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801 Nie Shuangshuang’s Bar

Chapter 801: Nie Shuangshuang’s Bar
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Leaving the Ning family mansion, Ye Mo now knew the whereabouts of the fishtails. Although he had never heard of that Xiang Ninja Dojo, he had to go there for the two fishtails.

Ye Mo bought a big case and filled it up with USD. He was going to give this case to Ning Yang. To Ye Mo, it was like waste paper, but to Ning Yang it would mean the possibility to start his own business.

Ye Mo sent his spirit sense out, and as he was nearly at the tertiary stage of stage eight, his spirit sense was near 22 km. Hence, he immediately found where Ning Yang lived.

He didn't think that being a part of the Ning family, he wouldn't even have a home in Beijing. He was staying at a hotel.

Ye Mo arrived in front of Ning Yang's room and as soon as he came to the door, he heard an argument going on inside.

"I was really blind to have fallen in love with someone like you. Why can't we be in Beijing? Are you not a seed of the Ning family? You're a man, yet you let us live in a hotel! We don't even have a home. Go out, get out!" a hurtful woman's voice sounded.

"Qiqi, listen, we're leaving Beijing straight for Luo Yue. We can settle there. Is Luo Yue not better than Beijing?" Ning Yang's voice was weak. He clearly felt that he was truly useless.

The woman he called Qiqi stopped pushing Ning Yang and sniffed, "Go to Luo Yue then, all you know is to go to Luo Yue. You sold our house in Beijing to go to Luo Yue but in the end, we didn't even get to stay and now we don't have a place to live anymore. We could only stay at my parents' house in Ning Hai, but now you still want to go to Luo Yue!"

"Mom, stop arguing with dad, I still have tens of thousands of pocket money, and dad is speaking the truth that we can go to Luo Yue. The uncle said we can," Ning Lan said weakly. She had always lived a wealthy life and had enough pocket money. She didn't think the family was in such a destitute situation.

Qiqi seemed to have lost her energy and just sat by the bed sniffing.

Ning Yang sighed, "Qiqi, it's real this time, I'm not lying to you. Although we don't have much savings, as long as we go to Luo Yue-"

Ye Mo knocked on the door.

Ning Yang opened and saw Ye Mo standing at the door with a big case, so he called out in surprise and joy, "City Lord Ye! What brings you here?"

Ye Mo waved his hand and smiled, "Brother Ning, just call me by my name, I'm not the City Lord right now anyway. Qingxue told me to come visit you."

The woman saw Ye Mo and wiped her eyes, standing on the side in embarrassment.

"Uncle!" Ning Lan immediately called out and said to her mom, "Mom, he's the uncle who invited us to Luo Yue."

Ye Mo smiled, "Qingxue told me to come help you a bit. Brother Ning, you can take this and go exchange it later. Also give this bracelet to Ning Lan. I'll be going already, but I'll come visit you guys at Luo Yue."

Ye Mo then put the case on the side and gave a defensive bracelet for Ning Lan before leaving. He didn't know how to solve their argument though, so he quickly left.

After Ye Mo left, Ning Yang reacted and said to the woman unhappily, "City Lord Ye came, yet you didn't even pour him a cup of tea, you're too impolite."

"City Lord Ye? Ye Mo? He's the husband of Sister Qingxue?" the woman finally reacted and said in shock.

Ning Yang said grumpily, "Of course it's him, otherwise who do you think can let us go settle in Luo Yue with just a letter?"

"Why didn't you say so earlier?" the woman complained.

"I have been saying it all this time, but you didn't listen," Ning Yang sighed.

Qiqi seemed to know she had been unreasonable and said awkwardly, "Qingxue told him to bring a case, I wonder what it is."

She was full of regret. Qingxue's husband had just been there, that legendary City Lord Ye Mo, yet she had been crying. She didn't even get to see how that Ye Mo looked, whether he was handsome or not.

Ning Lan ran to the case and opened it.

"Wha-" the family was shook. Ning Lan didn't know what it was but the couple knew. It was a case full of dollars. There was at least a few million in it!

There were less and less people he knew at Beijing. Ye Mo just visited Han Zaixin and chatted with him for a while before leaving the Han family. He was going to go to Jiu Ming Academy first before then heading to Japan.

From Han Zaixin he found out that Tan Jiao never came back after leaving Beijing. Only Luan Qingfeng had remained. He was a peak half step great heaven cultivator but couldn't make that final breakthrough.

Ye Mo didn't have a bad impression of him.

The Beijing city streets looked even busier than before, but Ye Mo felt it was missing something.

"Drunk Eye Bar!" Ye Mo exclaimed as he saw it still be there even after more than ten years had passed.

He remembered Nie Shuangshuang. This was the first date he had with her. Of course, he had been there to warn her.

Ye Mo subconsciously walked in and found that the layout was exactly the same as all those years ago.

How could a bar that never changed earn money?

Ye Mo subconsciously walked to the table he sat with Nie Shuangshuang, but before he could sit down, a waiter stopped him.

"Sorry sir, this table is not open for seating. Please choose another table," the waiter said. This rule had existed for more than ten years. The customer in front of him was probably new.

"Why?" Ye Mo asked strangely.

The waiter replied politely, "Our president made this rule. This is our president's special seat, it's not open to the public."

Ye Mo was speechless.

"Who is your president?" Ye Mo subconsciously asked.

"The president's surname is Nie," the waiter smiled.

Nie? Ye Mo thought of Nie Shuangshuang - was it her? That was impossible, would she really open up a bar at Beijing?

But Ye Mo thought it really might be possible.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo asked, "Is your president Nie Shuangshuang?"

The waiter looked at Ye Mo strangely and confirmed, "Yes, that is right."

It really was her? She had to be an established cultivator already, why would she open a bar there

"Well, I actually know her. Where has she been? I'd like to go see her." Ye Mo's spirit sense hadn't found Nie Shuangshuang around.

The waiter said, "Our president hasn't come for a long time, but if you want to see her, you can contact our store manager, Sir."

"You want to find Sister Shuangshuang? Do you know her?" a busty-looking woman in her 30s heard the conversation and asked.

"Yes, I know her, where is she?" Ye Mo nodded.

The woman studied Ye Mo and said, "She has left Beijing for five years already, but if you really know her, come with me."

This woman was only above average-looking, but she was quite sexy. When she walked, her ass shook in a special rhythm. Ye Mo, however, just glanced at it and looked away.

The woman took Ye Mo to the office and studied Ye Mo for a while and said, "If you only know to stare at my ass, I really hope you're not the man Sister Shuangshuang talked about."