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759 Way to Get Ou

Chapter 759: Way to Get Out

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So that was how the Magical Merchant Association began! Ye Mo admired Yun Dongxia's business brains.

Yun Ziyi continued, "But we can't take too many things at once using the teleportation formation, and only one person can go out each time. I have always wanted to go out, but father didn't feel it was safe, so he didn't let me go. Each time, it is only a Yun family member that is allowed to go through there. The person also has to be absolutely reliable. Only father, I, and a few elders of the Yun family know."

Then, Yun Ziyi looked dejected and said after a long while, "Four years ago, someone from the Yun family went out but didn't come back when one month had passed. All our Yun family people have great self control. They wouldn't be enticed by the luxurious world outside. My father knew deep down inside that something must have gone wrong, but he would rather believe the person was just held up by someone.

Then three years ago, the Yun family sent out another person but one month later, he also didn't come back. My father knew something must have happened to the formation, so two years ago, he went there himself, but there was no news of him either. He didn't come back after one month."

Ye Mo understood now that since these elders and Sea Merchant Clan members knew that Yun Dongxia went missing, they started to scheme for the Magical Merchant Association.

But even if the people outside knew about the teleportation formation and started capturing people who went out from it, they wouldn't be able to stop Yun Dongxia. A great heaven peak would slaughter everyone outside.

Ye Xing thought about how he came here four years ago. Was it due to the way in which he came here that damaged the formation?

Yun Ziyi said despondently, "Three months after my father left, that teleportation formation exploded, and only a pit remained."

Yun Ziyi looked up at Ye Mo and said, "Brother Ye, I know you came from the outside, so I want to ask you to help look for my father after you go out. If possible, help my dad come back. I don't have anything that I can give you, I only have my looks. If you don't mind me, I'm willing to be your servant."

Then, Yun Ziyi wanted to kneel down in front of Ye Mo.

He quickly stopped her, "I want to know how you know I came from the outside."

Ye Mo wasn't interested in having her as his servant. She wasn't his type. Moreover, he had too many women already.

Yun Ziyi seemed to know Ye Mo was going to ask this. She sat down again and said, "A few years ago, a big-bearded man bought an Earth Spirit Fruit and two sets of chi stones. If I'm not wrong, that person was you, Brother Ye. Before this, you used 500 kg of bricks of gold to exchange for gold cheques. Those gold bricks were exactly the same shape and weight."

Yun Ziyi continued, "I know that the technology outside is countless times better than here. Some of the power-generating technology was completely brought from the outside. The bricks are exactly the same, meaning that it was pressed by the same machine. There were also some letters on the bricks, and I know they were English, so I guessed these bricks came from the outside."

Ye Mo sighed, "Ms Yun, you're right. I come from the outside. But perhaps you didn't expect one thing - I actually came to you to ask how to leave, yet it seems you don't know either."

Yun Ziyi gazed at Ye Mo in shock and then said after a while, "Brother Ye, how did you come in then?"

Ye Mo could only tell her how he came in with Jie Xun.

Hearing this, Yun Ziyi was greatly disappointed.

Ye Mo saw this and said, "Ms Yun, I really do have to go out. Tell me the way the hidden sects go out. Although the formation only weakens every few decades, I can take a look first. If I go out, I will help you find your father."

Yun Ziyi heard this and had a little more hope in her eyes, "The place they use is Magical Continent Mountain. It has nine peaks forming a 240 degree fan shape. The middle peak has a huge platform. That's the way out, but it only opens every 50 years, and the time frame it does is six hours. It's said that there's a Northern Seven Spoon Star Formation that can connect with it. After three years, people can come back here through that formation."

Ye Mo asked, "Is the exit over here also a Northern Seven Star Formation?"

"No, that's only on the outside, the one on the inside isn't," Yun Ziyi replied.

"Then is there a Northern Seven Star-like place in here?" Ye Mo had to find the Northern Seven Star Formation. If he didn't, he wouldn't have a way to find the Bitter Ten Years, and without the Bitter Ten Years, he couldn't reach foundation establishment state.

Yun Ziyi frowned and then shook her head, "No, I've never heard any place in here that has the Northern Seven Star Formation."

Ye Mo sighed. It seemed it would be quite hard to find where the Bitter Ten Years grew.

Yun Ziyi took out a map and gave it to Ye Mo, "This is a map of the Magical Continent. It isn't absolutely complete, but it has 90% of the places, so hopefully it be of some help to you."

Ye Mo took it and had a look. It was very precise and even had small places like the Huang Ping Village.

Ye Mo put the map away and said, "Thank you, it will be useful to me indeed. Well then, I'm going to find Xiaoyun, and I still have some other business. If I have a way to go out, I will come find you."

Yun Ziyi knew that Ye Mo was going to go, so she quickly opened a wooden box next to her and took out a bag and a photo, "This is my father's photo. And there are 20 chi stones inside here. They're useless to me now, but I hope you can take them."

Ye Mo took everything without any refusal. This was not only useful for his cultivation, but also for the portal.

Ye Mo of course wouldn't take it for free though, so he gave her four jade bottles saying, "There are four pills inside of these. I've marked them all. The essence increasing pill can allow you to reach earth level 100%, the great essence chi increasing pill can make you reach heaven level, oh wait, I mean great heaven. This face preserving pill can preserve your face forever. This lotus life pill can cure any injuries. Thank you for your chi stones."

Yun Ziyi took these pills and was shocked. Any one of them could make countless people fight for it, yet Ye Mo gave her 4. He was too generous!

Ye Mo said again, "Oh and by the way, I have something else I need your help with which is very important."