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763 Intervene When Things Aren’t Righ

Chapter 763: Intervene When Things Aren’t Right

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"What? Ye Mo is already in Hang Shui?" Feng Neng looked at Fang Kuan in disbelief. The boat to the mortal side had left ten days ago and it was still on the sea. How could Ye Mo be in Hang Shui already? Could he fly?

Fang Kuan nodded, but his expression was very strange too. He said after thinking for a while, "Big Brother, he was able to annihilate many sects in one day, how did he do it? I thought he had a flying pet, but now it seems like he can fly himself."

"Can he really fly?" Feng Neng was more shocked than Fang Kuan. He was at great heaven tertiary stage and knew how hard it was to fly. He had heard that not even those who surpassed great heaven could fly. They could at most glide in the air, but the distance wouldn't be more than a few kilometers.

Feng Neng soon knew what Fang Kuan meant. He looked excitedly at Fang Kuan.

Fang Kuan nodded, "Big Brother, once we have him in our hands, we should just disable him first. If I'm not wrong, there's a heavenly shocking secret about Ye Mo. He's less than 30 years old, but he can already easily slaughter great heaven masters and he can fly. From this, we can tell that he's definitely not cultivating ancient martial arts."

Feng Neng took a long breath. This was the answer he wanted to hear. He feared Ye Mo a lot before, but now he could put all of those thoughts aside. If he really attained Ye Mo's cultivation method, what would he become? Couldn't he dominate the hidden sects world or even the entire Magical Continent? Feng Neng didn't dare to keep thinking.

But Fang Kuan continued, "However, I'm sure that I'm not the only one who noticed this. Elder Feng from Ice Lake must've noticed this too. With her wits and selfishness, no matter what kind of disciple Mu Xiaoyun was, there was no way she would openly stand against the entire hidden sects just to save Mu Xiaoyun. Yet, she did."

"Brother Fang, what do you mean?" Feng Neng looked excitedly at Fang Kuan.

Fang Kuan sneered, "Big Brother, I'm sure that Elder Feng realized that Ye Mo doesn't cultivate ancient martial arts, so she guessed that Mu Xiaoyun must have been cultivating what Ye Mo taught her. Therefore, she took Mu Xiaoyun away to get it from her. The reason why Ye Mo still hasn't found Mu Xiaoyun is probably because she has either been hidden or killed by Elder Feng."

"Big Brother, you can't win if you don't take risks! Moreover, we have Ji Mei. We can easily attain this wealth, so we can't give up. That's why I would like to propose to Big Brother to send Ji Mei to Hang Shui with Blue Condor," Fang Kuan said.

Feng Neng didn't hesitate this time and nodded, "We have a resting tower in the sea. Blue Condor should be able to arrive in the other side in one day's time. But we also need to go to Hang Shui immediately. I think that Ye Mo might have gotten his hands on something that was passed down from ancient times. He's really lucky to be able to obtain such a cultivation method."

Fang Kuan smiled, "Big Brother, no matter how many cultivation methods he got, everything will be ours in the end."

Ye Mo stayed in the hotel for three days, on the fourth day, Ye Mo was prepared to leave Hang Shui. It was pointless to stay there anymore.

Just when Ye Mo got to the door of the hotel, he saw a vicious man chasing a woman in rough clothes. The man had a bamboo whip and cursed as he chased, "Bitch, how dare you run."

Then, he whipped the woman, and the woman howled in pain and happened to fall at the door of the hotel.

Yet no one dared to stop the man.

Ye Mo frowned. He saw that although the woman had hair and dirt covering her face, she was extremely beautiful.

The man came to the woman and was about to whip her again.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to ask what was going on, a man in a blue shirt walked out and stopped the man, "Friend, why are you so cruel to a weak woman?"

The man stopped and looked at the man in a blue shirt and said coldly, "I'm beating a woman I bought, what's that got to do with you? Move aside or I will beat you too."

The man in a blue shirt smiled faintly. No one saw how he did it, but they suddenly realized that the bamboo whip had fallen in his hands and with a rub, the bamboo whip turned into dust.

Everyone was shook. This man was at least at the earth level to be able to do this.

The man also seemed to be shocked by the man in a blue shirt's power. He was dazed before saying, "Just because you're strong you're going to rob me of my possession?"

The blue shirt man sneered, "She's clearly a human, yet you call her your possession. How much money did you spend on her?"

"50- No, I didn't spend gold coins." The man looked worriedly at the man in a blue shirt.

The man in a blue shirt threw 5 gold coins to the man and said, "Take the gold coins and piss off. If you dare breathe in front of me for one more second, don't blame me."

The man was stunned by the man in a blue shirt's killing intent and quickly ran off with the money.

People around laughed and left.

At this moment, the woman crawled up and bowed to the man in a blue shirt before saying, "Ji Mei thanks you for saving her life!"

Her voice was crisp, but her tone was melancholic. Almost everyone who heard her cried out of sympathy.

Ji Mei didn't expect that she would be saved by this man - things hadn't gone according to the script.

Ye Mo saw this woman and thought of Mu Xiaoyun even more. When he first met Mu Xiaoyun, she was also like this. Ye Mo shook his head and walked out of the hotel.

Ji Mei seemed very weak and didn't have the power to stand after saying one sentence.

Ye Mo walked to the door and the way Ji Mei fell happened to be in his direction. A faint aroma entered his nose. Ye Mo frowned and retreated a step while hooking Ji Mei with his leg.

Ji Mei quickly got up and said worriedly to Ye Mo, "Big Brother, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean it, thank you, I, I-"

Ye Mo looked more carefully at her this time and couldn't help but truly be shocked at her beauty. She was even a bit more enticing than Mu Xiaoyun. She had that natural feeble feeling. Her eyes looked down, but they were very seductive. The coarse clothes she had couldn't cover her out-of-this-world beauty. The messy hair added a sense of worry-inducing beauty to her. Her butt was also very perky.

This woman was only worth 50 gold coins? Ye Mo was shocked.

Ji Mei was surprised. She intentionally let Ye Mo see her face, but she only saw some shock in his eyes. He didn't try to chat her up with lustful intent as she expected.