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762 Beautiful Woman Trick

Chapter 762: Beautiful Woman Trick

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Feng Neng didn't think it would be the one name that could make him not dare to show his anger. He fell silent.

He went from extreme fury to extreme calmth. He could yell at the top of his lungs about killing other people but when it came to Ye Mo, not only did he not dare do so, he also had to go apologize.

Who was Ye Mo? He had easily killed Len Quan and Ling Wushui while being attacked by countless great heaven masters. Meanwhile, he would be just a piece of cake to Len Quan or Ling Wushui.

Feng Neng was furious, but he didn't dare to show this anger. Perhaps if he foolishly made the order to hunt Ye Mo, the next moment, his clan would become history. Ye Mo might really come for a spin to the Sea Merchant Clan.

But no matter how strong Ye Mo was, could he really just let go of Ye Mo killing his only son?

Fang Kuan could tell how Feng Neng was feeling. He sent the rest of the people in the room off and then said, "Big brother, what do you plan on doing?"

Feng Neng put down his hands dejectedly and said, "What can I do? It will be my luck if that slaughter god doesn't come annihilate our clan. If I tried to get revenge from him, it'd be like asking to die. But I really don't want to let it go like this either."

Fang Kuan smiled "Big Brother, tell me the truth, do you want revenge?"

Feng Neng's said with a defeated face, "He killed my only son, how can I not want revenge? But even if I want it, revenge is only possible if you're capable. I heard that Qi Youxin wanted to get revenge for his son but didn't even last a single move against Ye Mo. Perhaps what I should be thinking about now is how to save the clan. Fang Kuan, think of a way to give a pricy gift to the Magical Merchant Association. Sigh."

Fang Kuan nodded, "Yes, we must send this gift, but it's not impossible if Big Brother wants revenge."

Feng Neng immediately got up and grabbed Fang Kuan's hand excitedly "Brother, what way do you have to get revenge? Quick, tell me."

Fang Kuan patted Feng Neng's hand "Big Brother, who do you think is prettier, Goddess Zi Hua or Ji Mei?"

Feng Neng immediately thought of Ji Mei - her moon-like face and crescent moon-like brows. Her white jade-like skin. He almost forgot about revenge as he thought about her, there was only her appearance in his head.

After a long while, he woke up and sighed, "Although Goddess Zi Hua is a beauty, she's still a little worse off than Ji Mei. Brother, what does this have to do with Ji Mei?"

"Big Brother, if you really want to get revenge, you will have to give her to Ye Mo," Fang Kuan said.

"What?!" Feng Neng was shook. He only got Ji Mei a year ago. When she was roaming the streets and was about to be sold, Feng Neng saw her and immediately fell in love with her. Because he loved her so much, he didn't go against her will and do anything like raping her. He agreed to do things after they were married half a year later.

This was his woman, such a beauty, how could he give her to his enemy? No way!

"No, that's impossible." Feng Neng rejected it.

Fang Kuan sighed. Although he had some small calculations, his loyalty towards Feng Neng was mostly genuine. He felt like something was up with Ji Mei. With his experience, he knew that she was not the weak-looking girl she seemed. He had tested her countless times, but had never found anything, though. If they could kill Ye Mo and send her away at the same time, it would be killing two birds with one stone.

But Fang Kuan knew that Feng Neng wouldn't listen to his opinion of Ji Mei. He coughed, "Big Brother, why do you think Ye Mo is helping the Magical Merchant Association?"

Feng Neng shook his head. He really didn't know.

Fang Kuan said, "I understand this man. Everyone knows he is really powerful, but he has a special characteristic. He is extremely lustful. Big Brother, the reason why the events of Magical Continent Mountain happened was all because of a woman called Mu Xiaoyun. Ye Mo slaughtered for her."

Fang Kuan then continued, "Mu Xiaoyun was already with Ye Mo, but Taiyi wanted her, so the battle occurred because of it. As for why Ye Mo is helping the Magical Merchant Association, it's also because Yun Ziyi is a very beautiful woman. She probably gave her body to Ye Mo for him to help them."

Feng Neng sighed, "But that doesn't mean he will like all beautiful women 100%. And can't we just give him a pretty one?"

Fang Kuan knew that Feng Neng didn't want to let go of Ji Mei, so he sighed, "With Ye Mo's standards, he wouldn't even consider ordinary women. Mu Xiaoyun and Yun Ziyi are extreme beauties, so if we want to entice him, I can't think of anyone other than Ji Mei."

Fang Kuan then said "Also, Ye Mo annihilated countless sects, even Taiyi and Kun Qian couldn't avoid it, so how come Ci Hang Jing Mosque was fine? I heard that Jie Xun was even the worst of enemies with Ye Mo.

Later I found out that it was because a few nuns from there had had a few affairs with Ye Mo. Ye Mo might be very lustful, but he protects the women he loves. If Ji Mei can seduce Ye Mo, how can we not have a chance to kill Ye Mo? Also, after we kill Ye Mo, Ji Mei will still be yours."

Feng Neng thought for a long time before sighing, "Okay, we'll do as you say. But Ye Mo is such a master, it'll be hard to ambush him."

Fang Kuan saw that Feng Neng agreed and breathed easy. He replied, "Big Brother, don't worry, leave this to me. As long as Ye Mo is seduced by Ji Mei, we will succeed 100%. "

Feng Neng agreed and immediately said, "Immediately investigate where that Ye Mo is and arrange Ji Mei to be sent over."

Hang Shui City - Ye Mo stood in front of this prosperous city and was lost in thought.

A few years ago, he had come there with Xiaoyun but now, he was by himself. He had searched countless cities and mountain ranges in this past month, had found many herbs, but still wasn't able to find Mu Xiaoyun.

Ye Mo walked around Hang Shui City in the day and went to Hang Shui Square. At night, he went back to the Blue Sea Hotel. He had stayed with Mu Xiaoyun there before.