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750 Magical Passage

Chapter 750: Magical Passage

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Yun Ziyi shivered and subconsciously looked at Ye Mo with fearful eyes. Ye Mo was motionlessly standing amongst the bloody bodies with his sword in hand.

There was blood all over his body, some of it even dripping down from his hair.

He was this powerful? Even when so many great heaven masters tried to kill him, he killed them all instead.

Yun Ziyi felt like Ye Mo was a slaughter god, a war god, like he could do anything.

Meanwhile Ye Mo's cultivation essence was all used up and his spirit sense was heavily depleted.

The reason why he was standing still was to gather some cultivation essence. He saw Yun Ziyi as soon as she came up, but just hadn't moved. Once he recovered some cultivation essence, he looked at her and said, "Come over."

"Brother Ye." Yun Ziyi quickly went over. Life was like this - although she hadn't voiced it before, she had shared Xiao Ling's perspective too. They thought that Mo Ying was the dung that the flower which was Mu Xiaoyun was planted in.

But now she understood just how good Mu Xiaoyun's eyes were. She had actually found someone so absurdly powerful like Ye Mo.

"Take me to Ice Lake now." Ye Mo believed that by the time he got to Ice Lake, his cultivation essence would be recovered enough. He told Yun Ziyi to take him there because he would be able to use the time on the cart to recover his essence.

Yun Ziyi was dazed for a moment but then immediately understood. She rejoiced and nodded, "Yes, Brother Ye, I'll take you there now."

Then, Yun Ziyi took out the pill Ye Mo had given her and said, "Brother Ye, I don't need this pill."

Ye Mo looked strangely at her and said, "Your internal injuries are not light, if you don't eat this, you might get worse or even lose your power."

Yun Ziyi looked dejected and said, "Brother Ye, you promised that you owed me, so I want you to do something else for me."

Ye Mo waved his hand. Although Yun Ziyi was pretty, he didn't like her little calculations.

"Just eat the pill, as long as you take me to Ice Lake, I'll help you do another thing after I'm done there," Ye Mo said plainly.

"Yes, Brother Ye!" Yun Ziyi was smart enough and didn't mention the pill anymore.

Ye Mo picked up Len Quan's axe. He felt it was very extraordinary. His flying sword had had his cultivation essence attached to it yet had still been unable to do anything to this axe.

Ye Mo didn't have the time to look at it now, though, so he just threw it inside his ring and went inside Yun Ziyi's cart.

Yun Ziyi saw with her own eyes how Ye Mo turned a huge axe into nothing and was shaken even more. She became more fearful of Ye Mo and wondered if she should've called Ye Mo Qianbei.

She quickly cast those thoughts aside, and when they got to the bottom of the mountain, she told that half step great heaven man and Xiao Ling to wait for her at Chan City while she manned the horse and took Ye Mo to Ice Lake.

Ye Mo didn't know why Yun Ziyi did this, but he didn't care.

"Grandma, thank you." Mu Xiaoyun was very grateful to Elder Feng while sitting on the cart to Ice Lake.

If it wasn't for Elder Feng, she would be dead weight to her husband. If she caused her husband's death, she would never be able to forgive herself.

Elder Feng smiled, "Xiaoyun, you'll always be an Ice Lake disciple in my heart. Although I agreed to send you to Taiyi after the tournament, I was just tricking them. Now that your husband is back, I can rest easy. I treat all Ice Lake disciples the same.

Inside the cart, when Fei Qin and Qi Shuo heard this, they looked very grateful too.

Ji Yilan immediately said, "Yes, Xiaoyun, don't worry. With grandma here, Ice Lake will be fine and so will you."

Elder Feng's cart was very quick but after two hours, Mu Xiaoyun noticed that the direction it was headed to wasn't Ice Lake.

Just when Mu Xiaoyun wanted to ask something, Elder Feng took the cart into a hidden valley.

Coincidentally, at this moment an ordinary warrior saw the Ice Lake cart and quickly hid on the side. He only got up after the cart was completely in the valley and patted his chest, "I should leave, if I happen to see some of the hidden sects' matters, I'll be dead for sure."

"Grandma, is this another post of Ice Lake?" Ji Yilan asked in Mu Xiaoyun's stead.

Elder Feng nodded and made the cart go faster.

"Aunty Miao and Elder Luo don't seem to be here," Fei Qin said.

Elder Feng didn't speak, but Ji Yilan explained, "Grandma is probably worried about Xiaoyun so she took us here first. Aunty Miao and co. should be fine. Who knows if someone will try to do something to Xiaoyun once we get back to Ice Lake?"

Hearing this, everyone immediately understood.

After another hour passed, the cart left the valley and came to a rather flat, open area.

"Grandma, how come I've never seen this place before? It really is very well hidden," everyone got off while Ji Yilan gave a comment.

"Well, you'll know everything later. We need a few more posts in order for Ice Lake to grow bigger." Elder Feng then took out five white stones and looked at a direction before throwing them out.

The stones landed in five different spots. Mu Xiaoyun was shook - these stones were spirit stones! Grandma had this many?

"Grandma, did you just throw chi stones?" Ji Yilan recognized the stones and exclaimed. She knew how precious they were. Even if Ice Lake gathered all their wealth, they might not be able to buy one, yet grandma just threw five.

Elder Feng didn't reply, but the plain mountain wall suddenly opened revealed a passage.

Ji Yilan and the others were shocked.

Elder Feng said plainly, "This tunnel will only be open for a short time. Everyone get on the cart quickly, we'll be going in."

No one knew why the elder had hidden this place at such a huge cost, but they simply followed.

As soon as they went inside, the tunnel quickly closed. On the outside, it had gone back to nothing but a mountain side again. This was too magical.

Elder Feng didn't talk as she led the four into a stone room.

To everyone's surprise, there was a clean room inside. It was a round-shaped room. There was nothing in there except for five odd-looking sinks near the wall.

There were many strange markings on the ground too which seemed alive at first, but upon further investigation, they just seemed like ordinary markings.