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Chapter 751: Knowing Will

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"Elder, do you come here often?" Ji Yilan was surprised at how clean the stone room was.

Elder Feng walked to a wooden chair and sat down before shaking her head, "No, this is the second time I'm here because every time one wants to enter this place, five chi stones need to be used up. It took me more than a decade to gather these five. This stone room contains a big secret. I was planning on helping you become a second grade hidden sect first and then leave Ice Lake to investigate this room. But due to Xiaoyun, I could only come earlier. A pity about my chi stones."

Mu Xiaoyun frowned. She felt Elder Feng's words were strange.

Seeing Ji Yilan's confusion, Elder Feng ignored her and said to Mu Xiaoyun, "Xiaoyun, I know your husband is no ordinary person and the cultivation method he is learning is probably not an ancient martial art, right? I trust that your husband must have taught you the cultivation method. And so, on account of you also being an Ice Lake disciple at the end of the day, having received benefits from Ice Lake, please show us your cultivation method. Don't worry, I won't mistreat you."

Mu Xiaoyun heard this and immediately understood. This Elder Feng wanted her cultivation method, and that was why she had taken her away. It wasn't because she was an Ice Lake disciple or anything. After understanding this, Mu Xiaoyun's good impression of Elder Feng was immediately gone.

"Grandma, you?" Ji Yilan looked at Elder Feng in disbelief. She didn't expect her grandma to have been planning like that.

Elder Feng waved her hand to stop Ji Yilan from talking, "Yilan, you don't know what Ye Mo's cultivation method means to Ice Lake, and what it means to me. According to legends, a long time ago, people didn't cultivate ancient martial arts on Magical Continent but something that can allow you to fly, control the weather and even attain long life! But after countless years, only ancient martial arts remained, and ancient martial arts then even reached a bottleneck - we can't surpass great heaven."

Then, Elder Feng said to Mu Xiaoyun, "Xiaoyun, I've been watching you for a long time. In the four years you stayed at Ice Lake, you haven't actually cultivated for more than a year, and what you're cultivating isn't the Star Rain cultivation method, yet you progressed so fast that I didn't dare believe it. I didn't understand why, but after seeing your husband today, I guessed that you never cultivated in the Star Rain cultivation method from the beginning. You used something else to imitate the Star Rain cultivation method, right?"

Ji Yilan looked at Mu Xiaoyun in shock - she had reached the black level peak with only one year? This was too shocking!

Mu Xiaoyun's tone was a little cold as she replied, "Indeed, I haven't cultivated the Star Rain cultivation method but have been cultivating what my husband gave me. However, without his permission, I would never give it to anyone."

Although her tone was plain, the adamant will behind it was obvious.

Elder Feng showed immense joy upon confirming that her conjecture was right. There was a sliver of madness in that joy.

"Of course! How could a young man in his twenties easily slaughter great heaven masters otherwise? So that was it, hahaha! Xiaoyun, if it wasn't for what you cultivate, I wouldn't be rude to you like this, because I'm truly grateful to you and your husband. He cured my internal injuries after all. But now, I must get the cultivation method no matter what." The glint in Elder Feng's eyes became scarier, and she was about to get up and attack Mu Xiaoyun.

"Grandma, how can you? Xiaoyun is our Ice Lake's disciple. She's my martial sister!" Ji Yilan acted as though she didn't know this Grandma Feng. She would have never thought that the grandma-like figure she knew could show such behaviour.

"Yilan, move aside. You will understand later that what I did today was right. No one can stop my will, because you can't possibly imagine what that sort of cultivation method means." Elder Feng's face became scary, and she pushed Ji Yilan aside.

Mu Xiaoyun took a few steps back and suddenly gave Elder Feng six spirit stones, "Elder Feng, I know you need chi stones. I have six here. They're all yours. I just want to see my husband, and I think my husband will agree to your request."

Mu Xiaoyun did this because she knew that if Elder Feng got her cultivation method, she would kill her for sure.

She didn't care about her life that much, but she didn't want to leave her husband behind.

When Mu Xiaoyun subconsciously took out the spirit stones like that, Elder Feng was dumbfounded. Her body started shaking with excitement, and she threw the chi stones to the ground. She said shakily to Mu Xiaoyun, "You, you have the storage ring? The legendary spacial ring- Such things really exist, hahaha, it's all real!"

Mu Xiaoyun was dazed. She was just trying to stall for some time, yet her action made Elder Feng only more crazy.

Looking at Elder Feng's hysteric state, Ji Yilan came up again with tears and stood in front of her, "Grandma, Xiaoyun is an Ice Lake disciple. If you need her cultivation method, you can ask it from her husband, Grandma!"

"P*ss off!" Elder Feng had completely gone mad and slapped Ji Yilan away. Only she knew that she wasn't mad at all, she was just shaking in excitement.

With the magical ring and this cultivation method, perhaps she could become the number one cultivator of the Magical Continent! The Taiyi and Kun Qian trash would never know why she had taken Mu Xiaoyun away, but if they did, wouldn't they jump off a cliff in regret?

Elder Feng slapped out towards Mu Xiaoyun. She was going to knock her out first and take her spacial ring. Perhaps the cultivation method was in there.

But before her palm reached Mu Xiaoyun, a faint lightbarrier shot out from Mu Xiaoyun's wrist. Crack- the barrier broke, and then a faint blue mist started to emanate, soon covering the entire room.

Elder Feng was dazed for a moment but quickly grabbed at Mu Xiaoyun again, but as she wanted to gather her inner qi, she felt a sudden tearing pain in her meridians. She couldn't use any inner qi at all!

Elder Feng was shook. Mu Xiaoyun was a black level peak warrior, if she couldn't use her inner qi, Mu Xiaoyun would be easily able to kill her.

Mu Xiaoyun's heart pained when she saw her bracelet break. Her husband had said that this bracelet was akin to him being by her side, yet now Elder Feng had broken it. This made Mu Xiaoyun furious.

Without thinking, she took out her flying sword from the spacial ring and moved to kill Elder Feng.

Elder Feng saw this and was worried, so she kicked one of the spirit stones under her foot at Mu Xiaoyun while hurriedly retreating.

Click- The spirit stones landed in one of the sinks as she just left the room.

Then, the other four sinks made a buzzing noise, and the remaining spirit stones were sucked in too. Suddenly a white light started circulating in the room.

The four were shocked, not knowing what was going on. The big room rumbled, and the doorless room was suddenly sealed shut.

Elder Feng was also dazed, but before she could come back to her senses, the tearing pain in her meridians appeared again.

She was in so much pain that she started rolling around the room while she felt her inner qi disappear into nothing.

Knowing will pill, knowing my will - so that was it! What a cunning little bastard, I hate you!" Elder Feng writhed and convulsed on the ground.

She finally understood what Ye Mo had done when he gave Mu Xiaoyun to her. If she attacked Mu Xiaoyun, the bracelet would spew that herbal smoke, and because she had taken the knowing will pill, the two combined into something that rendered her completely powerless.