member of the All Gu Sect."

Ye Mo heard this and immediately realized that the others weren't really afraid of Ji Lie, or Feng Yanqi wouldn't be telling such obvious lies.

As expected, Ji Lie just reproached her and did nothing. He didn't understand why Ji Lie, who was half step great heaven, still was threatened by them.

"Why is Hong Guangping not here yet?" Ji Lie's old voice sounded.

"Martial Brother Ji, he's probably dead or he wouldn't be late," the middle-aged man spoke.

Ji Lie nodded. "These years, our sect members either go missing or die. We're indeed far weaker than other sects. Your big brother also went missing after being hunted at Hong Kong. Yan Wuliang is also said to have been killed more than ten years ago.

The middle-aged man had a cruel look and cursed. "After this, I will get revenge for my big brother. No matter who killed him, I, Ren Xi, will make his entire family pay."

Ye Mo then realized that Ren Xi was Ren Sha's brother. No wonder he looked familiar!

Although everyone from the sect was there and Ye Mo could kill them, he was still waiting for the Golden Magical Gu.

"Since he's not here, we won't wait for him. There is still half a day before the Golden Magical Gu shows up. Let's wait here," Ji Lie said and sat down.

"Martial Brother Ji, do you think our powers are enough?" Li man asked.

Ji Lie scanned Feng Yanqi and said, "Martial Sister Feng has reached earth level. Five earth levels is enough to break the barrier of the Golden Magical Gu.