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745 Instant Kill Great Heaven

Chapter 745: Instant Kill Great Heaven

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Ye Mo looked at the person who now also flew onto the stage, and his eyes went cold. It could be said that other than the young ancient martial artist, this was the person he wanted to kill the most in the small world.

"So it's you, Jie Xun, you witch! I wanted to find you too, how great! I remember your chest having two big balls of white, though, why are you restraining them now? Or did some old ancient martial artist do that?" Ye Mo laughed.

"Little animal, you're asking to die!" Jie Xun cursed every time she thought about how Ye Mo ripped off the clothes on her chest and made her lose the most precious thing.

Jie Xun was about to attack immediately, but then she suddenly seemed to remember something and stopped. There were so many people there, yet they were all just surrounding Ye Mo without attacking. If she went up first, perhaps it would end up benefiting someone else instead.

Ye Mo thought it was a shame. If Jie Xun came up, he could kill her first but alas, she was too cunning.

Everyone looked at Jie Xun after Ye Mo said that. Jie Xun had a strange quirk - she hated men. She never gave any man any face, so she had the title of heartless nun. Everyone looked strangely at Jie Xun now, because her reaction meant that what Ye Mo said might have some truth to it.

Many people started thinking, 'This Ye Mo fellow having seen Jie Xun's chest naked, is there something between them?'

Jie Xun's face went pale with anger, but she still didn't go up.

Even though there were so many people there, if they came up one by one, he wouldn't have to fear anyone. Even if they ganged up on him, he wouldn't care, but he would be worried about Mu Xiaoyun. This was why he hadn't attacked yet.

"Xiaoyun, while we fight, we'll retreat at the same time. As long as we retreat as far as 15 kms, I will be able to take you up and fly," Ye Mo said.

Just when Ye Mo was about to attack, a cold voice sounded, "Martial Sister Jie Xun, why didn't you come back to the sect after going out for so long? And why has Luo Fei not come back from the outside?"

Ye Mo looked at the person talking - it was another nun. He thought that since Ci Hang Jin Mosque had one master he couldn't see through before, and four other great heaven masters, as well as many half step great heaven masters, if they were to leave, he would feel a lot less pressure.

Jie Xun sneered, "Martial Sister Jie Xian, I'm already great heaven. I stayed outside because of some business. As for the sect, I will go back after I'm done. Also, Martial Sister, you might not know, but those three-"

Ye Mo heard this and knew Jie Xun wanted to spill the matter of the three pages of the Ni Luo Sutra. If she did, then these nuns would attack him like crazy.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo yelled, "Jie Xun, you wretched woman! You wouldn't even let go of the disciples in your own sect. You killed Luo Yin and forced Luo Fei to jump off a cliff. You animal! They knew that you were involved in some shady stuff, and now they've all been killed by you."

"Jie Xun, did you kill my disciples Luo Yin and Luo Xuan?" a pretty middle-aged nun heard this and glared. Then, she pulled out her sword and attacked Jie Xun.

Jie Xun cursed that Ye Mo for interrupting her. She blocked the sword with her horsetail whisk and pointed at Ye Mo, "And you killed that Qi Yulin from Kun Qian, didn't you? Can you deny that? The three scrolls of the Ni Luo Sutra are also on you, do you want to deny that too?"

Ye Mo had already retreated to the edge of the stage with Mu Xiaoyun while out of his flying sword appeared countless sword rays forming a barrier around them. At the same time, he shot out a bunch of fireballs as well.

The warriors on the side of the stage were caught off guard.

It all happened too quickly.

But as soon as Ye Mo got off, two strong fist winds sealed his path.

If it was just him alone, he could dodge it, but he was with Mu Xiaoyun.

Such powerful fist winds! Ye Mo knew that this wasn't the attackers' full power either. It was Ling Wushui and the ancient martial artist from Taiyi who just got there. The latter seemed to be even stronger than Ling Wushui.

Ye Mo's flying sword quickly clashed with the fist winds.

Bang! The force shattered even the nearby rocks.

Ye Mo stood still on the spot, while the two great heaven peak warriors took two steps back.

So strong! Ye Mo sighed. These two were as strong as chi gathering peak cultivators. If it wasn't for his Three Birth Chant, it would be impossible to stop them with a chi gathering stage seven cultivation, but even now, he couldn't get the upper hand.

It seemed it had been the right decision of him not to go to Taiyi as soon as he arrived. That would have been suicide.

The difference between great heaven primary stage and great heaven peak was this huge! It really shocked Ye Mo.

But his two opponents were even more in shock. They had never thought that there would be someone able to block both of their attacks simultaneously, even slightly taking the upper hand. Moreover, this young man had someone he was protecting beside him! Although they hadn't attacked with their full power, they had still used at least 70%.

The two looked at each other and nodded. Ye Mo saw excitement in their eyes - they were interested in what he cultivated.

By this time, more people had reached them.

At this moment, the nun Jie Xian ordered, "All disciples of Ci Hang Jin Mosque, listen! Come back immediately. Our main task is to bring Jie Xun back."

"Martial Sister Jie Xian, we need you right now. Us three sects are allies, how can you?" That Taiyi Sect old man immediately commented.

Jie Xian answered plainly, "Our sect has a traitor, so we need to settle that first."

The Taiyi old man was at a loss for words.

"You killed my nephew Yulin, little animal, die!" A great heaven master suddenly jumped up and pierced his sword towards Ye Mo with intense killing intent.

It was a sneak attack, and the sword ray was already above Ye Mo's head.

Ye Mo sneered, however. He had no intention of even avoiding the attack. The flying sword in his hand vibrated upon being filled with his cultivation essence and turned it into a many meter long white beam which hacked towards his opponent's sword.

A screeching sound appeared, after which a vibrant red colored the sky.

A body that was split in half fell on the ground right after. Then, blood rained down too.

Ling Wushui's face was green. It had happened so fast that he couldn't even save a great heaven master of his own sect.