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749 Ground Full of Great Heaven Bodies

Chapter 749: Ground Full of Great Heaven Bodies

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The Magical Continent Mountain that should be bustling right now was instead completely quiet, and it was a silent and deathly atmosphere which filled the air.

Ye Mo turned around and looked at the remaining four great heaven masters. His face was the epitome of coldness and indifference, while blood was dripping from his body.

Everyone now knew that the young man in front of them wanted to massacre them completely. They had witnessed the fate of those who ran away, so no one dared to run anymore.

"I originally only wanted to kill that Yuan Chong and Qi Kai, but since you guys wanted my life, pay for it with your own." After Ye Mo said this, his flying sword turned into a sword ray and charged straight at Len Quan. He was set on killing Len Quan this time.

But the next scene took everyone by surprise. Even Len Quan and Ling Wushui didn't expect they would both take the same action, but Len Quan and Ling Wushui both grabbed the great heaven master next to them at almost the same time and threw them at Ye Mo while retreating.

They both wanted to run and both did so in the same way.

The other two great heaven cultivators didn't expect masters like Len Quan and Ling Wushui to do this, so without being able to put up any resistance, they were thrown onto Ye Mo's flying sword.

Blood splurged as the flying sword cut through them at their waist.

Ye Mo didn't care about Ling Wushui and just controlled his flying sword to stop Len Quan.

Len Quan cursed at Ye Mo coming for him first but facing the flying sword, he could only watch as Ling Wushui got away while he had to stay and even try to stop Ye Mo to his benefit.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo knew clearly how his condition was. His injuries weren't serious, but they weren't light either. The main thing was that his cultivation essence was heavily depleted even with all the pills he ate. Even if he didn't want Ling Wushui to leave, he couldn't stop him anymore. In fact, if Ling Wushui had stayed and helped this Taiyi Sect old man fight him to the death, the result of that would really be hard to predict.

"Little bastard, I'll fight you to death!" Len Quan gathered all his inner qi and hacked at Ye Mo with his axe.

This axe contained almost all of his inner qi.

Ye Mo sneered. This cultivator had probably started cultivating only halfway through his life, because he used a pretty unorthodox weapon.

Ye Mo also channelled his cultivation essence into his flying sword and clashed with the axe again, but it didn't leave any marks.

Thud- Ye Mo was forced many meters back by the huge power of the axe and spat a mouth of blood for the first time in the battle.

Len Quan was surprised at the sight. So many people had been attacking Ye Mo and he hadn't spat blood, yet he simply used his full power and attacked him once and Ye Mo spat blood. This was very strange.

But when Len Quan thought about it, he immediately understood. Ye Mo was strong, yes, but he was at the end of his means by now.

"Hahaha!" Len Quan laughed hysterically. He wasn't laughing because he was certain he could take out Ye Mo. He was laughing at the fact that the remaining six of them didn't work together. If they had, perhaps Ye Mo would be long dead already.

But they ha only cared about running away, which eventually just benefitted Ye Mo. Even if it was only Ling Wushui and him left, they might be able to take Ye Mo out. But now, it was all too late. Ling Wushui had run away, and he was by himself. He couldn't take on Ye Mo alone.

Ye Mo ate another lotus life pill and didn't intend to retreat at all when Len Quan charged at him. He knew what Len Quan was thinking just by looking at how he was charging at him like a mad man.

Flying sword and huge axe clashed again, and he took a few steps back. He knew that he had the lower hand in terms of chi right now, so before Len Quan could continue attacking, he conjured countless wind blades and spat out some essence blood to shoot out tens of fireballs. He needed to finish the fight as fast as possible.

He was worried about Mu Xiaoyun and the current state of his body.

Len Quan spun his axe around like a windmill, creating a strong qi swirl that broke apart Ye Mo's wind blades and fireballs.

Ye Mo ate the last essence chi pill he had and sent out even more fireballs and wind blades.

Len Quan was furious about the way Ye Mo was fighting, but he couldn't get out of the wind blade and fireball barrage.

Len Quan knew that if this continued, he would die for sure.

Cruelty showed in his eyes as his Qi Sea expanded. The inner qi swirling around him intensified, rendering Ye Mo's wind blades and fireballs unable to get close to Len Quan.

Ye Mo couldn't help but rejoice that his battle plan from before had been correct. He had avoided Len Quan and Ling Wushui, making the two fear him and lose the will to fight. If they hadn't run and had instead stayed to fight him to the death, he would have been in real danger.

Len Quan quickly jumped many meters into the air after slashing away the magic skills and hacked down towards Ye Mo's head. He was really at his limits now and had almost no power left.

Ye Mo was shook. He didn't think Len Quan would still have such a powerful attack left, but from the wounds he had, Ye Mo could tell that he had also paid a price to get out of his wind blade barrage.

Ye Mo caught the axe with his flying sword and gathered all the cultivation essence he had before punching it towards Len Quan.

Ye Mo thought that if Len Quan dodged that and he used his wind blades to hurt him again right after, he should be able take Len Quan's life as soon as his flying sword was free.

But Ye Mo was obviously overestimating Len Quan. Len Quan had used up all the inner qi he had. He couldn't dodge the attack at all, and he had to use inner qi to glide in mid-air.


The fistwind struck Len Quan's chest head on.

Flesh flew all over the place as Len Quan's body was turned into a bloody mist.

Yun Ziyi was very fast, yet even before she arrived at the mountain, she already saw people running away everywhere.

When she stopped someone and asked them what was going on, she found out that the big sects were ganging up on Ye Mo and that they were having a heaven shaking battle.

Yun Ziyi knew that Ye Mo was strong, but she also knew what sort of place Magical Continent Mountain was and how many masters would be there now.

But she wasn't too worried about Ye Mo as she knew he could fly. If he couldn't beat them, he could just fly away.

When Yun Ziyi got to the peak, though, she was shocked by the scene. There were bloodied bodies everywhere, and the fight seemed to be still going on.

'Ye Mo didn't run away?' This was her first thought, but as she walked a bit further, she just happened to see the scene where Ye Mo beat Len Quan into a bloody mist.

Yun Ziyi was shocked. She knew Len Quan's power all too well. Even though her father was at the great heaven peak, even he might not be able to beat Len Quan! Yet such a powerful person was beaten into a bloody mist by Ye Mo.

And when she looked a bit further, she was stunned by the countless great heaven bodies lying there. She knew many of the faces; Qi Kai, Elder Jin, the sect leaders of the Forgery Hall and Gemini Sword Sect etc. Those dead on the ground were all either grand elders or sect leaders!

All these renowned people had become mere bodies, and some didn't even have a body left!

Great heaven masters - any one of them could dominate the world, yet here, she saw their bodies piled up.