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Chapter 699: Ruthless

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Yu Yuyan took off her top soon and just left her innermost pink layer on. She stopped there, though, as Ye Mo had expected. Ye Mo wouldn't mind if she took it all off.

Then, Yu Yuyan quickly sat on the bed and started cultivating, not caring that Ye Mo was on her bed at all. This made Ye Mo very confused.

Ten minutes later, Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense and felt that she was really cultivating indeed. Seeing that she didn't do anything to him, Ye Mo couldn't be bothered keeping his attention on her. He took out a spirit stone and started recovering his chi.

As he ran meridian cycles, Ye Mo gradually went into a meditative state and forgot about Yu Yuyan beside him.

After some time, Ye Mo suddenly felt some softness press against him. When he woke up, his chi was flowing more freely. Ye Mo estimated that if he used another lotus petal with a spirit stone, he would be able to recover in about two to three days. He might even become a little stronger. As he was now, he would already be able to go away with invisibility magic.

Yu Yuyan was also doing inner qi cultivation, and Ye Mo understood what was going on. While he used the spirit stone to cultivate, he spilled some spirit chi. This woman really knew how to pick the right moment. She seemed to notice that she was cultivating much faster than before while leaning on him, so she came over to steal some spirit chi.

Thinking about this, he put his spirit stone away without hesitation. He didn't have enough for himself, how could he give it away?

Ye Mo spread his spirit sense out and noticed that it was day. Just when he wanted to get up, a group of people came in from the outside. The leading person was a man younger than 30. His skin was a little dark, he wasn't short, but his eyes were looking up in a perceivably arrogant way.

This was a self-centered guy, but he seemed to have a high status. He had two bodyguards behind him and another middle-aged man with him. The middle-aged man looked like Yu Yuyan, he was probably a member of Yu Yuyan's family. Ye Mo knew one of the two guards - it was the one who threatened to kill him on the road.

"Liao Wei came from this far away, how come Yu Yuyan is still not up?" the middle-aged man was seemingly reproaching the maids, but it was clear that he was calling Yu Yuyan out.

The middle-aged man said again, "How about we drink some tea in the guest hall for now, this girl is really something."

Yu Yuyan smiled and didn't seem to mind. One of the maids quickly ran to Yu Yuyan's room, while the other maid said worriedly, "Last night, Young Miss drank a little too much-"

Then, she seemed to realize she said something she shouldn't have and quickly covered her mouth.

"Yu Yuyan drank last night? Why did she drink?" Liao Wei frowned and asked.

The maid got more worried and said with a stutter, "Not Young Miss, it's that Mo Ying- He wanted to drink with her last night, no-"

Before she finished, Liao Wei already charged into Yu Yuyan's room. The middle-aged man's face changed drastically, and he followed quickly.

Ye Mo saw this with his spirit sense and sneered. He was used by this Yu Yuyan indeed, but he didn't care.

As that maid knocked on the door, Yu Yuyan didn't get up but instead squeezed herself into Ye Mo's arms. She even pulled her lingerie down and made her hair messy.

Bang- Liao Wei charged into the room.

Yu Yuyan suddenly got up, and when she saw Liao Wei, her face looked terrified and worried. She quickly covered her chest. Ye Mo sneered and got up, dressing himself in composure.

A robust man with a messy-haired woman had clearly spent the night on the same bed, even an idiot would know what they did.

"You, you!" Liao Wei pointed at Yu Yuyan and spat out blood, then he fainted.

"You, disgraceful thing!" The middle-aged man was also furious at Yu Yuyan. He looked at Ye Mo and sneered, "Get out, now!"

Yu Yuyan looked at Ye Mo and felt strange. Usually, in this situation, that Mo Ying should be worried and say that it had nothing to do with him. Why was he acting so calm?

If Ye Mo said it had nothing to do with him, then she could use that to blame Ye Mo for being irresponsible and have him killed. But he didn't say anything which made her feel unsettled instead.

Soon, Ye Mo and Yu Yuyan were taken to the garden outside. Liao Wei had recovered by then, but his face was green, and his veins were bulging. He looked hatefully at Yu Yuyan and Ye Mo.

The middle-aged man seemed very defeated, he seemed 100 years older and asked powerlessly, "Yuyan, you've been well educated as a girl, and Liao Wei is a dragon amongst men, is he no match for you? Why did you do such a thing? You slept with a servant? Tell me how could you do this, tell me!"

The middle-aged man's face was turning paler and paler.

But Ye Mo was laughing inside - this middle-aged man practically looked like he wanted to commit suicide on the outside, but his heart was calm, and he wasn't angry at all. It was such a waste this father and daughter didn't go to Hollywood.

"You're Mo Ying right? You're a mere servant, yet you dare do this to your master! Pull him out and beat him to death!" the middle-aged man yelled.

"Don't hurt my husband!" Before Ye Mo could talk, Mu Xiaoyun ran out from somewhere and hugged Ye Mo, dragging him away from the two servants who were about to take him away.

Ye Mo didn't care anymore. He had his new identity, and his chi had recovered almost by half. If it wasn't that he didn't want to cause too much trouble, he would just kill these yellow levels and go.

"Your husband? Do you know what he did? He dared seduce the Young Miss and do such immoral things. There's no need to keep such shameless people in the world. Come, kill him and lock his wife up too," a cold woman's voice sounded. It was a woman in her 40s.

"Please, don't harm my husband, I'll be your servant, please!" Mu Xiaoyun was about to kneel. Her eyes were full of horror, but Ye Mo pulled her back and stopped her. He thought Mu Xiaoyun didn't care about him - he didn't expect her to care about him this much.

"Mother!" Yu Yuyan cried out as she saw the woman.

"That's enough!" Liao Wei yelled and stared coldly at Yu Yuyan, "Yu Yuyan, what did our Liao family do wrong to you? What did I do wrong to you? We gave you a Shang Qing Mountain disciple card as the marriage gift, yet you're such a disloyal woman. You slept with an ugly servant. You, you!"

Yu Yuyan bowed to Liao Wei and sniffed, "I, I, sorry-"

Liao Wei laughed and pointed at her, "No need to say sorry to me, give me the card back."

Yu Yuyan sniffed and said, "Sorry Brother Liao, I was just stupid for that moment. I still love you, and you can do whatever you want to Mo Ying. If I could, I would give you back the card right now and be a servant of the Liao family to pay for my sins, but alas, I already gave the card to Shang Qing Mountain. I, I-"

Ye Mo finally understood what was going on now. This Yu Yuyan looked innocent, but she sure was ruthless and heartless.

If she didn't meet him, she would've found someone else to sacrifice for sure.

Suddenly, that guard whispered something to Liao Wei. He said that Yu Yuyan and the servant had long since been together. Hearing this, Liao Wei's face turned awful.

Ye Mo couldn't help but applaud this woman for her schemes.