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784 Return to Ning Hai

Chapter 784: Return to Ning Hai

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Hearing this news, Ye Mo immediately knew what had happened. Dongfang Wang had said there were 60 bombs, but Ye Mo had never found the last one. It seemed it had somehow been taken along by Luo Yue's ship.

Moreover, this bomb hit the US ambassador which indicated that Dongfang Wang wanted to instigate a conflict between Luo Yue and the US again so that he could gain benefit from it.

However, this meant that the bomb must've been left at the embassy to begin with. How had it gotten on the boat then?

So either the ambassador didn't know, or perhaps his staff wanted to take something else but accidentally took the bomb. What would they try to take from Luo Yue? There couldn't be anything other than technological secrets.

Ye Mo immediately said to Xu Yuehua, "Check all recent border controls and check who signed this ship out. And also investigate everyone of Luo Yue's military science research base. All those who leak Luo Yue's military secrets should be dealt with according to military law. Those who have been in close contact with the US embassy staff also need to be heavily investigated."

Then Ye Mo continued, "We should contact the US regarding this immediately and also convey what Northern Sand has been doing to the Union. If the Union agrees, we can attack Northern Sand. If they don't want to be involved, we can pretend nothing happened. Also, make the decisions yourselves. Don't contact me unless Luo Yue is about to fall."

Ye Mo left Luo Yue Lake and went to visit Ning Qingxue's parents. They seemed to have formed a new pharmaceutical company in Luo Yue and were doing quite well. Lan Yu knew that Ning Qingxue was cultivating something very powerful with Ye Mo, so she wasn't too worried about not being able to see her.

After Ye Mo visited them, he went to visit Yin Si and Yin Jia. They also had their own business in Luo Yue and were doing well. They were both married and had kids.

Ye Mo knew from them that their aunty came to Luo Yue four years ago and stayed at their place for a few days before leaving Luo Yue.

Thinking about Yin Qingyan, Ye Mo remembered her diary, but he didn't take it out and read it. After seeing her on the cruise, it wasn't hard for him to guess the content.

Ye Mo walked on the busy Luo Yue streets and felt empty.

"An Family Antiques" - these words appeared before Ye Mo. He scanned his spirit sense in and saw An Zaishan. He didn't expect him to have moved over to Luo Yue City and started a shop here. He then immediately remembered An Zhiqi and that Dongfang Wang who thought of her as his personal possession.

Ye Mo walked in but didn't see An Zhiqi.

"It's you, you're Ye Mo!" Ai Zaishan was old but recognized Ye Mo immediately.

Ye Mo smiled and saluted with his fist, "An-Qianbei, long time no see."

"Please have a seat." An Zaishan quickly invited Ye Mo in and let a waiter bring Ye Mo a cup of tea.

Ye Mo scanned the antique shop. There were a few good magic artefacts in it. It seemed he had opened a shop there not for the money but out of his interests.

"How come I don't see An Zhiqi anywhere?" Ye Mo asked casually.

An Zaishan sighed, "When the Dongfang family came to Luo Yue, they ruined Luo Yue and made it chaotic. There were people here for her everyday, and she got very annoyed, so she went out touring on her own."

Ye Mo immediately knew why. Dongfang Wang must not have wanted to give up on her and kept sending people over.

"Does that means you're just living here by yourself, Qianbei?" Ye Mo asked.

An Zaishan shook his head, "No, my great-granddaughter is doing some business here and is a small official, so she comes over often."

An Ning - Ye Mo immediately remembered her. The two fish eyes of the yin yang fish were from her.

Clearly An Zaishan also remembered this matter and immediately asked, "City Lord Ye, do you still remember the yin yang fish pieces and the jade I left you?"

"Of course, thank you An-Qianbei. That jade had the words 'Seven pieces of trigrams, fish jump through the dragon gate' on it. Also, just call me Ye Mo now, not City Lord. I'm not the City Lord," Ye Mo smiled.

"Okay." An Zaishan didn't remain too formal "I'll call you Brother Ye then. I'm sure you haven't found the two fish tails yet, right?"

Ye Mo nodded, "Indeed, I didn't have the time to look for it yet, and I don't have a lead either."

An Zaishan smiled, "You don't need to look for it, the two fish tails appeared in an auction in Beijing, and I heard it was actually bought by your father-in-law's father, Ning Fuzhen. If you want it, you need to go to the Ning family."

Ning Fuzhen? That was Ning Qingxue's grandpa. Ye Mo didn't have good impressions of the people in the Ning family other than Ning Qingxue and her parents. It would be hard for him to go up to them and ask.

If it was before he went to the small world, he would go no matter what. It was some fortune after all but now, Ye Mo didn't really care too much.

An Zaishan said, "If possible, I recommend you go. It's no ordinary thing after all."

Ye Mo sighed and nodded.

Soon after he went back home, Ye Mo left the city after telling Ye Ling. He wanted to finish things over here and make the five essence pill quick so that Ye Ling could also start cultivating.

He had an important idea - he would find Luo Ying and co. in the small world and build a place for them to live at in Wu Wen Mountain.

In the depth of the Wu Wen Mountain, there was an abundance of spirit herbs and chi. It was much more effective to cultivate there.

After leaving Luo Yue, Ye Mo controlled his flying sword and flew slowly to Ning Hai.

He soon felt Ning Hai had changed a lot. Most evident was the increase of skyscrapers and decrease of green land. The traffic was also very busy. Ye Mo frowned. He needed to remind Huang Yinian not to let Luo Yue become like this too.

Ye Mo landed with Ning Hai University in front of him. He suddenly really wanted to go see Yun Bing. Ye Mo expanded his spirit sense but didn't see Yun Bing or Ting Ting.

However, his spirit sense stopped on a girl in front of the high school nearby. She was really pretty - her face was exquisite like an angel's, and even though her clothes were tattered, that still couldn't cover her glamour.

The reason why Ye Mo took notice of her was because she had a bracelet that Ye Mo had made on her.