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Chapter 709: Conflict

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Mu Xiaoyun's beauty made almost every man turn around. Everyone felt that Ye Mo didn't deserve her, but no one dared to do anything because it was Hang Shui City.

It was where all the hidden sects were gathered at. Even if you were the city lord of another city, you wouldn't dare do anything there.

Although the hidden sects only looked at talent and not character for disciple intake, if you harassed women as soon as you got there, you would still make a bad impression.

However, although a lot of people didn't dare steal Mu Xiaoyun away, it didn't mean that people didn't dare to come up and talk. As soon as Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun came in, they were stopped by three people.

"Hello, Brother, I'm Ma Shilong. Are you also here for the disciple recruitment?" the leading young man asked Ye Mo, saluting with his fist. Yet, his eyes were on Mu Xiaoyun.

Ye Mo sneered. He knew what the guy actually wanted, "So you're Ma Shi, uh."

TL note, Ma Shi is a homonym for horse shit

"I'm Ma Shilong." Ma Shilong was unhappy that Ye Mo had gotten his name wrong.

"Oh, okay okay, you're Ma Shi. What was the last word? I have such awful memory! Mmm- I think the caramel plum there looks good, let's go have a look!" Ye Mo took Mu Xiaoyun with him.

But he just took a few steps before seemingly remembering something. He sighed, "Xiaoyun, let's just leave. Although the caramel plum looks good, someone has already ruined my appetite."

Ma Shilong realized now that Ye Mo had intentionally mispronounced his name. His face burst red with anger as he yelled, "Stop right there!"

As soon as he said this, his two men already stopped Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun's path.

Ye Mo sneered. Although he wasn't stage six yet, that was just a matter of one pill. And it wasn't difficult for him to make a cauldron of essence increasing pills now.

Ye Mo was planning on finding where the Taiyi Sect was before continuing his search for herbs until he reached stage seven. And then, he would attack the sect.

But this didn't mean he needed to let minor characters like this guy have their way. He would kill them, and if the hidden sects started looking for trouble, then even if he had to hide somewhere outside in the wilderness, he would still accomplish what he set out to do.

Ye Mo pulled out the sword from his waist. If Ma Shilong attacked, he would kill those three.

At this moment, a young man walked out and saluted Ye Mo with his fists, "Friend, put your sword away, fighting on the streets is not allowed here. If you attack first, you will be the one suffering which is just what they want."

Then, the youth looked at Ma Shilong and sneered, "So it's Brother Ma Shi, I've long since heard of the Meng Zhong City's, Ma family's Brother Ma Shi. I really did see horse shit today, just as the name goes hahaha!"

Everyone around burst into laughter.

Ma Shilong's face was green, and he suddenly started hating this name of his. This was the second time he was called horse shit today.

This young man was dressed luxuriously and also had a few servants, so it was easy to tell that he was no ordinary person.

"Who are you? What's my business got to do with you? You're going to take me on for some hillbilly?" Ma Shilong's face was sunken.

"Haha!" the young man laughed, "I'm Liu Lei of Lian Hua City's Liu family. And yes, I want to mind this man's business, do you have a problem with that?"

"You!" Ma Shilong's hands were shaking in anger. He had heard of the Liu family before - it was a family on par with his.

Due to Ye Mo, more and more onlookers were watching the situation and soon, the street was almost blocked.

"Move over, move over!" A horse cart appeared.

Usually, chariots weren't allowed in the main streets of Hang Shui City. Those who could ride them nonetheless were people of high status.

"It's Goddess Zi Hua's chariot!"

"My god, Goddess Zi Hua is actually here, this is too shocking!"

"To see her just once, I'm willing to live a few days less."

Ye Mo heard this and moved to the side. He wanted to keep a low profile after all.

If Jie Xun told the entire hidden sects that he had the golden pages of the Ni Luo Sutra, then it would be the entire hidden sect world chasing after him.

Not only Liu Lei, but also Ma Shilong moved to the side. However, that chariot stopped in front of Ye Mo.

Soon, a woman in a green dress got off. She had a very exquisite face with thick black hair hanging loosely on her shoulders like a waterfall. It was like she didn't eat mortal food and was out of this world. The way she walked was very enticing too.

This was that Goddess Zi Hua? Ye Mo sent his spirit sense into the chariot, and there was another woman inside who was even prettier than the green-dressed woman outside. She was royal, cold, and it was as though she was covered by a screen of ice three inches in front of her. That woman was actually looking at Mu Xiaoyun while seeming shocked.

Ye Mo retrieved his spirit sense and lost interest, though.

"Sister, my Young Miss invites you to have a talk with you in the chariot." The green-dressed lady came up to Mu Xiaoyun and bowed.

"Sorry, but I'm with my husband," Mu Xiaoyun quickly replied and pulled Ye Mo's hand, "Husband, let's go."

She didn't like this many people looking at her and her husband. She liked to be alone.

"Huh?" The green-dressed woman didn't expect to be rejected. She was dazed and said, "My Young Miss is Goddess Zi Hua, you-"

Mu Xiaoyun frowned. She had already rejected yet this green-dressed woman kept insisting.

"No way, she rejected Goddess Zi Hua's invitation?"

"Yeah, even though it's such a stroke of good fortune! Although this woman is pretty, she's too- Sigh."

Ye Mo sneered, "My wife already said she doesn't want to, please leave."

Ye Mo frowned, as in that moment he actually picked up on some telepathy. That Goddess Zi Hua used telepathy to tell the green-dressed lady to invite him in as well, and Ye Mo caught onto it with his spirit sense.

This Goddess Zi Hua was only at the black level tertiary stage. How was a woman at that level capable of using telepathy? Ye Mo didn't believe it, as even he couldn't do that before reaching the foundation establishment state.

This time, the green-dressed lady walked up to Ye Mo, "Our Young Miss invites you and your wife to have a talk inside the chariot together."