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815 Annihilate North Sand

Chapter 815: Annihilate North Sand
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Barely anyone had ever heard of the country called Si Xun, but after its political revolution, its name was changed to Northern Sand, and it started massively developing industrially. Especially the military industry developed.

The second year of the country after being renamed Northern Sand they sent their own satellite into orbit. The third year, they produced world class fighter jets. The fourth year, they started their mothership construction plan. Many people said that their technology was developing even faster than Luo Yue's.

Northern Sand's governing system was that of an empire. The emperor was called the Northern Sand King. He had absolute power and was a dictator.

When Luo Yue suggested to the Union to put Northern Sand to trial, the Northern Sand government got firsthand notice of it.

At the highest meeting center of Northern Sand, all the high level officials had gathered. The Northern Sand King was a black-faced man.

The room was scarily silent, and no one dared to talk.

"Prime Minister Dongfang, your plan failed," the black-faced man broke the silence, and his voice was cold.

Dongfang Tang shook a little. Although he had his plans, he felt the Northern Sand King wasn't so easy to deal with.

Dongfang Tang got up and bowed to the Northern Sand King before saying, "My plan was fine, the only thing that made it turn out this way was that we didn't expect Ye Mo to suddenly come back after disappearing for more than 10 years. It is due to this that our Dongfang family in Luo Yue was annihilated."

According to his plan, it would take one or maybe even only half a year longer before Luo Yue would become theirs without any war.

Luo Yue would be controlled by Dongfang Wang, after which Dongfang Wang would help him annihilate the Northern Sand King, and he would take over Northern Sand. Then, they would gradually start devouring other territories.

As for the conflict between the two brothers, they had agreed that they would deal with outside problems first before discussing who should be the Xi Tang King.

However just when they were about to succeed, Ye Mo came back and thwarted their plans, wasting two years of their hard work.

Ye Mo found the Northern Sand meeting center as soon as he came to Si Xun. He saw the people in the meeting room and immediately became happy. He came here mainly to annihilate the Northern Sand hierarchy, but he didn't expect to see Dongfang Tang there as well.

Ye Mo went into the Northern Sand government building and killed all the soldiers on the way.

He found that there really were many masters here. There were three half step great heavens and seven earth levels. Many more black and yellow levels were around too. There were also more than ten low level mutants.

Ye Mo didn't know what resources Northern Sand had that could allow them to produce so many masters in ten years. This was too shocking!

As Ye Mo killed, news got out, and the power center of Northern Sand started to worry. Si Xun's army also started to move. They had been suppressed by Northern Sand, but now that someone was attacking Northern Sand, they weren't going to let the opportunity pass.

The factories and military factories started having riots.

When the Northern Sand leaders got news of all this, they found that their door was already being blocked and their guards and soldiers had all disappeared.

Ye Mo stood at the door.

"It's you? Ye Mo!" Dongfang Wang was thinking about how much the Northern Sand King would be raging at him when he realized that Ye Mo had suddenly appeared at the heart of Northern Sand.

When Dongfang Wang said these words, almost everyone in the room got up, and they all looked fearful. They had clearly heard about Ye Mo. Everyone knew how great the defence of the Northern Sand building was, yet Ye Mo easily had walked to the door of their meeting room.

Ye Mo scanned the place before looking at the Northern Sand King. He noticed that the man was a mutant. Ye Mo knew that this Northern Sand King was no ordinary mutant at that. He was far stronger than that level 8 mutant he had seen before.

Ye Mo didn't attack him straight away, but he definitely wasn't going to let the man run away.

"Ye Mo, I've long since heard of your big name, but you're a man of high stature, and Luo Yue has such vast lands, and it's tens of times greater than Northern Sand. Why must you keep targeting Northern Sand?" the Northern Sand King asked.

Ye Mo laughed and waved his hand. A Northern Sand official who tried to escape through the window was sliced in half.

A bloody smell spread in the room, and the scene became silent. Many people were shaking. The one who tried to run was an earth level master, yet he was so easily killed.

Ye Mo looked at the Northern Sand King and sneered, "Since you know there's nothing between us, why did you send people to seize Luo Yue's governmental power? Why did you send people to kill off the hidden sects and blame it on me? And the bomb I saw at the North Pole was also made by the trash standing before me, right?"

The Northern Sand King's face looked very bad being called trash for the first time, but he didn't rage. He said coldly, "Those things have nothing to do with me. From the very start, I never decided to attack Luo Yue or you. I truly admire City Lord Ye and bear no ill will at all."

Before Ye Mo could sneer at this, the Northern Sand King pointed at Dongfang Wang and said, "All the ideas for attacking you and Luo Yue came from him. He's a ravenous wolf. The reason why he joined Northern Sand was to steal my power and build up his own power. Whether or not you believe me, Dongfang Wang is actually a descendant of the Xi Tang King. He's very ambitious. I've rejected his suggestions many times, but because the people he brought with him are quite strong and I don't have the confidence to take him out, I couldn't help but play along with him."

Ye Mo knew this was bullsh*t, but he was shocked by how much the Northern Sand King knew.

Everyone was dumbfounded. That was bullsh*t! The Northern Sand King trusted Dongfang Wang the most, and each time Dongfang Wang said something, he would always say 'Brother Dongfang is right'. Since when did he reject his ideas?

Dongfang Wang looked at the Northern Sand King and for the first time, he felt like he was a fool.

The Northern Sand King clearly knew who he was but didn't kill him so that he could use him.

He was sure that even if the Dongfang brothers had obtained Luo Yue, they wouldn't have been able to get any benefits out of it.

The Northern Sand King didn't wait for Dongfang Wang to keep thinking. He pulled out a gun and shot at Dongfang Wang's head.

Blood splashed and Dongfang Wang died in his seat just like that!