Strongest Abandoned Son
725 Three Mistakes and One Move
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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725 Three Mistakes and One Move

Chapter 725: Three Mistakes and One Move

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"I know that woman, she is the genius disciple that Ice Lake just recruited. She's said to be the best level 1 talent!"

"So it's her! I remember that day. All of the big three sects wanted to take her, but that guy didn't want to, so they joined a third grade sect in the end."

"Yes, yes, it's like seeing a flower planted on-"

"Be careful. Although Ice Lake is a third grade sect, their power is still very strong."

When Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun came in, people immediately started talking about them. Ye Mo didn't mind, but Mu Xiaoyun was angry about other people saying that about her husband.

Yu Yuyan, who was about to go up to Ye Mo and scorn him, stopped. She finally understood how Ye Mo had managed to get there. He was relying on that woman of his.

Yu Yuyan sneered. She was about to leave with Shang Qing Sect members when she suddenly thought of something, and her expression didn't look good.

Mu Xiaoyun had gotten here and was Ice Lake's level one talent disciple. Then, what about the people Liao Wei had sent? Did he give up after not managing to catch Mu Xiaoyun? Liao Wei wouldn't dare do anything to her due to Shang Qing Mountain. But, what reason did he have to fear Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun? Now that she thought about it, things didn't seem to be that simple.

"Martial Sister Yuyan, let's go a bit forward. Let's look at how Martial Brother Sima dominates the stage. A newcomer dared challenge our Martial Brother Sima, he's asking to die!" someone from Shang Qing was sucking up to Yu Yuyan.

"Martial Sister Mu, you're also here?" The new disciple Fei Qing and the other few disciples had also come to watch the show.

Mu Xiaoyun smiled and nodded.

"Haha! Big Brother Mo, I didn't see you before, but you're already here!" Liu Lei saw Ye Mo and immediately approached him happily. He was younger than Ye Mo and admired him, so he had changed his way of addressing Ye Mo.

Before Ye Mo could reply, someone sneered on the side, "You're about to die yet you're still this happy. I admire your audacity!"

Liu Lei looked at the person speaking, it was that Pan Cheng from Shang Qing. He sneered at once, "Okay, then let's fight to death after I fight Sima Ping. Do you have the balls? If you don't have the balls, then don't talk sh*t in front of me."

"Hahaha! You want to fight to death with me?! I want to kill you personally, but you won't have the chance to face me!" Pan Cheng laughed.

Liu Lei looked coldly at him, "I just asked if you have the balls to accept the challenge. If you don't, p*ss off to the side!"

Pan Cheng suddenly started laughing out loud. He saluted with his fist to the people around and said, "Everyone, this guy thinks he will be able to fight to death with me after fighting Martial Brother Sima. Okay, I, Pan Cheng, agree. But I don't think Martial Brother Sima will give me the pleasure. Hahahaha!"

Liu Lei ignored him and said to Ye Mo, "Big Brother Mo, I heard that everyone is betting that I will lose. Do you want to earn a little fortune?"

Ye Mo smiled. He really wasn't interested in such small amounts. What he needed wasn't gold coins, but spirit herbs and spirit stones.

Suddenly, there was a loud wave of claps. Ye Mo looked up. A man flew onto the stage. His movements were very sleek - he even flipped in mid-air and landed firmly on the stage. Although he looked very ugly, you could feel his power and control.

He was at yellow level peak indeed, and he seemed to be less than 30 years old.

"I'll go up first. This kid is already too bored of living," Liu Lei said and walked onto the stage slowly. However, his momentum was much worse than Sima Ping's.

Although the scene was very boisterous, the real high-level martial artists rarely came to these events. It was more for lower level disciples and merchants.

"I heard that Mo Ying is friends with Liu Lei," Yun Ziyi said.

"Yes, Young Miss. I saw Mo Ying at Liu Lei's door. They met in Hang Shui City. Should we go have a look?" Xiao Ling asked.

Yun Ziyi shook her head, "There's nothing to see. It's a battle of two mere yellow level disciples. Let's go back."

Then, Yun Ziyi glanced at Mu Xiaoyun and shook her head again, "What a pity."

"The battle begins now!" A black level guard was the judge. It was a very simple job. All he really had to say was 'begin'. He didn't have to care about what went on in the fight. Regardless of the means used to kill the other person, it didn't matter.

Sima Ping laughed and pulled out his long sword. With his current power, he could reach black level any time. He didn't need to worry about a yellow level middle stage disciple.

"If you call me grandpa three times now and crawl under me, I'll only cut an arm and a leg," Sima Ping mocked him, "Of course, I'll have to take your life too."

"Dumb c*nt! Let's see if you talk sh*t when I take your life!" Liu Lei was already holding his sword ray, and he charged at Sima Ping's forehead.

He dared to attack frontally? Sima Ping sneered, but his sneer quickly froze. Liu Lei's attack was too fast. It wasn't something that a yellow level martial artist could do.

Sima Ping was sure that without black level inner qi, one couldn't attack that fast. Not even he could handle a sword that fast. Sima Ping was immediately scared to death.

Instantly Sima Ping felt cold sweat. He only had the time to raise his sword to block it.

Crank- Liu Lei's curved sword didn't stop at all and hacked straight down. It was no fancy move or technique, it was a simple hack.

But Sima Ping's sword couldn't even block it a little bit.

When he felt the long sword in his hand lose strength, Sima Ping immediately knew he was over. In a life and death battle, any error could be fatal, and he had made three.

First, he didn't know his opponent's power. Second, he hadn't taken his enemy seriously.

As if these two weren't fatal enough, the third one was that he hadn't known that his opponent's weapon was an extreme weapon. His sword hadn't even been able to block it a little.

Sima Ping felt his eyebrows go cold and horror rose from the bottom of his heart. He had lost in one move.

Boundless darkness swept over him. Sima Ping eventually felt his chest being kicked by a huge force as he flew away from the deck and landed in the sea.

This happened in a brief moment. Most people hadn't even adjusted their expressions yet, but the battle was already over.

It had been nothing like everyone had expected, so the whole scene was silent.

The heavily promoted battle had ended in just a moment.

"What- How is this possible-" Pan Cheng murmured. Liu Lei's roar made him shiver.

"Pan Cheng, it's your turn now! You said in front of everyone that you will fight me to death. I'm waiting for you here. You're a sect member of Shang Qing Mountain, don't let everyone think that you're a p*ssy!"
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