Strongest Abandoned Son
727 Seem to Have Known Each Other
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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727 Seem to Have Known Each Other

Chapter 727: Seem to Have Known Each Other
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

After hearing his words, everyone was shocked. If what Elder Zhang said was true, then someone was definitely setting them up. No wonder Qi Youxin could resist the pain of losing his son and not fight Xia Chongyan to death.

"He managed to injure Vice Sect Leader Xia, kill Elder Ming and frame the wrong person. Then, he took Wei Wu to Hang Shui City and left casually. This person- This person-" an elder said in shock.

Everyone knew what he meant. He was saying that this guy was absurdly strong. Only masters above great heaven middle stage could do that. Moreover, this person had efficiently left all these tricks and misleading clues, which meant that he hadn't gotten heavily injured in the end.

"And," Ling Wushui said slowly, "I found another suspicious point that helped me confirm that he was the one who harmed Elder Ming. Also, this clue leads to thinking that this person might have come from the outside world!"

"What!!!???" everyone almost stood up in shock. They knew what the "outside" meant. The magical continent was said to be a world separated from the main earth by ancient beings with unimaginable power. But that was just a legend.

Due to countless years having passed, the cultivation world could only cultivate ancient martial arts. But even so, it was still shocking what one could do when having reached the extreme of ancient martial arts. Only people from the smaller world could go out, and those from the outside couldn't come in. Ling Wushui's words meant that now that people from the outside world could come in and even kill great heaven masters.

"Elder Ling, it's not that we don't believe you, but this is too shocking." Another middle-aged man stood up.

To them, it was a rather big thing because it was said that the technology from outside was advanced - one bomb could blow up an entire city. No matter how strong their ancient martial arts were, they couldn't beat that sort of bomb.

Ling Wushui waved his hand, "That is just my guess. Because when Elder Ming died and left the message 'Forgery' behind, that man left it to draw suspicion on Forgery Hall. However, he didn't know that in the magical continent the word 'Forgery' has two extra dots - so he didn't add them.

According to what we know, in China, in the outside world, they don't write the two dots when they write the character 'Forgery'. Thus, I suspect he's from the outside. Of course, there's also the possibility that someone in here is accustomed to the writing style from outside, but that's not very likely. No matter what, Elder Ming wouldn't have written that."

Qi Youxin saw everyone look at him and he nodded, "That's right, I just found out about that a few days ago, the word was very blurry. I told Elder Ling yesterday, but even so, Xia Chongyan is still suspicious. He could've done this on purpose."

Everyone could tell that Qi Youxin was a lot more reasonable. At least he knew that this probably didn't have anything to do with Forgery Hall. Yet, he couldn't find a target for revenge, so that's why he's clinging onto Xia Chongyan.

"That big-bearded man's gold checks all came from the Magical Merchant Association, so we asked Zihua Goddess. Apparently, he brought a large stack of gold bricks to trade for those gold checks. But where did he get that many gold bricks from? How did he bring them inside Hang Shui City?" Zhang Changwen asked.

"Did the Magical Merchant Association not investigate this?"

"The Magical Merchant Association only does business with people. They never investigate the customer. I've already asked Zihua Goddess about this," Zhang Changwen immediately said.

Xia Chongyan was still silent, but Wan Houde said, "This person injured our Vice Sect Leader and killed Wei Wu. No matter who he is or where he comes from, we won't let him go."

A middle-aged woman from Du Tian Sect sneered, "So what if you won't let him go? Do you know who he is? Furthermore, he can kill a great heaven master, which means that he's at great heaven too. Even if you meet him, what will you do about it? And he's a great heaven master at a very young age, that's quite formidable."

Seeing that Wan Houde was about to rage, Ling Wushui waved his hand, "Other than All Heaven Sect's Du-Qianbei, who reached great heaven at the age of 45, there has been no other person in the magical continent who could reach great heaven before that age. I'm not sure if that person is great heaven for sure, Elder Ming died from a sneak attack. From this we can confirm that if he is at great heaven, he's at most as strong as Elder Ming."

TL Note: Du Tian: all heaven

Ling Wushui was implying that if the culprit was only at Elder Ming's level, he had no concerns.

"Elder Jie Xian, has your Elder Jie Xun come back yet?" Ling Wushui suddenly asked something irrelevant.

Jie Xian shook her head, "Not only did Jie Xun not come back yet, but a core disciple also didn't come back."

"Martial Sister Jie Xian, I got news that in the mortal land someone from your sect used your sect's hidden sects' order to capture a young man called Ye Mo. First, she searched by identity, which wasn't effective, then she drew an image. I have an image of Ye Mo here, everyone can take one," Zhang Changwen said.

Then, he said, "Perhaps when Martial Sister Jie Xian goes back to your sect, Daoist Jie Xun will be back too. Maybe Jie Xun knows about why the core disciple of Kun Qian Sect, Qi Yulin, disappeared. So if Jie Xun comes back, please inform me."

"What?" Jie Xian was clearly shocked by this news. She didn't even know the missing elder from her sect had came back, and someone else knew. If Jie Xun had returned, why didn't she go back to her sect as soon as possible? Why use a hidden sects' order in a mortal city?"

"Daoist Jie Xian, did your other two disciples come back?" another elder from Kun Qian Sect asked.

Jie Xian's face looked unhappy. They hadn't even told her Jie Xun had appeared yesterday and now they were questioning her. She said coldly, "Your Kun Qian Sect's Elders don't need to care about our disciples."

Zhang Changwen knew that if this continued, they might start fighting. He wanted to use this meeting to pressure Jie Xian into saying why Jie Xun had used the hidden sects' order and how had she come back. However, from her expression, it seemed she really didn't know Jie Xun was back.

The meeting dispersed with general unhappiness.

After Liu Lei won the fight, an Elder immediately took him in as a disciple. The pressure on cultivation of inner sect members was very high. They had to use most of their time on board to cultivate, so he didn't have time to find Ye Mo and he didn't go look for him either.

Even though Ye Mo knew that Jie Xun wasn't on the ship, he didn't go out much. He knew that he should keep a low profile.

A few days passed quickly. Ye Mo didn't know that because he had stayed in his room all day, he had saved himself a lot of trouble.

When the ship reached the shore, all the disciples rejoiced. No one liked living on the sea all the time.

Under the leadership of the sect elders, the disciples got off the ship quickly. Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun also left the dock with Ice Lake's people.

Yun Ziyi bid farewell to the sect elders. She had her own business, so she didn't have to go back.

"Ziyi, wait," an elder stopped Yun Ziyi. He gave an image to her, "This person is very important. Your merchant association is all over the place, try to find him."

"Oh." Yun Ziyi took the painting and looked at it. Immediately, she realized something looked familiar.
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