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724 Eight Element Mixed Spirit Roo

Chapter 724: Eight Element Mixed Spirit Root

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Ye Mo knew that since Yun Ziyi was suspecting him, she had to have some kind of evidence. But if she was intent on blowing his cover, she wouldn't be calling him there. Instead, she would just go tell the Gemini Sword Sect and Forgery Hall.

So Ye Mo straightforwardly put his hand on the device and inserted some chi into it. The device buzzed, and all eight balls lit up! They wasn't as bright as when Mu Xiaoyun did it, but it was still shocking.

He had an Eight Element Spirit Root? Ye Mo had never heard of such a spirit root. He had only heard of a Five Element Mixed Spirit Root, but never of an Eight Element Mixed Spirit Root. That was simply unheard of.

Ye Mo quickly took his hand back and didn't know what was going on. In the cultivation realm, spirit roots were divided into metal, wood, water, fire, earth, ice, lightning and wind. There was also a spirit root called the dark spirit root, but that was usually born from a specific cultivation method. So it shouldn't be counted as a spirit root technically speaking.

Usually, one only had one mutated spirit root at most. And normally none of the Five Element Spirit Roots would co-exist with a mutated spirit root.

Yet on him, all eight existed. It would be weird if he could cultivate fast like that. To have a Five Element Mixed Spirit Root was already trash talent, but Eight Element Mixed was trash amongst trash.

Ye Mo didn't understand it, and Yun Ziyi didn't understand even more. His talent was absurdly bad, no wonder other places tested that he had no talent.

It was almost impossible to cultivate with such talent. Yun Ziyi started doubting her guess now. If someone told her that a person with that kind of talent could kill a great heaven and injure a half step great heaven, even she wouldn't believe it.

Had she guessed wrongly? She believed that if Ye Mo was the person she had suspected him to be, then his talent should be the same as that of the founder of the Du Tian Sect.

What confused her, though, was that if this Mo Ying wasn't the big-bearded man, why was his back so similar to that man's? And when he heard the Jia Lan Flower, why did he act strangely? Were those just coincidences?

As Ye Mo saw her face now, he immediately knew that although she still suspected him, but she wasn't too sure anymore.

Thinking about this, he laughed at himself, "It's the worst talent indeed, I knew it."

Perhaps because Ye Mo turned out not to be the person she was looking for, Yun Ziyi didn't want to keep talking to him, and she was about to send Ye Mo away.

But since Ye Mo came l, he had to ask about the Jia Lan Flower.

"Goddess Zihua, why did you call for me? Was it just to test my talent for me? I already knew my talent, though." Ye Mo saw her disinterest and felt contempt. This woman was really 'practical', calling him over when she suspected him and kicking him away when she didn't need him anymore.

Yun Ziyi smiled, "Mr Mo, I am sorry, but to be honest I thought you were someone I knew, but now it has been proven that you're not. However, I wonder, why did you seem shocked when you heard about the Jia Lan Flower?"

Ye Mo sneered and said, "It's because the flower can indeed recover my face. A qianbei once told me so, but he said that the flower was very precious. When your maid told me I can recover my face, I didn't believe it at first, but after hearing it was the Jia Lan Flower, I believed her."

Yun Ziyi realized that she had indeed mistaken Mo Ying for the wrong person.

Yun Ziyi smiled and said slowly, "I'm sorry, Mr. Mo, I admit that I used that as a reason for you to come, but the Jia Lan Flower isn't something normal people can get. It's said that those who get it can reach great heaven with a 100% certainty. It's even a spiritual item used to reach above greater heaven, so I don't have this flower."

Ye Mo knew she didn't have the flower of course. If she did, he would've sensed it with his spirit sense immediately. Ye Mo wasn't going to be happy about having been tricked over by her, though, so his face sunk.

Yun Ziyi noticed it and said plainly, "Although I understand the flower is really important for you, my advice is that even if you got it, you wouldn't be able to keep it. Instead, you might only lose out. Also, although I'm not super pretty, I'm not ugly, so I don't think you lost out much coming here, right?"

Ye Mo sneered, "Goddess Zihua, you're very pretty, but in my eyes my wife is the prettiest. To be honest, I would rather choose to stay at home with my wife."

Seeing that Ye Mo had no intentions of leaving and his words were contemptuous, Yun Ziyi spoke with annoyance, "Jia Lan Flower is said to be in the depth of Wu Wen Mountain. I have a map of the mountain here - it's yours, good luck."

Then she just dumped the map in front of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo picked it up and saw that it was marked clearly where each herb was found. But this was just the outskirts, it had no information on the inner mountain, but this was already enough for Ye Mo.

Ye Mo put the map away and said, "Thank you, how much for the map?"

Yun Ziyi's mouth curled up, and she said with a sliver of contempt, "I don't need money, it's for free. And although you have some inner qi, I suggest you don't go there. Uh, never mind, goodbye then."

"Okay, I owe you one, goodbye." Ye Mo didn't want to talk anymore and just left.

"Young Miss?" the green-dressed girl walked in and looked at Yun Ziyi in wonder.

Yun Ziyi rubbed her head and said strangely, "He is strange, but he's probably not that guy."

Meanwhile, Ye Mo felt very good. Not only did he find out where the Jia Lan Flower was, he also managed to erase that crazy b*tch's suspicions of him.

Ye Mo pushed open the door, and Mu Xiaoyun who was talking to Ji Yilan got up and sweetly called out, "Husband."

"Brother Mo is back I see," Ji Yilan turned to leave.

Ye Mo felt great - his wife was still the best.

"Someone from Shangqing Mountain came over and told us that someone from their sect would be fighting with Liu Lei from Shu Mountain. Martial Sister Yilan saw a stranger come, so she came too," Mu Xiaoyun immediately explained.

Ye Mo smiled, "Very well, we will go watch it together tomorrow and see how Liu Lei kills his opponent."

The ship would be travelling for a month at sea. For most people a month was boring and long, so there were many entertainment businesses on board. But most ancient martial arts practitioners rarely spent their time there, so it was more for the ordinary people on board.

The death battle was the most eye-catching event for them. Even ancient martial artists liked this sort of fights, and there would be bets placed too.

This was not only a battle between those two yellow levels, but the honour of their respective sects was at stake.

Ye Mo took Mu Xiaoyun to the busy crowd at the fighting scene.