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757 You’re Ye Mo

Chapter 757: You’re Ye Mo

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"Feng Zhuping? This is the Magical Merchant Association's meeting room, what are you doing here?" Yun Ziyi was shocked. However, she immediately understood what was going on.

Feng Zhuping was the young master of the Sea Merchant Clan. The fact that he was there meant that he had conspired with some of the elders of the Magical Merchant Association and decided to be public about it.

"Young Master Feng," some people greeted him as soon as he came in. Yun Ziyi saw it clearly. Out of the nine elders, seven of them got up and greeted Feng Zhuping as though he was a VIP and not some unwelcomed guest.

At the same time, it also meant that only Elder Feng and Elder Mang were still on her side.

Feng Zhuping smiled and didn't sat down. He studied Yun Ziyi and said slowly, "Yun Ziyi, Goddess Zi Hua, such a big name! And you look a lot prettier than before. As for why I'm here, I came to do business, of course."

Then, Feng Zhuping scanned the two elders who didn't greet him with killing intent flashing in his eyes, "I'm very sad to hear that something happened to Old Man Yun. However, Goddess Zi Hua, we, the Sea Merchant Clan, are here to help the Magical Merchant Association. Of course, it's only because I've been in love with you for long."

"You shit! Don't make me disgusted! Just by looking at your dad's character, I can tell, you think I don't know what you're here for? Piss off! This is the Magical Merchant Association's place, stop acting cocky here," one of the nine elders got up and spat.

"Crush this annoying fly for me," Feng Zhuping sneered.

One of the middle-aged man behind him had already charged at the man who had just spoken and casually punched him.

That elder knew he was going to be attacked, so he took out a sword and fought the middle-aged man back.

The man's fist stayed in the same direction. But just as it was about to touch the sword, it drastically changed direction.

The fist clashed with the sword, but the sword was shattered by this fist and the elder flew into the wall spitting blood. A few shards of the sword pierced into the elder's body.

Yun Ziyi quickly helped the elder get up and said, "Elder Feng, are you alright?" Then, she placed a pill in Elder Feng's mouth.

"I'm fine." The elder took the pill and managed to barely stand up. That strike had caused him heavy injuries.

The middle-aged man was going to keep attacking, but Feng Zhuping waved his hand,, "Wu Chang, we'll leave it at that. There is no rush to kill him now."

"Yes," Wu Chang agreed and then looked at Elder Feng saying coldly, "You're a mere half step great heaven, yet you dare act cocky."

"You're crossing the line, Feng Zhuping. You and your father Feng Qiu are the same dog breed. Shameless. No wonder your habits are the same as your fathers'." A woman stood up and pointed at Feng Zhuping in anger.

The female elder's words greatly offended Feng Zhuping, she had talked about the taboo subject in his house. Feng Neng's concubine was cheating on him and he found out, so he got people to tie the woman up and sink her into the sea. However, Feng Zhuping was also interested in that concubine and he secretly saved her to be his private sex slave. When word got out, it became the biggest joke.

So, he immediately ordered, "Wu Bai, kill her."

"Wait, you can't kill here! The reason I'm still at Chan City is because I'm waiting for Brother Ye. If you dare to kill here, when Brother Ye comes, your Sea Merchant Clan will become history." Yun Ziyi got up. She couldn't allow her only remaining elders to be killed.

"Hahaha!" Feng Zhuping laughed, "You two are intimate indeed, is he your f*ck buddy? Looks like Goddess Zi Hua only puts up a sacred look but in your bones, you're a sl*t. If you want a man that much, I can satisfy you later."

Feng Zhuping suddenly stopped laughing and said coldly, "Brother Ye? Even if your ancestor Ye comes, I will still kill whoever I want to kill. Make my Sea Merchant Clan become history? I want to see how it becomes history. But if he comes, I will let you see him become history."

Someone answered him, "Oh, I'm here alright. I also want to see how you will make me become history."

Feng Zhuping just realized that there was an extra person in the room, a very young man.

"Who are you? When did you come in?" Feng Zhuping became careful. He hadn't even seen the man come in.

"Brother Ye, you're here!" Yun Ziyi's joyful and surprised voice sounded.

Feng Zhuping's expression sunk. "So you're that Ye guy."

Ye Mo smiled, "That's right. I just heard you want to make me history, so I came."

Feng Zhuping hadn't gone to the Magical Continent Mountain. He had heard news of what happened there, but he didn't know Ye Mo and didn't know that that Brother Ye was Ye Mo.

If he had known Brother Ye was the one who had massacred the Magical Continent Mountain, he would have never come there. Even Len Quan, Ling Wushui, Qi Kai or any of them could have annihilatd the Sea Merchant Clan, much less the Ye Mo who had killed them.

Feng Zhuping sneered, "Wu Chang, cut off his ligaments. I need to observe Brother Ye closely."

"Yes." Wu Chang answered and charged at Ye Mo.

He just reached his hand to Ye Mo's neck assuming that someone this young was at most black level.

But before Wu Chang arrived, four wind blades flew over.

Wu Chang was at heaven level and Ye Mo didn't intentionally hide his wind blades, so he immediately noticed it and was shook.

Without thinking he wanted to dodge the four wind blades. However, what shook him even more was that instead he got held in the air. Of course, Wu Chang knew what this was, an inner qi wall.

Slump- Wu Chang fell on the ground exactly like how Feng Zhuping had wanted Ye Mo to be.

His ligaments were all cut off.

"You're Ye Mo," Wu Chang just said this and he immediately fainted.

The meeting room became eerily silent. Feng Zhuping could even hear his heavy breathing. His great heaven master hadn't even touched Ye Mo and had had his ligaments severed. That Brother Ye was this strong? Not even Yun Ziyi's father was this strong.

Feng Zhuping felt his hands go cold. He remembered what Wu Chang had said.

He looked up at Ye Mo and said, "You're Ye Mo?"

Feng Zhuping just said this subconsciously. He didn't know who Ye Mo was, but this didn't mean that other people didn't know. Most of the people in the room understood.

The weather in May wasn't hot. It was in fact quite cool, but some of the elders started to sweat.

Feng Zhuping subconsciously looked at the elders, who were in a daze as well as Wu Bai. He then remembered something. His face went deadly pale as he murmured, "You're Ye Mo."